Scoring on line? yes does this mean you?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by bigfraz, 2 December 2006.

  1. bigfraz

    bigfraz Non-League

    29 October 2006
    "Run down the wing in parallel lines, cut in, wait for keeper to come, square the ball for a tap in"
    <<<<<this should be banned from the game as it is not for the proper PES footballer, and it is not in the beautiful game.It lacks imagination and is such a heavily telied on way to score on line.
    if you use it more than once in a game you should be ashamed.:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: \\:o/
  2. ToaTheBoa

    ToaTheBoa League 2

    2 August 2005
    Bergen, Norway
    Learn how to defend...
  3. antistar

    antistar Guest

    From what I can tell, they are basically abusing a flaw in most people's match tactics. I play four at the back now, with a covering defensive midfielder just in front. The wingbacks have arrows pointing backwards during attacks, and the wingers forwards and backwards, so that they provide cover when the wingback runs forward.

    During the game I am reluctant to run forwards with my wingbacks, and hand the ball off to other players. If you take your wingback down to the opposing corner flag, and then lose the ball, you only have yourself to blame if they have the entire wing to themselves all the way to your penalty area.

    Tactics and cautious play prevents this kind of goal you describe almost 100%, but sometimes they still get through, and people still use the pull back method in the penalty area over and over, even if they don't run all the way down your wings to get there.

    It's a tricky one to defend, but you can do it, especially if you have a 4 or 5 man defence. If you can't stop the guy getting to the byline, then make sure that just before he passes back to the striker you switch to another defender. You should get one in the center of the penalty area, allowing you to intercept or at least put his striker off (make sure you have 100% manual player switching).

    I'd say by the time the opposition gets to pull back the ball to a striker there's a 50/50 chance with me that they will score, which is fair enough because it takes a lot of skill to get the ball into that position now that I have my tactics set up correctly :).
  4. blackillusion

    blackillusion League 2

    19 October 2005
    I hate this the amount of times people play like this. I like playing through balls and having 1-on-1s using the :r1: chip shot dinking it over the keeper. I set my wingbacks to CB's and the back line always on B
  5. antistar

    antistar Guest

    I tried setting my wingbacks to CBs, and it is better, but they pull too much to the center, meaning that the wingers get lots of space to run into your penalty box. I definitely find that setting them with arrows back for attacks, and covering with the wingers works better, combined with a packed defence and playing cautious and not bringing the wingback forward too often.

    For me running forward with the wingback is like bringing your goalkeeper out for corner kicks in the dying minute: you better make sure that the ball ends up out of touch, otherwise your opponent will have free passage to your six-yard byline.
  6. kdjac

    kdjac League 2

    3 May 2004
    What he said, defend it tbh. You know what they going to do so exploit their wide players....

  7. MARC110

    MARC110 Guest

  8. Hectic Glenn

    Hectic Glenn League 2

    14 May 2006
    London, UK
    Tottenham Hotspur
    Yes, that is what I said, why did you start another thread?

    I said exactly that in this post -

    So talk about it there, considering you directly quoted me.
  9. davmidge

    davmidge Non-League

    23 October 2005
    I keep conceding goals from corners in most games I play online what is best way to stop this cheers
  10. MARC110

    MARC110 Guest


    MOST PPL DEFEND IT THO ONLY NOOBS LET ME RUSH PAST:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
  11. poppy10

    poppy10 Non-League

    1 March 2006
    Online is so rubbish because of this flaw. Does Konami ever release patches? I'm switching to FIFA if this keeps up.
  12. Bailzebub

    Bailzebub ''shooto miss''

    25 October 2001
    another tip for this is when using manual player control have the wingback pressure the player with [] while you have switched to the defender in the 18 yard box and position yourself to intercept the pass, if this is a players sole plan of attack you will see their game go to pieces as more often than not they are rely on the human controlled player to mistime a tackle and get the space, which the cpu harassing and you covering the space the ball is played in things are harder.
  13. kin9pin

    kin9pin Non-League

    13 June 2005
    Why is this a flaw?
    Imagine Ronaldo running down the wing....skips past Cole easily....Cech rushes out.....Ronaldo pulls it back to Rooney who scores.
    Are you telling me that Alex Ferguson should tell Ronaldo that he's not allowed to do that again in the interest of fair play??! Rubbish....he'd be screaming at him to do it again and again.

    It's not a flaw it's bad defending so as ToaTheBoa said, learn how to defend.
  14. kingofpro

    kingofpro Non-League

    11 October 2005
    Well,this is game not reality..Whats the fun of running to the touchline and do laybacks all the time? You need to ask yourself: why did i buy Pro Evolution Soccer? Cause the wonderfoul gameplay? cause winning games in a lame way? Cause it is fun to play?....WHY? my answer would be: Cause its fun,my playstyle is of variety of different attacks and i enjoy to play this game only cause of that. Would never had buyed a game where you do the same all the time, cause thats the easiest way to score a goal:S
    Of course i could play with 5 defenders 2 dmf with arrows back to the CB and one SWP who can mark the striker.. But that would missed my fun of this game,Only defending taps ins....
  15. spoon71

    spoon71 been there done that

    10 November 2003
    There only thing that i really hate is when someone i'm playing against after scoring goal keep passing betwen defenders.

    I cant force my atackers to keep running after the ball so i can't stop the from doing this. Only way is faul and keep trying.

    Any solutions for that?
  16. ToaTheBoa

    ToaTheBoa League 2

    2 August 2005
    Bergen, Norway
    I have never played anyone who tries cut back goals all the time. I've played people who TRY to use that move, but because I am able to defend against it, I'm forcing them to try different ways of scoring.

    So. I'm saying it again: learn how to defend.
  17. kingofpro

    kingofpro Non-League

    11 October 2005
    Hey kompis, er fra bergen selv jeg;) herregud verden er liten asså.. Søreide her,
    Bli med der finner du en av de råeste siden for PES.
  18. Unevilized

    Unevilized Banned

    28 June 2006
    THIS TACTIC IS EFFECTIVE IN REAL LIFE! so i dunno whats the probelem here?
  19. bigfraz

    bigfraz Non-League

    29 October 2006
    the point is its the shittest way in the world to score, where are the piledriven efforts from 35yrds or the headers or volleys or even the bycycle kicks.
    Bring the beauty back to the game stop all the weak ass tap in shit, folk scoring the same infuriating way all the time its not big or clever
  20. antistar

    antistar Guest

    Actually, 35 yard pile drivers are even worse, as they generally result out of pure luck. At least this way requires some skill.
  21. johnj201

    johnj201 League 2

    6 August 2005
    I can understand what bigfraz is saying and i generally have no problem with the occasional goal being scored like that but, when playing some people i have noticed that this is the only way they try and score,even when in what i would consider a decent shooting position.
    I have played people who totally refuse to shoot from outside the penalty area,rather trying to hit the byline and cut it across.It's ridiculous.
  22. JustinAccurate

    JustinAccurate Conference

    4 August 2003
    Heading Shooto!
    Thing is theres 2 types of people who play this game:

    Those that mainly want to win

    Those that mainly want to have fun

    You can easily find both sorts of players out there. If they play boring tactics, choose the boring teams, move on and play somoene else. You'll find someone who wants to play the game your way.

    Had some teriffic games this weekend. Had someone do a runner when I went 6-3 up. He had loads of points and was pretty good but got 2 players sent off and then lost the plot. Lost to another dude who taught me its more fun to pick crap teams.

    And never moan online. Like the guy who refused to play me more than once because I "tackle the ball off him when he's about to shoot" :o I never realised that was bad sport ;)

    As long as people have a laugh and react to comments I make it dont really bother me if I loose :D
  23. Rob92

    Rob92 Guest

    Cutback goals are boring, lame and requeire no skill.
    The people with stupid records of 40-7-4 or something of the sort and who use Barca, Brazil, Chelsea and Inter almost all use this stupid tactic which is spoiling the fun of us fair players.

    I can kind of defend it ok though, but some are undefendable (dont say they are not!)

    I disagree with the point that long range shots require luck only, the body shape, timing, power and position of the player all contribute to a good shot, its not lucky if you calculate these correctly and score a top corner goal is it?

    I look at the last 5 teams a player has used before I play them and leave the room if they use all top teams, and in some cases (not often) if they have one of those ridiculous records of hardly any losses and loads of wins, points straight to a cheater/cutbacker.
    I normally use Man Utd online, if I get the rare request to play a game with worse teams I am glad to and its loads of fun :D

    I say the best thing to do is to get together with a few people you know dont cheat (mates you know) and play them, far more fun than the crap of: Lag, Lag, Cutback, Cutback etc...
  24. ct5845

    ct5845 Non-League

    28 October 2006
    come on defend. simple as. pressure the fast wingers before they get a chance, for your own enjoyment are you expecting people to just attack through the middle everytime? getting the chance to cut back in the first place is where the skill is, going round 2-3 defenders to lay off a pass(unless you just give them a clear run?!), it's just a different way to score. sure it can be annoying, that's what pes6 is! one of the most frustrating games i've ever played thats for sure! but still one of the best.
  25. arjen-robben

    arjen-robben League 2

    22 December 2005
    ha bullshit, you can defend that easily, have someone running down with the winger, and when he is ready to cut in press and hold r2 and he'll get blocked, just keep using r2 and use x when you see an oppurtunity to steal it. If he somehow manages to get around you switch to another defender and block the free player in the box so the pass won't work
    Cut backs nearly never work on me. Besides, why should it be banned, it's a usefull trick against people that can't defend like you?
  26. Rob92

    Rob92 Guest

    I said I can defend them mostly! Nobody is invincible to them though. And its lame to win 1-0, with the winner to be a cutback.
    And if you have gone past 2-3 defenders to get in the position to cutback, who not cross or shoot? It looks better to head or volley in or watch a shot go in than to have a silly little boring tap in.
  27. arjen-robben

    arjen-robben League 2

    22 December 2005
    I know what you mean, but it still says more about you when you lose to a cutbacker then about the cutbacker. Most players who have more ways of attacking and good dfending usually know how to deal with that.
    I allways try to use crosses, since I love wingplay. But I also sometimes use a through ball if I see an opportunity. Or a quick passing game. It's indeed too bad not many people seem capable of doing this, and only have 1 tactic...
  28. pesetero

    pesetero Guest

    cutbacks just are ruining the game, no fun at all... some players dont even try other plays.
    Dont say they are easy to defend. If you r playing against Ronaldinho and the cheater knows how to dribble he will get one or two chances during a match (if theres lag probably more).

    Ok the cheater knows how to dribble, he will never be a decent player in my book. A good player has a creative and varied approach to game.
  29. HulkWogan

    HulkWogan League 2

    21 August 2006
    Do not try to blame PES for your lack of ability, yes ok you maybe bottom of the rankings now, but one day with some practice you may get your first victory and climb one place to 600,000th in the world.
  30. bigfraz

    bigfraz Non-League

    29 October 2006
    MY INITIAL POINT IS THAT THERE ARE TOO MANY FOLK PLAYING THE SAME WAY, THEY DONT CROSS THE BALL THEY JUST pass it about till they can square it and score, yes it can be defended however if you rely on this its weak ass shit, case and point no one would go to football or even bother playing it if all you can do is square pass and tap in.
    i see by the response there are a few gimps who say its all about not defending, (couch ha-bulshit)
    i even give love to the gimps lol x:circle: :square: :triangle: :x: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

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