Scoring Goals In The Demo !

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by greenmachine, 28 September 2007.

  1. greenmachine

    greenmachine League 1

    5 November 2003

    Great save , ball right in his lap and full body behind it ...

    So how come it need up in the net . well it past through him I played the replay on frame by frame and the ball melts through the keeper.
  2. dpcdpc111

    dpcdpc111 Non-League

    29 March 2007
  3. MJ_Mohsen

    MJ_Mohsen The Dreamer

    24 June 2005
    My Room
    Manchester United FC
    this needs to be fucking fixed Seabas
  4. NikLaw

    NikLaw Conference

    26 September 2007
    Happened to me too, yesterday. Hope it´s just a faulty collision detection.
  5. Lobo22

    Lobo22 FreEdoM

    31 October 2006
    Goalkeepers in this demo SUCKS SO BAD! You just have to make the ball go and hit them and you have 90% of goal chances. In the cornerkicks you just have to put the ball in the small area for them to try to make that ridiculous "save" and that´s it, you have another goal scored...:l
  6. salem

    salem League 2

    24 March 2005

    is this how the defenders in the wall should stand?

    i scored easly by shooting next to saviola !!
  7. gr@h@m

    gr@h@m Gooner

    21 January 2007
    This should be a beta not a demo! Hopefully they are using this and watching to see what problems people find with the game so they can fix them. Or maybe there will be a fast official patch release.
  8. expat

    expat League 2

    27 September 2006
    I hate that when you shoot from distance the ball ends up in the back of the net before the camera catches up....u dont even see it go in until it shows the replay
  9. payn.e

    payn.e Non-League

    29 September 2007
    this happened to me as well. seemed that the keeper wasnt there. did anyone post these bugs to konami?
  10. FCDB

    FCDB Banned

    1 November 2005
    'S-hertogenbosch [Netherlands]
    |-) , fifa..
  11. Lobo22

    Lobo22 FreEdoM

    31 October 2006
    If you have setted 4:3, you should try 16:9 even if you don´t have widescreen. Worked for me ;). It changes completly the way you appreciate the game.
  12. Carl Hooper

    Carl Hooper Post Count: 54,478

    1 April 2007
    Western Australia
    Manchester United
    No, no one cares and we are all hoping that they some how figure it out for themselves and miraculously change the game perfectly to suit our requests.
  13. Tingles

    Tingles Non-League

    26 October 2005
    Ive hit a shot which was going completely wide...the keeper did a superman dive and it hit the inside of his glove and then deflected into the goal on a 45 degree angle...horrid

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