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Discussion in 'Football' started by Turki, 31 March 2005.

  1. Turki

    Turki Guest

    Hello evry body

    how are you

    i want to show you the best player in KSA
    i wont talking too much the clips will
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    against argantina \\:o/

    against porto
    i have more if you want

    you need RealPlayer to play these

    what's your opinion ?
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  2. lumlum

    lumlum Premiership

    3 August 2003
    I'm also Saudi, so I know how good Yusif al Thunayan is. Too bad Saudi player couldn't play abroad during that time, I'm sure he could've played somewhere in Euroup.
  3. lumlum

    lumlum Premiership

    3 August 2003
    :lol: Not many views.
  4. Turki

    Turki Guest

    hello my brother :)

    yes Yousif AlThunayan could play in da best team in world
    he has miracle skills
  5. Turki

    Turki Guest

    :( Just me and you here ?!
  6. H@$$@N

    H@$$@N Guest

    with all respect Saudi League is a SHIT league , there is only one way to make it better is to CLOSE it...

    and plz Yousef couldnt succeed in Europe or any big team...

    and cant be compared to Maradona not even to NO ONE..

    i dont mean to offend you but thats my opnion and its the truth...;)
  7. Turki

    Turki Guest

    I respect you opnion

    but I swear you don't know Yousif and you didn't see above video clips

    this represint your bad breeding and your spite to Saudi.

    this is the baby thinking i think your under 16 years
    even that saudi league is bad don't say close it this is bad phrasing, say it needs to improve or develop.

    how do you know ?!
    Yousif is better than many players in the big teams
    you don't know Yousif.

    NO ONE!! you are denier and rancorous, you are still proving that you are just like prate whith not knowing or recpect.
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  8. lumlum

    lumlum Premiership

    3 August 2003
    Back in the day Yosef was much better than many of the players I see these days playing in Europe.
    The Saudi Football Association (and the clubs too) didn't allow their players to go abroad, even though they've recieved offers.
    Hopefully, Yassir al-Qahtani will get his chance to play in a European league, as there are many strong rumors that the club he plays with have recieved offers.
  9. nazzo

    nazzo League 1

    1 August 2003
    Yousef is a great player, I still remember how nervous I get when i see him playing against Kuwait.

    P.S. I think he could've been a great player for European clubs.
  10. smango

    smango Guest

    Nearly fell off my chair when I saw this topic, then I realised it was a joke.

    This guy is shithouse, to compare him to Marradonna is a disgrace. Even to compare him to Phil Nevile would be a outrageous.

    Yousef couldn't cut the mustard in any European league including the Scottish league. You guys make me laugh :lmao:
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  11. smango

    smango Guest

    Couldn't agree with you more Hasaan, the Saudi league makes the conference league in England look like the champions league. :D
  12. H@$$@N

    H@$$@N Guest

    lol , yah

    thztx whzt i mean , you can say best saudi player or best arab player , and one of the best players in Asia.... no euro or the world lool

    he wouldnt last a day out there...
  13. nazzo

    nazzo League 1

    1 August 2003
    They never compared him to Maradona we simply said he is Maradona of KSA not the world.

    Meaning that he is one of KSA's greatest players.

    I still think he can do something in Europe...may be not big teams but teams like Norwich City and Crystal Palace.
  14. smango

    smango Guest

    Spite to Saudi? what kinda fuckin drugs are you on lad? He was merely expressing the view shared by the majority of members on the forums, which is the saudi league is a shithouse. Now cool your jets Turki
  15. smango

    smango Guest

    Using the word Maradona and his in the same sentence is bad enough. There is no way that he would ever play in the Premier League let alone any English league including conference, the only chance he might get is in the Irish or Swiss leagues. :D
  16. Trommyda

    Trommyda Malibu all the way

    19 November 2003
    cool dowm mate.
  17. smango

    smango Guest

    He makes a vaild point though Trommy
  18. lumlum

    lumlum Premiership

    3 August 2003
    The Wolves were prepared to pay a mil to keep Sami al-Jabir on loan for an extra year before he got homesick and decided to return to the Saudi league. Many people consider Yusif much superior to Sami.
    Smango, have you by any chance seen these guys play?
    And anyways, nobody said anything about the Saudi league being any good, we're talking about the player here.
  19. smango

    smango Guest

    Yeah I lumlum and I was far from impressed.
  20. El_Taib

    El_Taib Conference

    4 October 2004
    Wonderful player, too bad didn't get the chance to play in europe....actually he did but the saudi government didn't allow him, too bad cuase the world missed out on this wonderfull talented player.
  21. lumlum

    lumlum Premiership

    3 August 2003
    al-Hilal will be playing Valencia for his testimonial.

    El-Taib, in one of Carlos Alberto's interviews he lists the many talents he's worked with as a coach and have impressed him, he's got Yusef on that list.
  22. Nickybaker

    Nickybaker You want SEVEN?

    15 October 2003
    The one and only Arsenal
    I don't think he would last 5 minutes in England. He goes down way too easy. I think hewould fair better in Spain.
  23. lumlum

    lumlum Premiership

    3 August 2003
    Actually, he play acts quite a bit. Not that I approve :D
  24. ghazi

    ghazi Guest

    This thread would be even better if it was titled "Saudi Arabian Madonna" - that would raise some eyebrows, ya akhi!

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