Sample Pages from the PES6 Guide by Piggyback

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by McHaui, 15 October 2006.

  1. McHaui

    McHaui Non-League

    3 September 2005
  2. chrismodd

    chrismodd League 2

    21 June 2004
    lol this was just posted in pesfan
  3. Ricobah

    Ricobah League 2

    24 December 2001
    Arnhem, Holland
  4. julien

    julien is just your type

    20 June 2004
    490 Madison
  5. Magono

    Magono Non-League

    3 September 2006
    Cheers mate... I'm defo getting it.
  6. Unevilized

    Unevilized Banned

    28 June 2006
  7. James_Piggyback

    James_Piggyback Non-League

    11 October 2005

    I'm James Price, author of Pro Evolution Soccer 6: The Expert Guide. If anyone has any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them.


  8. Stringer Bell

    Stringer Bell Banned

    12 February 2005

    This will make for good toilet time reading!

    Also the DVD sounds great, can't wait to see it!

    Hello mate,

    How long does the DVD go on for?
    Last edited: 20 October 2006
  9. James_Piggyback

    James_Piggyback Non-League

    11 October 2005
    It's just over 90 minutes in total. Trust me: there's *plenty* to see. The mastermind behind the DVD (and other moments of similar genius within the guide itself) is KAiWAi, winner of the Goal of the Summer competition.

    If you haven't already, you can see his winning goal here:
  10. Stringer Bell

    Stringer Bell Banned

    12 February 2005
    Wow! 90 minutes!

    I was thought this DVD will be about 10-15 minutes, but 90 minutes...i'm guessing a lot of sleepless nights for KAiWAi!

    BTW James, i've seen that clip, brilliant goal!
  11. Siroco

    Siroco League 2

    10 June 2003
    James, just a quick shout out. You guys are doing a great job. I bought (and recommended to several others) the first edition and will be purchasing the PES 6 guide.

    DVD is a welcomed edition.

    I'm assuming Piggyback realized enough sales of the first edition to continue the project. In your view, is there support within the company to continue these guides long-term? As best you can tell, will you be publishing guides for next-gen PES/WE titles in the future?
  12. PLF

    PLF Legend

    2 August 2004
    When is the guide gonna be available for purchase, James?

    And I don't suppose anybody in North America will carry it will they? I guess I have to order it online from '' or some site again.

    and what's this DVD stuff about? Is it related to the guide?
  13. Stringer Bell

    Stringer Bell Banned

    12 February 2005
    The DVD shows you all the moves & skills you can do on PES6.

    Download the sample pages and it'll show you bits of the DVD.
  14. James_Piggyback

    James_Piggyback Non-League

    11 October 2005
    Thanks! This year's guide is much, much better.

    Yep, the PES5 book did really well. We're extremely proud of what we've done with the PES6 guide, and I can see no reason why we won't create new PES guides in the future.
  15. modena

    modena Guest

    I bought the previous version, altough i found something i didn't know i found most of the explanation didn't tell me anything new.
    The only inputs i got from it where:
    You can't add curve after a shoot (what a shame).
    the percentage every single skill is affected by stamina loss.
    The meaning of mentality.
    The fact that some skills are just for cpu controlled players.

    For the new Pes6, i would like to know, for example, what's the right time to press buttons when you head a ball. This seems to be different from Pes5; i expect the right time is exactly the time needed to jump and then chest, instead, i see that if you just hold the button as soon as you can, he always head at the right time, this is very silly. I see many people, that when the ball is in the air they hit the button repetitevely, like it was used to do in old Fifa, and they have more chances than hitting just one time at the right time.
    Konami said in the past that if you hit the button too early, you'll get a foul, it doesn't seems true in the Pes6 unfortunately... is it?
  16. SPMC

    SPMC MY last WE07JLCC banners:

    22 February 2004
    califas norte
    thanks for releasing these guides. i purchased the book for PES5, last year, and will definitely be getting this next one. i have to agree with modena, but i bought it purely as a collector. the addition of the dvd :thumbs up: increases the value, and appeal as a collectibility.

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