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Runs choppy/slow

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by Danny_FC, 18 July 2006.

  1. Danny_FC

    Danny_FC Non-League

    19 March 2006
    Right heres the situation, I've had the game (legal copy) since the day it came out, no problems what so ever, ran like a dream on highest settings, top notch.

    But, last Tuesday my hard-drive died on me for no reason at all, so yesterday I bought at new one (260gb). Installed everything, graphics card, sound card,etc. etc. Installed PES5 went straight into Training mode and its unbelievably choppy and unplayable =(

    Any suggestions on whats happened? Or any settings which can get it to run properly again?

  2. EatonTJ

    EatonTJ Why Today Doesn't Suck. Staff

    11 April 2002
    Well, since everything else is the same except hard drive my first thought would be drivers, either sound or video. Perhaps you still need to re-install drivers.
  3. memnon

    memnon Non-League

    9 August 2004
    Yep Like Eaton said drivers and Direct x 9c
  4. djdoc

    djdoc Guest

    Spec of your machine would be nice too so we can give you more advice mate.

  5. Danny_FC

    Danny_FC Non-League

    19 March 2006
    AMD Athlon 64 Processor
    2.41 GHz
    1.00GB ram
    All-in-wonder ATI Radeon

    Cheers for replies, like i said it ran fine before, what display settings are best? AF, AA etc.
  6. Bebeto 94

    Bebeto 94 For the good of the game

    9 November 2002
    Plymouth UK
    I have a good ATI card as well (X1800) but for some reason unless i force the refresh rate to 60hz (smooth as can be) anything over that is very juddery . I have tried everything under the sun to up the refresh rate but nothing works so why not try it and see what you get.
  7. Danny_FC

    Danny_FC Non-League

    19 March 2006
    Yeah same as, 75hz was amazingly choppy for me.

    Can you tell me what settings your card is on mate please?

    I.E AA & AF on or off? V-synce on or off?
  8. Bebeto 94

    Bebeto 94 For the good of the game

    9 November 2002
    Plymouth UK
    AA x6 , AF x6 , Vertical refresh (V-sync) - always on and force the refresh rate (3D refresh rate over-ride in display options ) to 60hz
  9. Danny_FC

    Danny_FC Non-League

    19 March 2006
    Hmmm, that's exactly the same settings as I have set now =( Thanks anyway.

    Still ent got a feckin clue whats wrong, someone suggested SP2 but I can't see that do very much.

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