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Ronaldo s'en prend à Pelé et Platini (sorry in French)

Discussion in 'Football' started by ThomasGOAL, 12 March 2006.

  1. ThomasGOAL

    ThomasGOAL Retired Footballer

    15 March 2003
    Ronaldo s'en prend à Pelé et Platini (sorry in French)

    Ronaldo n'est pas au mieux. A l'image de son club, le Real Madrid, l'attaquant brésilien traverse une période d'instabilité. Eliminé de la Ligue des champions en huitièmes de finale par Arsenal cette semaine, le Real n'a pu faire mieux qu'un match nul samedi à Valence (0-0) en Championnat, Ronaldo ayant manqué un penalty à la 90e minute. Dimanche, dans un entretien au quotidien brésilien O Globo, l'international brésilien a voulu répondre aux critiques émises par Pelé et Platini qui semblaient attribuer son manque de forme et d'efficacité actuelle à ses nombreux engagements commerciaux.

    «Au Mondial, je vais faire taire beaucoup de gens», a déclaré l'attaquant «galactique». «J'ai été déçu par Pelé, c'est un opportuniste à deux sous», a t-il jugé en ajoutant que celui-ci ferait mieux de s'occuper de sa famille, dans une allusion aux problèmes présumés de trafic de drogue que connaît l'un de ses fils. «Platini m'est indifférent. J'ai un coéquipier français ami (Zinédine Zidane) qui l'a dépassé en tout et il m'a toujours dit que Platini était jaloux», a-t-il ajouté à propos de l'ancien capitaine de l'équipe de France. «Je veux seulement qu'on me traite avec respect et ce n'est pas ce qui se passe. Je ne me réserve pas pour le Mondial. Je veux faire beaucoup pour arriver en Allemagne plein de confiance. Je veux redevenir heureux», a-t-il conclu.

    source : l'equipe.fr

  2. bradley1886

    bradley1886 Premiership

    6 August 2004

    :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

    ...i have no idea what that says :shock:
  3. :: JJ ::

    :: JJ :: Guest

    Parler vous ANGLAIS? ](*,)
  4. ThomasGOAL

    ThomasGOAL Retired Footballer

    15 March 2003
    Altavista translate :

    Ronaldo is caught some Pelé and to Platini

    Ronaldo is not as well as possible. To the image of its club, Real Madrid, the Brazilian attacker crosses one period of instability. Eliminated from the League of the champions in eighth of finale per Arsenal this week, Real could make better only one null match Saturday with Valence (0-0) in Championship, Ronaldo having missed a penalty with the 90e minute. Sunday, in a maintenance with the Brazilian daily newspaper O Globo, the international Brazilian one wanted to answer criticisms emitted by Pelé and Platini which seemed to allot its lack of form and current effectiveness to its many commercial engagements.

    "To World, I will make conceal much people", declared the attacker "galactic". "I was disappointed by Pelé, it is opportunist with two pennies", T-it judged by adding that this one would make better be occupied of its family, in an allusion to the supposed problems of traffic of drug that knows one of its sons. "Platini is indifferent for me. I have a friendly French fellow-member (Zinédine Zidane) who exceeded it in all and he always said me that Platini was jealous ", he added in connection with the former captain of the team of France. "I want only that one treats me with respect and it is not what occurs. I do not reserve myself for the World one. I want to make much to arrive to Germany full with confidence. I want to become again happy ", it concluded.
  5. ThomasGOAL

    ThomasGOAL Retired Footballer

    15 March 2003
    no it's "Parlez-vous Anglais ?" ;)
  6. Doping

    Doping Facemaker

    20 September 2004
    Almada, Portugal
    SL Benfica
    I think it is "Do you speak English?" since that's the global language :)

    Porque se não fosse assim punha-me aqui a falar português e ficavam todos a apanhar do ar ;)
  7. scratch-br

    scratch-br Mr. Scratcher

    14 December 2004
    Pele said last week that Ronaldo is a good player but he could be a great one if he had not so many personal problems... Suzana Milene Daniela and all others...

    Ronaldo said what Romario said before and many other people (like me) thinks...
    Pele needs to STFU... As a player he was great, as a "speaker" he's none.
  8. interfeciens

    interfeciens Non-League

    3 December 2002
    Agreed. Pele needs to stop adding fuel to the Real Madrid failure fire (and its a big one) if hes not there helping to put it out. Lopez Caro has enough to sort-out....Is Ronaldo really the source of Madrids problems though?
  9. ss4_goku

    ss4_goku Premiership

    26 May 2004
    Hong Kong / Toronto
    Man Utd
    Madrid's problems just pile up and this is just one of them which is more recent, thus, everyone just flames onto this one!!

    i do respect him as a player, and yes, if he didn't have as many problems outside of the stadium, he could've been great!! but i still support him and wait for him to shine again this summer!!!
  10. 200_pesos

    200_pesos Guille, no te olvidare!!!

    1 July 2005
    New York, NY
    Boca Juniors, Legia
    I think Pele is jealous that Ronaldo needs only one more goal to pass his (pele's) record in the world cup.
  11. ss4_goku

    ss4_goku Premiership

    26 May 2004
    Hong Kong / Toronto
    Man Utd
    hahaha, yeah.....GO RONALDO!! lolz...still support him since 1994...keke

    talking about Ronaldo...anyone of u seen his new ad??


    it totally fights against the critics of the dinho advert!! LOL....but i do love those boots...if i didn't pay for his golden one...i would've gotten this one....regret!!
  12. lumlum

    lumlum Premiership

    3 August 2003
    Pele and Platini have made jealous remarks before.
  13. romol

    romol Guest

    Je vois pas pourquoi vous ne comprenez pas, c'est très clair pourtant ! :D

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