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RM-Manager 2006 - PES5 Management Engine

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by rIKmAN, 27 June 2006.

  1. rIKmAN

    rIKmAN League 2

    15 June 2003
    Manchester, UK
    I`d like to point people to the newly created website for my project, which is more than definately a labour of love and very much in the early stages.

    I would like people to have a look around the website and if they are interested to sign up to the forums and participate in the development of the game via suggestions, requests and suchlike.

    Please take 2 minutes to check it out, you may be suprised at what it is I am actually creating...think SWOS but with PES5 as the Match Engine :)


    Thanks in advance.

  2. borjan

    borjan Non-League

    4 October 2005
    so if I understood well:

    You are planing to make league, but with all transfers system and sponsors thingie like a real Manager?

    So I choose club and sell and buy players and than play with them online against my opponent?

    If I understood well than BIG :applause: :applause: :applause: for You

    hope You understood how much works is that, but genius idea

    I registtred \\:o/
  3. joehax

    joehax Serie A

    18 August 2004
    Checking it out now!

    Sounds like a really good idea, not sure how it will work, but may I suggest checking out www.bots2.net. Its a game where you design a robot, modify it and play other peoples robots.

    Its all text based, and it might give you an idea on how to execute your idea (depending on what you've come up with so far).
  4. #71

    #71 Champions League

    18 May 2006
    SL Benfica
    I think he's not planning to this program for online play. If it is something like SWOS, it will be a program that will let you sign/sell your players, promotion/relegation and even sign adboard deals that will be shown at your stadium. Then, you'll be able to play your games on PES5. I assume it's an external program that updates your PES and let's you doing your games with updated info (signs...etc). SWOS was very good because it had plenty of leagues (maybe that's possible if there's enough league patches available?) and you could be signed by another team at the end of the season. Right?
    If you can do this, it would be an AMAZING job but it seems quite difficult. Can you explain us better your project?
  5. Abhishek

    Abhishek Best player in the world

    29 January 2006
    The site looks good mate.

    For all people who havent understood, its like an external management engine, all your transfers, league tables, will happen in this engine, but the actual game will be played in pes5. So, we can finally have proper World Cup, proper career mode, though its still in early developement. Its an amazing idea
  6. josephgreentree

    josephgreentree Pro Evo Stalker

    14 July 2005
    South Coast of England
    Portsmouth, Man U
    Good Idea mate hats off if it works. Konami need to bond with Sigames and do a PES6 with FM2006 engine. But still playing with PES6.
  7. rIKmAN

    rIKmAN League 2

    15 June 2003
    Manchester, UK
    Abhisek: Thanks for the explanation :)

    #71: It will not be online to start with no, my first goal is to get a stable single player career mode working, then I will look into adding in multiplayer internet support, where each team is a human - but it`s a way off yet.

    In RMM you will get job offers from other clubs (and countries).
    The first version will have a single league database (for stability testing) - but eventually I am hoping for a full roster of leagues like in FM2006.
    For me the best part of managing is taking a low league club through the ranks and develop young players etc.

    josephgreentree: That exactly what I`ve got fed up of waiting for mate, and although I`m not claiming that my engine will be anywhere near as good or indepth as FM2006, it will certainly be a lot better than the built in ML.
  8. Neil K

    Neil K League 1

    16 December 2005
    Just like to say that this is a fantastic idea and it would be INCREDIBLE if you could pull it off. Even just a World Cup engine with qualifying and squad selection would be fantastic.
  9. twophases

    twophases Hooked on editing

    3 June 2004
    Team F, Other Leagues C
    This is very promising! I'll be watching this thread!
  10. rIKmAN

    rIKmAN League 2

    15 June 2003
    Manchester, UK
    Thanks for the support :)

    Get over and join the forum guys, I`ll be posting more detailed info there than on here, which will more than likely just be quick updates.
  11. total

    total International

    10 December 2005
    Arsenal/OGC Nice
    Great idea! :applause:

    One question: Will it be avalible for WE9 franchise on the PC also? I have WE9LE and I simply love it. It's not much different from PES5, but feels 10x better.
  12. rIKmAN

    rIKmAN League 2

    15 June 2003
    Manchester, UK
    total - I`ve answered this on my forum also, but just to be thorough.. :)
    Firstly It will work with PES5, because that`s what I have and am working with.
    However it shouldn`t be too difficult in the future to make RMM compatible with other PES/WE versions.

    One thing that will not change is that it will only be available for PC.
  13. total

    total International

    10 December 2005
    Arsenal/OGC Nice
    Yeah, I posted this before I went to your forum. I read there that it will be PES5 only at first.
  14. linkin_park

    linkin_park **\ PersianStad-Maker /**

    24 December 2005
    Tehran, Iran
    Juventus - Esteghlal fc
    how about the release date ?
  15. total

    total International

    10 December 2005
    Arsenal/OGC Nice
    When it's done.
  16. kLow

    kLow joga bonito

    19 September 2005
    sounds good (:

    ill be waiting for this

  17. PetrovLFC

    PetrovLFC Raul!

    13 March 2005
    NW London
    Good luck with it all. When you pull this off, you will be a living legend.

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