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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by ezosk, 9 May 2010.

  1. ezosk

    ezosk League 1

    30 September 2008
    How can i get a list of all the players and their ID from kitserver(a easier way than doing everything manually), so i can make a correct map.txt for bootserver?
    If anyone has a correct map.txt for boots in pes 5 I'd be grateful.
    Here's an example of my players IDs:

    gerrard - 145
    aquilani - 02777
    ibrahimovic - 631

  2. kristian826

    kristian826 Goodbye PES

    14 August 2007
    Real Madrid
    you have to have playerslistID.txt in your kitserver folder...delete your old one and game will create new one...
  3. ezosk

    ezosk League 1

    30 September 2008
    thanks, that's exactly what i need

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