REPUBLIC OF IRELAND thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

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    1 Shay Given
    16 Keiren Westwood
    23 David Forde


    2 Sean St Ledger
    3 Stephen Ward
    4 John O'Shea
    5 Richard Dunne
    12 Stephen Kelly
    13 Paul McShane
    18 Darren O'Dea


    6 Glenn Whelan
    7 Aiden McGeady
    8 Keith Andrews
    11 Damien Duff
    15 Darron Gibson
    17 Stephen Hunt
    21 Paul Green
    22 James McClean


    9 Kevin Doyle
    10 Robbie Keane
    14 Jon Walters
    19 Shane Long
    20 Simon Cox

    Coach: Giovanni Trapattoni (ITA)

    Pre Tournament Friendlies

    Ireland 1-0 Bosnia, Friendly 26th May

    YouTube - Republic of Ireland 1 - 0 Bosnia, Friendly 26th May, Full Highlights!

    Tuscany Select XI 0-5 Ireland,Friendly 30th May

    YouTube - Tuscany Select XI v Republic of Ireland - Highlights (30/5/12)

    Hungary 0-0 Ireland ,Friendly 4th June

    YouTube - [0-0] Hungary vs Rep. of Ireland - Match Highlights Video Friendly 4th June 2012

    Hungary give Trapattoni food for thought
    Known for his consistency in team selection, Giovanni Trapattoni is pondering change for the Republic of Ireland's UEFA EURO 2012 opener on Sunday against Croatia, says Garry Doyle.

    Trapattoni's tactical dilemma
    More news
    As a 73-year old, Giovanni Trapattoni could be forgiven for being a creature of habit. In his four-year tenure in charge of the Republic of Ireland, he has certainly favoured consistency over experimentation in both team selection and tactical shape.

    Yet following Monday's scoreless draw in Budapest, when Hungary found space between Ireland's two lines of four defenders and midfielders, Trapattoni accepted there was a possibility of change occurring ahead of Sunday's UEFA EURO 2012 opener against Croatia.

    "Last night we were a little lucky because in the first half Hungary deserved to score twice, but Shay Given saved us," said Trapattoni. "Hungary played very well and quick, fast football. They are strong in every department.

    "When we meet a team like this I know what is the difficulty, but we have a system I can't change for one game. To have a balance we have to give up one striker or put one more in midfield. So maybe we [will] change. I will speak with the team and show them our difficulty because we need to take a decision to sacrifice a striker.

    "Croatia have another system, a little bit different to us and to Hungary. Spain always play with one striker and one in between. We have to decide what we will do. We need one more in midfield. It is clear that when your opponents have an extra man in midfield that you are forced to dance for 45 minutes."

    Kevin Doyle could make way if Trapattoni opts for change
    Yet there is no dancing around the issue that if Trapattoni is forced to change his system then he will also have to alter his personnel, unless Robbie Keane, Ireland's top goalscorer, is redeployed in a much deeper, more creative role, which has not happened for Ireland since the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifier against Italy in Bari.

    That night was, by some distance, the most radical of Trapattoni's Ireland reign. Five positional switches throughout the game kept the Azzurri guessing and the end result was a credible 1-1 draw. Should he adopt a similar line of thinking again, one of his regulars, Keane but more likely Kevin Doyle, could draw the short straw and miss out.

    With this in mind, this evening's training session in Gdynia, Ireland's first since arriving at their Polish base camp, will make for fascinating viewing.

    Euro 2012

    June 10th Poznan vs Croatia 19.45

    June 14th Gdansk vs Spain 19.45

    June 18th Poznan vs Italy 19.45

    Feel free to post any comments or links regarding Ireland's tournament in here :))
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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    Nice thread.

    The Irish will probably bow out at the group stage but do so proudly as they are not an easy game for ANY. Good players, good squad, good coach and you can be sure they will give their ALL and play as a TEAM! That makes them a formidable opponent just like Greece for most.
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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    I really believe they will do very well in this tournament (that means qualifying for the quarter-finals, and a slight chance of going to the semis).I don't know why, but my instict says so.
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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    What do your instincts say about Greece?
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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    ive had a funny feeling we will get through the group with 4 pts and play france in the quarter finals,revenge for paris would motivate the players to raise their game and beat them,stranger things have happened :BOP:
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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    the best thing about the ireland team is the lack of ego in the squad,everyone plays for each other and they are all proud to wear the irish shirt. what they lack in technical skills they make up for in heart and work ethics
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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    Given now a definite starter against Croatia
    The Republic of Ireland custodian is expected to resume training before the weekend
    Republic of Ireland goalkeeping coach Alan Kelly has indicated that Shay Given will be fit to start the team's Euro 2012 opener against Croatia on Sunday.
    The Ireland keeper, who has been nursing knee and calf problems, sat out yesterday's open training session at the Municipal Stadium in Gdynia.
    Speaking to the media in Sopot, Kelly insisted he has no doubt about Given's participation in the game in Poznan and opined that he would play if the game was tonight.
    Kelly said: "He's fine. We had the open day yesterday in front of a really fantastic crowd, as you saw, and it's just part of his rest and recuperation.
    "He played the 45 minutes the night before. I don't know if you noticed, but we were playing head tennis over in the corner and having a bit of craic with the crowd.
    "I had to put the old reins on him and keep him back. We had travelled overnight and it's nothing out of the ordinary, really.
    "Anybody who has seen Shay over - what is it, 122 caps, now? - and his determination to play for Ireland, that's not going to go away.
    "To play in the big championships, it's a bit of a cliche, but nobody more so than Shay is desperate to play on Sunday. I don't think wild horses could keep him from being on that pitch.
    "I think his determination and the willingness has shown over 16 years to pay for Ireland now is not going to go away overnight."
    Given's return from the knee injury that saw him visit specialist Andy Williams in London has led to other injuries as his body readjusts after the lay-off.
    Kelly believes that the calf strain is not a major issue and cited Given's performance in the first half against Hungary as an example of how unhindered he is by it.
    He said: "It's like anything, one you get a little niggle with the knee, as he did, you are going to get some compensatory issues that you get when you come back training.
    "But anybody who saw the game the other night and his performance and the saves he made, you wouldn't question his fitness, his form and how sharp he is.
    "Obviously, my job as goalkeeping coach is to get him to that level, and he wouldn't be able to do that if he wasn't fit."
    Given is "busting" to get back to training, according to Kelly, and he expects him to do so before the weekend.
    In response to questions about the dangers of playing Given in Sunday's game, Kelly said his participation will not jeopardise his chances of playing against Spain or Italy.
    "If he is fit to play on Sunday, then he is fit to play," he declared.
    "If you go out on to the pitch, you might say injuries can happen - anything can happen on the pitch. But once you go over the white line, you are fit and you have put yourself forward.
    "Another thing about Shay, in terms of his integrity and honesty, he wouldn't do that if it meant it would in any way impair his performance.
    "You have got to keep in mind the fella that you are talking about and the iconic nature of him.
    "He wouldn't want to do anything that would lessen our chances. He is a professional of the highest integrity and I have no qualms or no problems with him going forward and playing on Sunday."
    A number of players, particularly Aiden McGeady, had complained of tiredness after the Hungary game and the squad were given today off.
    Kelly said the decision "made sense" as the players needed time to recover from the exertions of the Hungary game and the overnight flight from Budapest to Gdansk.
    He also insisted that the decision was made by the coaching staff and not prompted by the players' comments.
    "You think, we played Hungary, obviously the delayed kick-off, so it got to 9pm. We landed at 3.30am in the morning and we had the open day yesterday as well," he said.
    "It just made sense. If you think about a normal week within a club structure, the Wednesday before a game, you would get the day off, so the manager decided the lads could have a day off.
    "That day off doesn't consist of being able to wander off willy-nilly. It's in and around the hotel.
    "Like I said before, it's rest and recuperation and all that entails. Then we have got Friday, Saturday, time to recover, time to get ready, and then obviously, we are getting into the main tournament.
    "It's never a case of going hell for leather three days in. You build up."
    Ireland are favourites to finish bottom of the group and one of the long shots to win the tournament outright.
    But Kelly highlighted their away form and the spirit and unity in the camp as reasons Ireland can do well in the upcoming "three away games".
    He said: "The one thing about this group is that we've already been away three weeks. If you have not got really tight unity within the squad little cracks might show.
    "They have got such a belief. If you look, we are unbeaten away from home and if you want to look at it simply we have got three away games. That's how we look at it.
    "We perform so well away from home are we are sort of set up for it. We beat the Italians last year in Liege. We have got such an inner belief. It sounds easy to say here, but they have backed it up with the results they have got away from home.
    "We don't want to shout it from the rooftops, but we go out thinking and knowing that we can get results. That is what we are going to take into the three games. It is not a case of just turning up."
    In a casual and relaxed press conference at the main media hotel near the team's base on the northern Polish coast, Kelly recalled this experience of being a player at major tournaments.
    Second choice behind Packie Bonner at USA 94, Kelly was Given's back-up by the next time Ireland reached another major tournament eight years later.
    He said the preparation for Euro 2012 is "as far away as you can imagine" from what he experienced in 1994.
    "I think we went out to Florida. Orange County we were based in," he recollected. "We weren't allowed water during training sessions for 90 minutes.
    "I remember me and Packie [Bonner] had three or four tops on. It was 90C, 80% humidity and I think we averaged between 16 and 18 pounds a day in weight loss in sweat because we trained twice.
    "It was just totally different. You look at the facilities. The hotel is absolutely fantastic over here. It is a great spot as well.
    "One thing I remember is that we used to train in 94 in the morning. You would lose your eight or nine pounds and the doc would come in and say for every pound you'd lost you had to drink one of these (points to bottle of water).
    "He would line them up. It was like Cool Hand Luke with the eggs. You never actually recuperated. You looked at it and thought I'll have a couple.
    "Another I remember is touching the grass when we dived on it. It was absolutely boiling. I remember Jack saying to sit down. The lads sat down and jumped back up."
    Kelly was a witness to the drama in Saipan and is disappointed that it overshadowed the good work done by the team and the welcome received in Izumo afterwards.
    He said: "What is overlooked from 2002 is when we went to Izumo. The facilities we had there and preparations that went from there were absolutely superb.
    "Two things that are similar are the welcome we got from the people in Japan was absolutely fantastic. They couldn't do enough for us.
    "You saw yesterday the welcome we got, especially from the local people, was unbelievable. Absolutely fantastic.
    "The one memory for me up to now is when we were driving away from the stadium and they were lining the streets and waving. All the kids were happy and it was fantastic and that is what it is about. Brilliant."
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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    I think that we will go through, but after that, chaos:P
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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    So you really do believe you'll go through, right? Not just 'hope' you will?
  11. -Panos-

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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    Yes, us with Russia
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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    Robbie Keane has said he is happy to play in a deeper role if required during the Republic Ireland's games in Euro 2012.

    Ireland's back four have been exposed by teams playing a more fluid system, as they are able find gaps in between the banks of four in a rigid 4-4-2 formation.

    The latest example came on Monday night in Hungary when Balazs Dzsudzsak wandered freely into space around Ireland's box.

    Manager Giovanni Trapattoni said after that game that he would be willing to sacrifice a striker for an extra man in midfield to stop Ireland getting overrun.

    Keane said that Trapattoni has not yet spoken to the players about any formation changes, but said they would be willing to adapt.

    He said: "We have kind of done the same system since the manager took over, so the players are certainly used to that.

    "But if there was an adjustment, it would be little minor things, I think.

    "As players, you are always set different roles when you go out on to the pitch. Myself, for example, to just sit on the holding midfielder and don't let him dictate the game too much. It would be little, small things like that.

    "I wouldn't say it would be formation changes. We wouldn't automatically just go to 4-3-3 when we haven't done it for a long time."

    Trapattoni has often spoken of how Keane could play the "Totti" role behind the main striker, which Francesco Totti excelled in during Italy's 2006 World Cup triumph.

    It is a role Keane has played in club football but less so in the international game, where the responsibility for scoring goals largely rests with the captain.

    "It's something I have done," he said. "I have kind of played two different roles, if you like, at club level and international level.

    "At international level, the pressure is on me to score the goals, but at club level, I kind of play as that number ten anyway.

    "Maybe if the manager wants me to do that role, which I am sure in certain games he will probably want that, it's something I have done before, so it wouldn't be a problem."

    The ten-year wait to return to a major tournament is almost over as the Croatia game in Poznan is now just days three days away.

    Keane and the rest of the squad, who were given an unexpected day off yesterday, are refreshed and eager for the games to begin.

    He said: "We are desperate to get started now. It's been a long few weeks. It's been very good. The atmosphere around the place has been brilliant.

    "Everybody is just looking forward to Sunday now.

    "Of course in any competition, you want to start off straight away as well as you can and try to get points on the board because we know that in the group, anybody can beat anybody.

    "We knew from Monday onwards that we are getting to the end of things now. It was good training today with the lads and we will look forward to the next couple of days and preparing for Sunday's game."

    The players will spend the next few days learning more about how Croatia will play, although Keane says they picked up a lot from the 0-0 draw in the friendly game in August.

    Fielding questions from reporters after training at their base in Gdynia, Keane was informed that the Financial Times has rated Ireland as the least valuable squad in the tournament.

    He laughed off the comment but declared that Ireland were not here for the craic and aim to win as many games as they can, possibly emulating surprise Euro 2004 winners Greece.

    "Listen, we are not coming to this competition to make the numbers up," he said defiantly.

    "We are here to do as well as we can for the country and hopefully go as far as we can.

    "We go into every game in every competition believing that we can win it."
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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    Former Republic of Ireland captain Roy Keane believes Giovanni Trapattoni's men are capable of "one big result" at Euro 2012 - which he feels must come in their Group C opener against Croatia.

    After being drawn alongside World champions Spain and powerhouses Italy, few give Ireland much chance of making an impact on the business end of the competition.

    However, confidence within the camp continues to grow, and Trapattoni's squad were again well organised in their final warm-up game against Hungary, which ended in a battling goalless draw.

    Keane feels if Ireland can produce the goods in Poznan on Sunday night, then they stand every chance of upsetting the odds again in their final two group matches.

    "It will be tough for Ireland, but they will have a good go as all Irish teams do," said Keane.

    "The biggest game for Ireland is the game against Croatia. They have to get something because if you go to the second game against Spain without a point, it will be very, very difficult."

    Keane continued: "But what you might find with Ireland, which they have done in all major tournaments in which they have qualified, is that they get that one big result - but they have to get a result against Croatia."

    Keane, 40, continued: "Ireland always bring something different to a tournament - they have spirit, the supporters, that gives you a chance.

    "Technically they will be well behind the three teams they are playing, and they will have very little possession, but recently, you look at Chelsea, in football matches, possession has not been the biggest priority - it is about keeping solid.

    "They are not bad at set-pieces, and that may be their only hope."

    One player the opposition scouts will have done well to brush up on is Sunderland winger James McClean.

    The 23-year-old - who was born in Derry and represented Northern Ireland at under-21 level - has enjoyed a breakthrough season in the Barclays Premier League after being fast-tracked into the first team following the arrival of new manager Martin O'Neill.

    "He is a good player, and it is good for Ireland, you need young players coming through," said Keane, who had a spell in charge of the Black Cats from 2006 to 2008, taking them into the Premier League.

    "Obviously he has had some difficulty because he has been criticised for not playing for Northern Ireland, but he has made his decision.

    "He has enjoyed playing under Martin, has had a break there and been a good asset.

    "He might be a surprise package in that the other teams won't have seen too much of him, because he is a big strong boy, and can get you goals.

    "If he can bring his club form to the team he can get in that starting XI."
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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    Good luck today in the match against Croatia. Hope to see you in the quarterfinals. :P
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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    Do wish them all the best, but if there's 2 teams I ain't looking forward to watching in this tournie is Republic and England.

    I guess I can appreciate the difference in supposed class of players, but they are terrible to watch.

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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    Giovanni Trapattoni has named his ‘normal’ team for the Republic of Ireland’s opening Euro 2012 encounter against Croatia this evening, 7.45pm.

    As expected, the Italian has stuck with the starting XI that he favoured during the qualifying campaign.

    Despite some injury concerns during the build-up, Shay Given is fit to start in goals, as is right-back John O’Shea.

    Richard Dunne and Sean St Ledger form the central defence and Stephen Ward is the left-back.

    Glenn Whelan and Keith Andrews will have the job of holding Luka Modric in midfield while Aiden McGeady and Damien Duff are on the wings.

    Kevin Doyle will partner captain Robbie Keane in attack.

    Republic of Ireland: Given, O'Shea, Dunne, St Ledger, Ward, Duff, Andrews, Whelan, McGeady, Keane, Doyle.

    Trapattoni said: "I have already chosen the team and fortunately, there were no injuries after the last training.

    "I can say we are ready for this first match, and that this first match will be very, very tough.

    "Robbie [Keane] has already said that the team feels like performing well and we will do everything in our power to get a good result."

    Speaking in Italian, Trapattoni said he is confident of victory but knows football can be an unpredictable sport and the best-laid plans can go to waste.

    He said: "The most important thing is what you feel. We all expect victory, of course, but the question is whether you can avoid mistakes. That is a huge concern because in each match, you want to avoid mistakes.

    "This is something unpredictable and something unpredictable can happen in each match.

    "You can prepare for a match in the best way you can, but I always watch matches and I prepare very well, and then there are unpredictable situations.

    "In each circumstance, the Irish nation is confident about this team. They fully believe in us.

    "We are really confident, but we have to be aware of that unpredictability."

    He laid out the reasons why tomorrow's opening game is of such crucial importance to Ireland, with momentum being the main one.

    He said: "The first match is critical and there are some reasons why it is so critical.

    "Sometimes, the preparations are not the best. There are some nations who have played until the end of May, so most of them have to recuperate some injuries.

    "The second aspect is enthusiasm and the creativity of the team.

    "Of course, if you win the first match, you get momentum and enthusiasm and in this way, you can avoid maybe criticism and you are still confident and maybe you can reach your goal."
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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    The long wait is almost at an end. Let the games begin.

    Ten years since they played at major championships and 24 years since they thrilled us at Euro '88, the Republic of Ireland are back on the big stage

    The team that takes to the pitch in Poznan on Sunday night will contain four players that experienced penalty shootout heartache against Spain in Suwon in 2002.

    Robbie Keane, Shay Given, Richard Dunne and Damien Duff have all said this week that they did not believe it would take this long to achieve another qualification.

    Talk of retirement is never far away now with that group and speaking to reporters this week, Duff acknowledged that it could be his last chance to play tournament football

    He said: "It's been a long wait for everybody. The fans have waited a long time for it and I think everybody at home is really excited.

    "A few of us are into our 30s now. This could be our last major tournament, so you have to savour it."

    They have been in camp for three weeks, but have been working for this moment for four years under Giovanni Trapattoni.

    The hand of Henry denied them (a penalty shoot-out) in the last qualification campaign and there have been other disappointments over the past decade, but they will be forgotten once the whistle blows at 7.45pm on Sunday.

    Ireland have never lost the opening game in the four tournaments they have competed in and will be more than happy to extend that run.

    Although it means they will have to produce big performances against Spain and Italy to reach the last eight.

    Trapattoni is not unduly worried about Croatia's superior ranking and cited his experience of playing against, and nullifying, opponents such as Pele, Eusebio and Johan Cruyff as reasons for optimism.

    He said: "They are before us in ranking but we played them in a friendly game. Many players play in England, Germany. Our team know their opponent but no result is confirmed until the match is played.

    "I played against Pele, Eusebio and Cruyff many times. They were the big, big stars. I won the game. I won the game with the team. I won the game against them. One on one. That is a good stimulus."

    Croatia are a very talented side yet have shown over the past six years of Slaven Bilic's tenure that they can have as many bad days as good days.

    Ireland's confidence is high after a run of 14 games unbeaten and they have never lost a competitive away game during Trapattoni's reign.

    Both teams have had injury concerns in the run-up to the tournament with Keith Fahey, Ivo Ilicevic and Ivica Olic missing out, while Given and Vedran Corluka have been major concerns.

    The loss of the Donegal goalkeeper would have been a serious blow to Trapattoni, as much for his experience as his ability between the sticks.

    The candles lit and prayers offered have had the desired effect and he is fit enough to start despite niggling injuries to his knee and calf.

    His performance against Hungary showed that he is clearly still Ireland's number one, despite the emergence of Kieren Westwood, and his return is a major boost to the men in front of him.

    Given is the base of the team's spine with Richard Dunne and Keane the key vertebrae further up.

    Dunne will once again be called on to produce the kind of dominating displays that helped Ireland reach the finals.

    Croatian danger man Nikica Jelavic, who was in inspired form for Everton at the end of the Premier League season, will be partnered by either Eduardo or Mario Mandzukic.

    Captain Darijo Srna will cause a threat on the right that Stephen Ward will have to be aware of and he may need Aiden McGeady to provide cover.

    At the other end, Keane and Doyle will fancy their chances against the central pairing of Corkuka and Gordon Schildenfeld.

    The area where Croatia are expected to have the clear advantage is in midfield, with Luka Modric pulling the strings.

    Glenn Whelan and Keith Andrews will have their work cut out, with Damien Duff likely to play further inside, and Robbie Keane dropping back to stop Modric picking the ball up from deep positions.

    It looks set to be a cagey affair with both sides knowing an opening defeat could effectively spell the end of their tournament.

    If the game is to be won, it may well be done so from the bench.

    Expect Shane Long or Jonathan Walters to have a major say on the outcome.

    STADIUM - Miejski Stadium

    The only rebuilt stadium of the four venues in Poland is the birthplace of the famous 'Poznan' celebration and will have a capacity of 40,000 for this tournament.

    With a retractable roof and steep stands its offers excellent views for almost all of the fans, but there are some seats with restricted views.

    The steep stands led to concern over the state of the pitch and the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) was brought in to oversee the laying of the new surface.

    Irish and Croatian fans will provide plenty of colour and there promises to be party atmosphere on Sunday evening.

    REFEREE - Bjorn Kuipers (Netherlands)

    The 39-year-old son of a referee has a wealth experience at international and Champions League level.

    He was the man in the middle for Ireland's second leg against Estonia last November and has already taken charge of European finals at U-17 and U20 levels.

    Sander Van Roekel and Erwin Zeinstra will be his assistants for the tournament.
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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    Irish fans in the square last night where the brawl was. :APPLAUD:

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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

  21. Bitter Rivals

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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    good luck Ireland today!!
  22. matherto

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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    Come on lads!
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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    No offside...
  24. amineken22

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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    what a great match so far hope you boys will win it!
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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    that 2nd goal was coming,ireland playing too deep and keep giving the ball away,modric and perisic starting to show a bit of class.
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    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    well we've been found out,it was park football at the end. Croatia are an average team and we made them look like world beaters,the next 2 games are going to be embarassing for us. Cant have any complaints they were just stronger,the luck ran out for trappatoni and his stone age tactics
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    Bristol Rovers
    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    what a header by shay given:LOL:
  28. Kanouté

    Kanouté #NewEra

    26 April 2008
    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)


    goddamn :CRY:
  29. goalgerd

    goalgerd File Maker

    30 July 2006
    dublin, eire
    Ringsend Rovers
    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)

    thats our usual 2 goals in a tournament sorted : )
  30. goalgerd

    goalgerd File Maker

    30 July 2006
    dublin, eire
    Ringsend Rovers
    Re: Ireland Thread (Come on you Boys in Green)


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