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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by italionstallion, 16 March 2010.

  1. italionstallion

    italionstallion Banned

    7 December 2009
    i want to create chants for new castle united and relink them?? How can it be possible ??? I am already using sccody doo"very big chant pack"
  2. NiTrO.Tn

    NiTrO.Tn -Stark`

    6 March 2010
    I think you can relink chants with DKZ Studio ..
    try to relink chants from E_sound, then put your chants in E_sound
  3. johnking

    johnking Premiership

    15 November 2003
    Sheffield United
    you need the database xml document for pes2010 then you can relink with dkz other than that its hex edit.
  4. naman

    naman Non-League

    7 January 2009
    where we can get it??:WORSHIP:
  5. smithlanger1

    smithlanger1 Non-League

    2 June 2010
    sounds good to me :BOP:

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