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Region protection for PES6?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by art_k82, 16 September 2006.

  1. art_k82

    art_k82 Conference

    20 March 2003
    Hey guys,

    I'm from North America. Would there be any problems playing the October release of PES6 on a North American console? I don't want to wait till February or March of 2007 to play this game, as that is when it will be released!

    Cheers for any replies!
  2. STG

    STG League 1

    1 September 2005
    Due to him asking this in the Xbox/360 section, I presume he means the 360 version.
  3. psimonius

    psimonius Guest

    I doubt it will be region free. It would take away from sales of WE:PES2007 which Konami wouldn't want.
  4. f to the vipe

    f to the vipe that's great

    8 July 2005
    FC Porto
    Yeah but, PES6 and WEPES7 aren't competing... they get the money either way... they should just allow people in NA to play PES6 on thei consoles, or else they'll be saying .. "fuck this wait!!", and go purchase FIFA07
  5. salad

    salad Non-League

    24 March 2005
    there's an option to change ur region back and fort with the 360, just go to the system menu, there u would see that u could choose ur 360 to be in different region code. if u want to play jap game then choose the region code which is for jap game then if u want to play north america region game then switch it back.
  6. kensuke

    kensuke Non-League

    22 May 2003
  7. razormty

    razormty WEMEXICO.COM

    12 August 2003
    Monterrey, Mexico
    a backup of Lego Starwars PAL plays on NTSC American flashed XBOX 360, i think that the original game should play also. is that right?
  8. kensutz

    kensutz Norwich City Fanatic

    13 March 2003
    Waterford, Ireland
    Norwich City

    Lego starwars is region free so what you played it on doesn't matter if it's flashed or not.
  9. kensutz

    kensutz Norwich City Fanatic

    13 March 2003
    Waterford, Ireland
    Norwich City

    That is total rubbish
  10. samar7

    samar7 Mod-erator

    7 August 2005
    Man Utd
    lol idiot
  11. embraceuk1

    embraceuk1 Original Member Since 2001

    30 December 2001
    Indiana USA (Scottish)
    Nottingham Forest
    Even if it was region free without an 50Hz/60Hz option it would jump all over your american tv unless you had a HD TV

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