Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by nologo, 6 April 2005.

  1. nologo

    nologo Guest

    why do so many people think there so good at pes4 when they just go real madrid?it makes it pointless playing online. i played a few games on proevolive....i played 5 games...all players used real madrid. its so boring! grow balls!noobs!
  2. kdjac

    kdjac League 2

    3 May 2004
    Then you press Square on same screen as Real and beat them.

  3. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    Who do you play as nologo?
    Inter, AC, Arsenal, Barca, Juve?
  4. juventus11

    juventus11 Guest

    Hey I can be the worst team in the game to beat Real Madrid, it isnt the team its skill;) Im sure Zygalski your one of the pros on the forum arent ya;)
    Well anyway they do have many overrated players, on there team like, Ronaldo,Owen,Samuel etc.
  5. Celeborn

    Celeborn Guest

    Can't play as Real
    Can't play as Inter
    Can't play as Milan
    Can't play as Barcelona
    Can't play as Arsenal
    Can't play as Man Utd
    Can't play as Chelsea
    Can't use the wings to attack
    Can't use through balls to attack
    Can't use long passes up the field
    Can't shoot from long range
    Can't dribble all the time
    Can't round goalie on 1 on 1s
    Can't chip goalie on 1 on 1s
    Can't keep going for corners
    Can't pass on Free-kicks: must shoot
    Can't use 4-3-3
    Can't view replays of goals

    Or the game is pointless online
  6. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    I agree with Celeborn!

    I'm not a pro. I think I'll try to win the world cup with Sweden soon ;)
  7. ronaldoisagod

    ronaldoisagod Championship League

    10 August 2003
    bro...i'm with you. Any game, online. They pick the best team, and think they are the shit!

    Real Madrid, Brazil,'s all the same.
  8. juventus11

    juventus11 Guest

    :lol: You will have to get through me:) Italia
  9. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    I think I'll manage it, with a little help from Denmark! ;) ;) ;)
  10. nologo

    nologo Guest

    haha you idiots, arsenal , inter, juv are noway near Real Madrid, you might as well pick World All Stars, cos thats what the team is basically. arsenal - check there players, only decent player all round is henry..noone else, bergkamp is good but runs about 1mph. with real madrid, oh no, ronaldo, owen injured..stick roberto carlos upfront he is prob the fastest player on the game. it gets boring...everyone goes real madrid, i have no problems with inter, juv, barca, arsenal etc or even brazil, but going Real Madrid is so f**king lame. is it cos ur shit and need the best team on the game?lol its not like i dont beat real madrid loser noobs, its more of the fact i get bored playing against the same team even tho im playing 4-5 different people. noobs!
  11. Celeborn

    Celeborn Guest

    Well, i just won in a knockout tourny thats hosted on pes4online occasionally. As West Brom, beat Liverpool in 1/4s (who played a corner flag man), Man Utd in semi's, and beat Real Madrid (lots dribbling as host) in the final on penalties, coming back from 2-0 down to draw 2-2. Decent players too

    Adapt your tactics is all I can say. Was west brom ever gonna outskill any of those teams? No. Stick some big men up front who can hold the ball and header it, and work from that. And you know what? I REALLY ENJOY battling against the odds with lesser teams. And if I am a client and I lose 1-2 to a team like Real, that is a GOOD RESULT. Hey, you may get battered some in learning how to use em, but don't get so fixated on winning and who your opponents are. Play your own game, set your own targets and work from there.
  12. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    Nice one Celeborn. Well played.

    One good match I played as Madrid involved both players picking the black kit by mistake so we couldn't tell which players belonged to who! :D
    Maybe some of you can do this to your Madrid opponents and piss them off ;)
  13. Celeborn

    Celeborn Guest

    hahah ya, i've done that. It really hurts my eyes actually - trying to tell who's who. Bah!
  14. Notty

    Notty Guest

    I don´t really think that Real Madrid is the best team in the game...
    Real Madrid hasn´t a good defense (Roberto Carlos is always up front, only Samuel can save you :)

    Who is the Defensive Midfilier in Real Madrid?....

    Helguera??? Guti??? Maybe Beckham???

    Well, actually Real Madrid doesn´t even have an average Defensive Midfilier ! There isn´t a player like Gerrard, Makelele, Vieira,etc...
    And a Defensive Midfilier is a very important position in the game ( try to play without one...).

    But there´s more... Did you ever look at Beckham, Figo and Zidane stats? No? So just look at them and stop looking at their name...

    Zidane, Figo and Beckham are good players?
    YES! they are BUT.....

    Look at their speed, stamina, condition... They just get tired soon in the game, they are slow players, they just are good passing players and good at free kicks. There´s no speed. And they are old (not Beckham). So we can´t say Real Madrid has the best midfilier players in the game because Ronaldinho, Recoba, Van der Meyde, Seedorf, Kaka, Nedved, Del Piero just OWNS any Real Madrid midfilier.

    So just think about you say in this thread and you can see that Real Madrid has a great attack! Nothing more.. It´s all about their attack. Ronaldo & Owen are very dangerous players because they are fast, they have 1vs1 shoot ability, scoring ability, dribbling ability, positioning ability, they are just the best attacking pair in the game. No doubts of it. However they never score in headers but that´s ok because they score many goals with the ball on the grass :)

    Anyway.. Real Madrid IS NOT the best team in the game and IS NOT for noobs... Noobs can play with Inter Milan, Brazil, France .. These are the real best teams in the game with great players in all positions.

  15. H4wk3y3

    H4wk3y3 Guest

    maybe its because of the wolf patch I have but Arsenal are by far the best team in my game.
  16. MasterM

    MasterM League 2

    14 July 2003
    Evrybody is has the right to choose his favorite team. But i must say most "noobs" use real madrid and only try to throughpass you. That whats most disappointing, people that only use throughpass, its so boring.
  17. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    Through passes only work rarely. So why complain? Defend and counter attack.
  18. MasterM

    MasterM League 2

    14 July 2003
    i complain because its no challange anymore. I must always defend the same way, i never get surprised by a nice attack. Its so predictable, thats why i complain.
  19. gogbog

    gogbog Conference

    21 February 2003
    when i play online i ever hardly lose now cause the opposition always play the same. go to the wing cross to either henry or ronald etc and score. all you do is play 4 at the the back and put your fullbacks were there 2 wide men are. then when they attack just dont let them go to the wing, thats it your going to win as they have no other ways of playing.
  20. Genkitzu

    Genkitzu WE10 Pro

    21 September 2004
    Ronaldo, Zidane and Figo have bad stamina and that will lower their speed at the 2nd half+. So I use Ronaldo to 55-65th Minute replace for Owen and replace Zidane for Guti. Well I have Gravesen here.

    I don't think Real Madrid has a good defense but they have a good attack, Ronaldo can pass everyone with his 98 attack, 95 balance and 96 dribble accuracy.

    Use Beckham to long-pass from the wings and search for a free man (and don't wait to pass till your all to the corner flag, make the long pass at counter times and someone must be blinking on the radar). Zidane Ronaldo Figo Raul and try to make volleys no headers. If you know your formation, you will know who is who on the radar.
  21. nologo

    nologo Guest

    yawn, another real madrid noob!LAMER
  22. jonneymendoza

    jonneymendoza Legend

    1 January 2004
  23. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    So what team do you play with? You still haven't answered.
    I bet Genkitzu could beat you with Fulham.

    You have a choice in who you play against. Stop playing against people who use teams that make you cry. You whinge-machine.
  24. Zlatan#9

    Zlatan#9 Premiership

    26 December 2002
    Ppl still play this online? The lag and slow response doesn't get to you?
  25. djhardline

    djhardline Guest

    All about Crystal Palace. Try winning every game with them, I thank you.
  26. zeus78

    zeus78 zeus

    17 February 2005
    it's normal, real madrid have the most "stars" in their team. there are many joung people which play pes4 and they want to play with this stars...

    i'm an arsenal supporter for many years so i play pes4 80% with arsenal, also online. but when i play with a country i take switzerland where i come from.
    the formation is also a point why people take every time the same team. i saved my favorit formation for 8 teams
  27. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok Non-League

    11 August 2003
    Hants, England , UK
    Man Utd
    Am i the only one who thing cool their playing with real madrid, this will be dammed easy, and it almost always is.
  28. miekol

    miekol Guest

    Is there a room on Quakenet where there actually are any people who dont put 2 on the cornerflags, through ball, pass and (try to) score...?

    I've played PES4 on Xbox Live for a while aswell and its the same story there. In 200+ games (XBL keeps stats) I hardly played 15 proper games against proper opponents.

    The whole concept of online play is nice, but I am getting fed up with it. Seems like 'they' manage to find exploits/cheats in any online game. There's no substitute to playing your mates while sitting on the couch, beer and crisps not far away...
  29. nologo

    nologo Guest

    haha you hit the nail on the head, when i get with my friends for a pes4 night, no-one goes real madrid time after time, we have games like : inter V AC, liverpool v everton, young gamers are the ones that make pes4 online they sprint to real madrid - soooo boring!

    try pressing the random team button, makes it exciting!also makes you a better player as you have to score like players on low skill rating
  30. Slobber

    Slobber boycotting PES

    3 August 2003
    Merseyside, England
    Liverpool FC
    I hate people who think they have some sort of right to tell people how to play online games.. They're usually the same type of people who think they have the right to control others in real life. If you don't like it, don't play. I use Valencia, and I'm not choosing any other team just because some little kid starts crying..

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