R.I.P. Franco Sensi (1926-2008)

Discussion in 'Football' started by *aLe, 18 August 2008.

  1. *aLe

    *aLe International

    30 August 2005
    Yesterday Franco Sensi, AS Roma's chairman, died aged 82 after a long disease.
    For the ones that understand Italian: news (Gazzetta)

    I, being an Italian football fan, feel close to his daughter and all his family. No matter which team I support.

    Rest in peace, Franco.
  2. cfdh_edmundo

    cfdh_edmundo Maverick

    30 December 2002
    Sad news, hope that Roma can win some competitions as tribute to him!
  3. *aLe

    *aLe International

    30 August 2005
    It'd be wonderful if they won the CL.. But honestly I can't see it happen..
  4. Milanista

    Milanista Mangiamoli! Staff

    19 December 2002
    London & Milan
    AC Milan
    RIP. He managed to keep Roma's feet on the ground, and his daughter is one hell of a business woman.
  5. Derfil

    Derfil Big Boss

    6 July 2004
    A.C. Milan
    Rest in peace.
  6. m7m_teddy

    m7m_teddy Avid reader, rare poster

    16 May 2005
    Timisoara (Romania)
    FC Barcelona, Rapid Buch.
    Well I hope they give a small tribute to Sensi's huge impact by winning the Supercoppa Italiana, to be played August 24th against Inter.
  7. Francole

    Francole Wanderer

    7 November 2006

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