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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by imdahman, 28 April 2006.

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    Hey all, I've inserted the new ball textures and model and they're all working great, however, I don't know where I change the name of the balls when selecting them. Where in the game resources do I change the name of the balls to match the new textures I've put in?

    EDIT: Also, my new images that I've put in still have the background on them in the selection screen. What do I do to get rid of it? Can .bmps have alphas masks?
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  2. Well it's not so difficult.You have to do this with DKZ studio.With that tool,you should open the corresponding .str files in e_text,and change the ball names.Just find the ball you would like to rename.
    Well if you don't want to search for hours(lol) here are the .str files you have to edit:

    I USE DKZ STUDIO 0.91 Beta so these are for this version of the program.However,I don't remember if there are changes from the previous version.



    In order to find them more easily look for the Match Settings(Day.Night etc.)

    I hope I helped you.
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    Thanks very much, I actually found out about this earlier and sifted through every string file (grr....) However, thank you very much for your reply.

    Now I'm changing songs :D But I know how to do that so I don't need help. Ajay's site is great for editing tutorials!

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