PSX PES/Winning 11 - what was the last, and best game?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by KOP_007, 3 July 2011.

  1. KOP_007

    KOP_007 Banned

    22 March 2003
    I have just got an Xperia Play phone, and want to play (legally) a version of PES/WE on the PS1 emulator.

    Now, the last version of PES I own on the PSX is ISS Pro Evolution Soccer 2...I just found out that PES and PES2 were also released for PSX? (by which time I had them on PS2). there a later Winning Eleven? I can't confirm but is Winning 11 2002 the last ever PES/WE for PSX? If so, and I do get it, are there patches for it?

    Back in the day, I remember ISS PRO EVO 2 being better than PES, I still played that on my PSX even though I had PES on my PS2.

  2. matherto

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    13 October 2004
    St. Helens, Merseyside.
    Manchester United
    Any of the ISS Pro games would probably be fine.

    Certainly Evo and Evo 2 are still excellent.
  3. michael4321

    michael4321 Champions League

    15 November 2010
    I just downloaded psx emule program and ... aa shit ... pro evo 1 and 2 are realy best, I play pes 6 shollym patch but when I see these old two its also great to play them! I will download it and play for long time

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