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PSP player develpment

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by 03sho, 3 December 2006.

  1. 03sho

    03sho Premiership

    27 August 2006
    is their player development 4 the psp in master league? it says on page 32 in the instructions at the top 'transfer rules' bottom sentance 'if the player development option is disabled at the game setting screen' i cant find it anywhere pls help.
  2. Androctonvs

    Androctonvs Discovered The FK Bug

    30 November 2003
    SL Benfica
    Must have been a typo.
  3. 03sho

    03sho Premiership

    27 August 2006
    'typo' ?
  4. Trance_Allstar

    Trance_Allstar I love lamp

    18 March 2006
    Well, for PC that screen is displayed when you create the ML for the first time. You can choose different options which will change the way the ML is played, such as turning off players' ability to develop. Atleast I think that is the option you are looking for?

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