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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by louweed, 10 October 2012.

  1. louweed

    louweed Non-League

    7 February 2006

    If anyone can assist with the following I'd be grateful!
    I know about the crash/boot issue in PES2013 data from PES2012 but I have a different problem:
    I had BLES01406 (uk version - I think) for PES2012 and now for PES2013 i have both BLES01710 and BLES01709 but when I try to load prequel data in both of them I get the charming "Prequel data not found" msg.
    From what I've gathered so far -and at least for the EU releases- there are no BLES compatibility issues for PES2013 (excluding the boots thing).
    So, am I doing something wrong or am I just doomed due to the bles differences not to use my countless hours of edit work from 2012? Is there any way round it?
    At least can someone let me know if their version of PES2012 was bles01406 and if the load prequel data in PES2013 worked for them??

    Any guidance will be much appreciated...
  2. I get the same problem
  3. louweed

    louweed Non-League

    7 February 2006
    please post if you can find some solution round it.. i had created around 20 new teams complete w/ emblem-kits-players in pes2012 including al-sadd,racing club argentina,la galaxy,salzburg,es tunis,kashiwa reysol etc..
    it would be a shame not to be able to carry them over..

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