Ps3 super slim 12 GB

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by nadge, 31 December 2012.

  1. nadge

    nadge Conference

    3 January 2011
    After some advice

    Thinking of buying a super slim 12 gb as a spare to take away etc

    Will 12 gb be enough just to play pro evo and add an option file etc

    Cheers in advance
  2. shoemaker

    shoemaker Banned

    3 October 2010
    Yes it will be :)
  3. nadge

    nadge Conference

    3 January 2011
    Thanks for the info
  4. Issidingo

    Issidingo Guest

    still makes little sense to spend so much money to play a below average game that can be played on pc having an half decent lap top.

    ps3 exclusive line up in 2013 is so strong that u might want to check some of the real games out there and reconsider your choice.

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