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PS3 Patches?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by leshiy87, 25 December 2007.

  1. leshiy87

    leshiy87 Non-League

    16 January 2005
    Spartak, ManchesterUnited
    I'm sorry for the lame question, but is it possible to apply some graphical patch to the ps3 version the way i do it with my pc version? Like, can I have all the EPL kits and badges patches applied for the PS3 game? That is just a question to decide whether to buy new pc or ps3.. Thanx in advance
    Last edited: 25 December 2007
  2. mokadry

    mokadry Non-League

    29 December 2007
    Can anybody answer please ???
  3. che_don_john

    che_don_john Non-League

    28 October 2006
    Theoretically it's possible, but unfortunately nobody has yet worked out how to crack the code used for PS3 saves, data files, etc
  4. rauwenhoffjack

    rauwenhoffjack Non-League

    4 August 2006
    It's decembre how long does it takes :eh:
    en when are the stadiums for the pc verion are comming

    sorry for my poor english
  5. maximmum

    maximmum Non-League

    2 January 2008
    I don't think so, that's one of the main diffs between console and pc games.

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