(ps2) stadium patch help!!

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by acidstar, 10 February 2010.

  1. acidstar

    acidstar Non-League

    19 November 2009
    i want import emirates stadium on pes2010 ps version.
    but i have 'no' idea how to import~
    is there anyone can help me to do that??
    Plus, i download stadium but it's for stadium server.
    is it impossible to import that on pes2010 ps version??
  2. s03_h4nd1

    s03_h4nd1 Arsenal Fans

    4 October 2008
    stadium server???
    its for PC..its different with PS format..
  3. acidstar

    acidstar Non-League

    19 November 2009
    hmm where can i download ps version stadium??
    could you tell me the link??
  4. maxpower2

    maxpower2 Indonesian Super League

    26 March 2010
    Actually, acidstar, I have the same problem, I'm trying to import Stamford Bridge here...
  5. omariony

    omariony Non-League

    8 April 2010
    ok can u give me a server of emirates stadium & stamford bridge for pc games
    please attach it if you u can?
    i want to import it in my games

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