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Discussion in 'Technology' started by johnking, 8 August 2007.

  1. johnking

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    15 November 2003
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    i used to have a very early version of ps2. and it read virtually
    any type of media.till it came to a very sorry demise.
    i then purchased a 2nd hand console from game and had a chip installed. now this one will play all ps2 originals and a lot of ps2 back ups that somebody did me a few years ago. my problem is that i like to patch pro evo /we games. now some of the patched games will work but most will not go past the browser screen
    if you press x it says reading disc and you just hear a whir an click noise.
    all these played on my 1st ps2. i have some pes 6 patched games
    plus we10 j league on datawrite red 16x dvd-r these load up no problem. have since purchased some more 16x and 8x but when in ps2 it wont go past browser screen just reading disc again.
    i have tried traxdata disc also sony, tdk, maxell verbatim and ri data same results just reading disc comes up.
    when burning cds + dvds for playing in hi fi and dvd player they play no problem so discs burnt with dvd/cd writer are ok
    and i have been applying patches etc to pes games since pes4 we8
    so i know what to do its just this friggin ps2 problem is driving me crazy. the ps 2 version is scph 39003 hope somebody can shed some light as to a possibly solution i.e type of media to use. cause i am ready for launching it through the nearest window
  2. Mumpleaser

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    6 May 2003
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    I always use Ridisc/Ritek discs for my patching/backing up. They never fail me but it all depends on your PS2 and the type of laser, but unfortunately there are no real guides concerning model number/batches and media.

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