Project Offset PC, Xbox 360

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by embraceuk1, 31 July 2007.

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    First trailer looks pretty cool.

    Remember Project Offset? The tech demo that blew your socks off back in 2005? Well, it's back and this time it's a game! As mysterious as ever, this hybrid of first and third person combat claims to sport five unique classes, rideable creatures, squad based multiplayer and more. Now if they'd just let us know who's publishing this beast, that would be fantastic.

    Naturally, there isn't a release date in sight, just pretty graphics. We're going to assume that this is still coming to the PC and maybe Xbox 360.
  2. jayz123

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    Also PS3. Neither Next Gen console is 100% confirmed though. I think there is no Publisher at the mo.
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