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    15 April 2007
    Hi guys i have found a problem this year playing with me and my bro on the same team in a community custom cup (i.e like the old konami cup tournament) when you create a cup tournament in community which is now the only way to create custom cups i select a team and cutomise the cup to play group league before knockouts then when we start the match and goto player selection my bro cant seem to move his controller over ? strange because we have tested all other game modes including champoins league and exhibition matches and before kickoff we just pause the game and move his controller over to my side and we play together but when creating a community cup like the old konami cup we can see his controller in the middle of the screen but he cant move it to any side ?? does anyone know how to do this ? thnx macca

    p.s we even tried to add a community member so it says we now have 2 members in the community setup but still doesnt work ? maybe a bug

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