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Problems geting online with BT Hub

Discussion in 'Online Gaming' started by nathcrow, 19 April 2007.

  1. nathcrow

    nathcrow Non-League

    3 June 2006
    Anyboby else have BT as their ISP and use the BT Hub as their router?

    I do & I cannot seem to play PES6 online, I've forwarded the ports that PES6 uses, assigned myself a static IP address but the game just sits at "testing network environment" without connecting to the server. I use Zonealarm Firewall and have tried disabling it but it makes no difference, anybody else had similar problems?
  2. wilco_86

    wilco_86 Non-League

    27 October 2006
    mate i got bt home hub and when i connected it to my ps2 at first i had the problem you had. so i started again, and jst set everything to auto and now it works fine every time i go online.
  3. badlandz

    badlandz Non-League

    8 September 2005
    u just turn it off then on before u play.

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