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Problems connecting...

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by ahhong, 11 December 2005.

  1. ahhong

    ahhong Guest

    hey guys and maybe a few odd girls...
    just wondering if any of you are having problems connecting online on proevo PC? I don't know why mine is having problems! It says it can't connect through the UDP 5739 port but i haven't touched any settings for my internet connection at all. I don't know why this problem is happening now cos i bought the game about a month or 2 months ago and it was working fine online and then i played it was working fine during the daytime until i decided to have a couple of games b4 i go to bed and then i hit this problem! Is it me or are konami having server problems? anyone...?
  2. dazalonso

    dazalonso Non-League

    29 April 2005
    yer mate get this problem sometimes open up that port on your router not bt voyager 205 is it.Could also assign dmz by the way konami servers can be shit sometimes:(
  3. supergallas

    supergallas Non-League

    12 April 2005
    you could try this if you aint done it yet go to start on the desktop then click control pannel if you got windows xp service pack 2 click on security centre at the bottom then click on windows firewall then click on the exceptions tab and you need to add pro evo to the list of exceptions. click on add program and go down the list til you come to pro evo 5 that should sort you out!
  4. ahhong

    ahhong Guest

    Hey, thanks for the replies guys. I have tried opening the UDP port already but no luck i also tried your method 'supergallas' but still no luck. I'm just wondering what is a DMZ i found that on my router but how do i know what is the ip address for the server?
  5. ahhong

    ahhong Guest

    Actually guys ignore my last post...i don't know what i did but its working now for some reason! Very odd..i never touched any settings before, i don't know how it buggered up before. Hope i don't run into it again. Anyways, thanks again! Luv you all! :lol:
  6. granulated

    granulated Guest

    Are you using Zone Alarm ?

    If so you gotta set the firewall to MEDIUM.

    HIGH blocks the port, even though youve allowed the f*cker !!!
  7. ahhong

    ahhong Guest

    FFS man! Its happeneing again! Yesterday i went to play online and it won't connect. After spending about an hour messing around with my internet and firewall settings it work, i thought i had it sorted. Today i want to play but its not allowing me to connect online! I don't know what the problem is cos i've opened all my ports for proevo to access but it just keeps saying it can't communicate through the UDP 5730 port, I'm beginning to think its not a settings problem that i'm having nor firewall because i allowed proevo to access everything. SUX!!! I thik its become a chance thing now...if im lucky it'll connect if i'm not it wont connect....RAHHHHH!!!!!
  8. dazalonso

    dazalonso Non-League

    29 April 2005
    need a static ip go to portforwarding .com 4 a guide
  9. mampi

    mampi Non-League

    10 July 2005
    bump i have the same problem?
  10. drakez

    drakez Non-League

    20 April 2006
    me too, but i actually never had the opportunity to play online, it just won`t connect.
  11. crocit

    crocit League 2

    30 August 2005
    guys, what we need to do is assign dmz, but i dont know how to do that, anyone know how to?
  12. crocit

    crocit League 2

    30 August 2005

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