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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by jajabinx35, 22 April 2019.

  1. jajabinx35

    jajabinx35 Non-League

    21 October 2018
    Hi All,

    Just wanted to introduce myself. For a while, I've ditched playing the modern PES games, not because I didn't like it....I guess responsibilities started to pile up, so I started moving towards playing handhelds again especially whilst travelling (best way to kill time, right?).

    As you may or may not be aware, like the PS2, the PSP also had their share of PES games, which ended with PES 2014...So from the beginning of this year, I've been playing PES PSP through a PSP emulator on my phone...Not only I found it to be convenient, the PSP emulator offered upscaled graphics making it looked like sharpened PS2 game.

    So, for a while I've been working on a Mod to revamp the classic PES PSP game...not to the modern era...but actually going back in time (feels like I'm quoting something out from 'Back To The Future Movie'), but going back to 1989. Why you ask? It's something I always wanted to see. There's just that retro wow factor when seeing kits from the 80's. Although I was born in 87, I still appreciated the classic teams and players. And...unless i'm mistaken, there's never really been a modern football game just with teams and players from the late 80s (all I remember is a few arcade games but never really had any licenses or would include the players names etc).

    I'm doing this mod as a hobby...but here is some of the details behind this mod:

    * Pro Retrolution Soccer 1989 is a modded PSP game that is made for PSP Emulation.
    * Although it is being designed for PSP emulation, I will push to have this work on PSP also...(although, this will need it's own set of testing)
    * Will contain teams, kits and players from the season 1988-1989
    * Champions league campaign will have new videos to match the retro feel (example shown in trailer video)
    * There will be a 10 minute Champions League Final Opening Ceremony video when reaching the finals.
    * Ingame music will have tracks from the 80's.
    * Banners from the pitches will be updated to have adverts from the 1980's.

    Current progress so far:

    * English Premier League has been updated to reflect 1988-1989 teams
    * French Liga is currently being worked on (kits being updated)

    Expected release date....I can't really say for now, but will keep this thread posted.

    For now, here is an announcement trailer:

    Also looking forward to being an active member of this forum to share the PES experience with all. God bless.
  2. jajabinx35

    jajabinx35 Non-League

    21 October 2018
    Here's a progress video on a few more teams to showcase, which have been retro'd to 1989 kits. So far progress is going steady, have nearly done half of the french liga teams:

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  3. IrfaN28

    IrfaN28 Non-League

    12 October 2012
    Do you make it in a new ISO file? Also, you should apply a wrinkle texture on some of your kits. Like, Chelea's goalkeeper kit looks awful since it's only a plain green texture with Commodore logo stamped on it
  4. jajabinx35

    jajabinx35 Non-League

    21 October 2018
    Yeah, chances are I will be working on version updates to do improvements like this (this also includes adding player faces, but again this is a big task as it's a new project from scratch). Right now, the most difficult task I'm going through is actually finding kit designs for some teams. I mean, I have to sometimes go on Youtube to look at old matches and take what I can from there.

    This mod will be a 5 part ISO release. The reason for this is that I've been working on champions league campaign videos. So basically, when you win the champions league you move onto the next ISO and the ingame champions league videos will comment on your team performance.

    Also I've forgot to add trailer 2 to this thread. Here it is:

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  5. *aLe

    *aLe World Cup Winner

    30 August 2005
    30 years today. ❤️‍ :RSCARF:
    But I'm sure you knew it already and that's why you published that trailer today, didn't you? :COOL:
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  6. jajabinx35

    jajabinx35 Non-League

    21 October 2018
    Main reason why I'm creating this mod lol. Not much love for teams and players from that time. Best match ever (if that match was shown today. Social media would have exploded).

    Shame the kids today feel that Man City Aguero goal was the best thing....nothing beats the '89 match.
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