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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by SJ, 1 May 2008.

  1. SJ

    SJ Conference

    4 August 2004
    I recently got PES3 but now I've been searching for an option file/patch without any luck. Does anyone know where to get one? I did find a site, but you have to do things manually. I don't mind doing that, but if there's already an option file out there, why do it yourself?

    Same thing goes for PES4 and PES5.
  2. Not.SlyPee

    Not.SlyPee i.Am.Me

    6 November 2006
    FK Zalgiris
  3. xv63

    xv63 Non-League

    10 January 2007
    Same here. I went back to PES6 as soon as PES2008 was released. A few days back I went back to PES4 and PES5. I have chosen PES5 because of kitserver, stadiums and other things which make PES5 look better than PES4. Moreover I wasn't able to find a good OF for PES4. For PES5 I use a OF from ,its for 07/08. I downloaded Superpatch 4.0 and its now been 5 days and I am stuck at 99.7. No one is seeding a little part that is needed. And unfortunately the part needed is the first piece of 0_text.afs and now I can't even open the .rar file ,extraction isn't possible. I have been doing some changes in stats according to me in the OF for playing some good games. When I find time, I am gonna update kits with some PES6 patch(I will just need to change map.txt). Then I will be ready with my PES5.....but yes a good OF for PES4 or a new link for superpatch 4.0's 0_text.afs will be really appreciated or even if someone can seed the torrent for even 5 minutes will be appreciated.
  4. SJ

    SJ Conference

    4 August 2004
    Thanks for the link, Pee.

    Xv63, thanks for the link, as well. I'll have to check it out. Sucks that no one is seeding that. I'm now downloading PES5 with Superpatch 3.0. But there's no seeder, as well. Here's hoping the seeder comes back soon.
  5. xv63

    xv63 Non-League

    10 January 2007
    Why not download Superpatch 4.0?:)) Anyways, I have been waiting for 5 days but no seeder has shown up.:MAD:
  6. SJ

    SJ Conference

    4 August 2004
    Superpatch 4.0 is over at I only searched FileFront, but I'll check it out now.

    Ah, the links are broken and the torrent is practically dead. :(
  7. Houldey

    Houldey League 1

    11 July 2006
    Yes, we need some kind sole to re-upload (to hopefully) SuperPatch 4.0. It would be truly excellent.
  8. Lord Fernando

    Lord Fernando League 2

    19 September 2005
    1) rapidshare is not free, and it is very low when you don't pay...
    2) seeders???? where are the moderators ?!?!???
  9. ntalex

    ntalex Conference

    8 January 2004
    Ukraine, Kyiv
    Obolon, Kyiv
    Just a question – why Konami were closed servers as for pes5/we9:le?
    Does money care?
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  10. kiev123

    kiev123 League 2

    9 August 2008
    Could you tell me where you bought PES3 from
    I can't find it anywhere

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