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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by gaza1725, 22 October 2006.

  1. gaza1725

    gaza1725 Conference

    9 June 2003
    I had the game for 3 days my mate owns a games shop and got it on thursday full pal english retail version heres my take.
    I have played these games since the snes and played the first version on ps2 winning eleven 5 to death so i know the crack.
    I have only played it in hd 1080i graph's are excellent defo next gen compaired to the ps2 when played in hd , i haven't noticed any slowdown the keepers are a millions times better than winning eleven 10 and pes5 , the games has improved like it dose every with every update.
    Its the best pro evo game i have ever played without doubt just can't leave it alone i haven't played live so i don't down about slowdowns on there.
    I can't see fifa touching it again this year although going by the ps2 version of fifa its getting better and more like pro evo it alot of ways.
    Now for the bad points 8 stadiums is bad for next gen , tranfers could have been updated ffs beckhams still england captain that says it all , edit mode is very poor , and no international challenge although i have never played that anyway.
    For me one of the biggest bad points is that if you set a tourny up say world cup style with 2 human players you can't take chage of one of the commy teams the joypad won't move across.
    As for playing football it plays a mean game as in previous versions and is the best football game i have ever played until pro evo 7 no doubt.
    If you weant to know any finer details most of these questions have been answered in other threads i was just giving my take on the game as a seasoned campainer when it comes to fotty games over the last 15 years.
  2. gaza1725

    gaza1725 Conference

    9 June 2003
    Thought i would stick this in here instead of making another thread , i was told that patching pes6 on the 360 in just about impossible is that right also is it possible to make a option file and if so how far can you go with a option file what can be changed if anything ?
  3. ripkord

    ripkord Super Laser Ninja League

    2 August 2003
    thanks mate :) Im looking forward to it :)

    from my experience the folks on here are well more fickle than me when it comes to footy games, you sound more like me... not to bothered about edting or that, just wanna score goals in HD :)
  4. england22

    england22 League 2

    1 June 2003
    i second that rip...

    but no option file? i can live with it .. but its weird next gen and all..
  5. bluemonkeymagic

    bluemonkeymagic League 1

    27 April 2003
    people are not fickle on here, they are idiots

    little kids who dont know where the pro evo series came from...

    we should be proud that they are even making a game on the 360

    im looking forward to it...
  6. de_Campo

    de_Campo UEFA Champions League

    18 May 2003
    South Wales (UK)
    I really can't wait for this, although I do share other peoples disappointments about editing. I'm so glad the gameplay is better than previous versions - roll on 27th!!!
  7. cowden_harley

    cowden_harley MOANING PRICK

    3 October 2003
    Central Park
    Cowdenbeath FC
    i agree to a certain extent. I know where pes came from and am still a little dissapointed with certain things. But I am still looking forward to getting it. The biggest thing for me is no lobbys or option to replay matches online.

    Not bad for an idiot eh? ;) (smilie indicates sarchasm)
    Last edited: 22 October 2006
  8. TikTikTikTikTik

    TikTikTikTikTik *****

    7 August 2004
    Hmmm, so because it was great back when it started, (i played iss and iss deluxe on the snes(although were they kcet or the otherones?) and then got all the games on ps1 till now) im an idiot for thinking the game is a poor nextgen version? Yeah right, good argument. Just because it was a great game with fake names back then doesnt mean that it equals a great game with fake names/teams now. But if you are pleased witg good/great gameplay and nothing else youll be pleased with it. No need to call other people idiots who arent. Although there are a lot of idiots on this forum though :D
  9. jaygrim

    jaygrim TheAllSeeingEye

    26 July 2005
    Man Utd
  10. Chris Davies

    Chris Davies Chief PESsimist Staff

    14 May 2003
    Tranmere Rovers
    Most of us have an XBOX 360 though, so there's bound to be incompatibilities with Pro Evo 350.
  11. danhammer

    danhammer Champions League

    23 February 2004
  12. villan2112

    villan2112 Guest

    I've also been playing the game since the SNES and the ISS Pro on the PS2, so i'm a veteran when it comes to this game - I knew it wouldn't let us down in terms of gameplay, so i'm looking forward to it. Don't think there's another footie game that comes close.
  13. studeep

    studeep ManUnited academy

    29 June 2005
    Manchester United
    Youre right mate, absolutely not. (gameplay wise)
  14. freddyboy

    freddyboy Inside Bristol Mary

    18 April 2002
    Best car ever made......Model T?
    Best Football Team .......Notts County?
    Best England Manager .....Walter Winterbottom?

    get a grip sunshine.... 'proud they're making a 360 version'?
  15. SXFuzz

    SXFuzz Super Moderator Staff

    17 November 2001
    my response wouldn't have highlighted the ridiculous post he had made, so instead I'll just 'second' this.
  16. Jess C

    Jess C Guest

    :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: Wow, you are an idiot...

    So basically, judging by what you're saying, even if KONAMI made this game with France and Italy as the only teams, with the Berlin Olympia Stadion as the only arena, with exhibition as the only feature, we should just, as you so smugly put it... "be happy that we have a PES6 for the 360"


    You may not agree with other peoples oppinion, I don't agree with some either, but they have a right to express them without being ridiculed or degraded for them. Freedom is a two-way street.
  17. freddyboy

    freddyboy Inside Bristol Mary

    18 April 2002
    Sorry bluey, I get it now, that's sarcasm....right?

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