Pro Evo 2008 360 Goal compilation

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by iceman17, 11 June 2008.

  1. iceman17

    iceman17 Non-League

    21 January 2003
    Hi, I aint the gratest fan of this game. It does have many faults but I thought i'd add my goal compilation for those who might be interested. I know its not the best quality, I recorded it using my digi cam. One or two decent goals in there I think.

    Feel free to leave comments.....
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  2. just1moreperson

    just1moreperson League 1

    19 May 2007
    Yea looked good enough. You like your volleys don't you lol I only got like 3 goal replays saved on mine. I don't save them unless they top quality or totally crazy.
  3. chico

    chico The Peoples Poster!

    5 December 2006
    Belfast, Ireland.
    EFC - The Peoples Club
    very good

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