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Discussion in 'Football' started by sonaiko, 7 December 2004.

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    1. In a domestic game while playing for Barcelona, Maradona faced one of the ruthless, merciless defenders to ever play the game, this defender broke Maradona’s ankle in a two footed challenge from the back. This defender keeps the boot that made the contact in a glass display case at his house (how charming ). The question is who was that horrible defender and what was his nick name?

    2. Widely considered as one of the worst tackles of the history of football, Battiston of France had only been on the pitch for 5 minutes when goalkeeper Harald Schumacher, without trying to hit the ball, smashed him in the face with his forearm, Battiston was knocked down unconscious. A French newspaper poll asked who was the least popular man in France, Hitler came in second place after Schumacher . Asked what happened Battiston said the only thing he recalls was that he crashed with a very BIG object . The question is what was the referee decision?

    3. In 1984 the Portland Trailblazer made one of the biggest mistakes of the history of NBA, what was that mistake?

    4. Known as Mr. Triple Double, His all-around play inspired the addition of the term "triple-double" to basketball's lexicon, Earvin "Magic" Johnson won the NBA championchips five times with LA Lakers. The question is how many times did he win the Most Valuable Player Award AND the Finals MVP Award?

    5. In the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City a new World record was recorded in one of the games (athletics) this world record remained unbroken for 23 years, it was only broken in 1991 and the record still stands till now. The question is in which game is that record and what is the names of the old and new record holders?
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    They drafted injury-prone Sam Bowie with their 1st pick instead of picking Michael Jordan, who got picked 3rd by the Chicago Bulls. :D
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    arent you going to provide the answers for the last set of questions?
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    1. Andoni Goicoechea also known as the Butcher of Bilbao
    2. wasnt it just a goal kick?
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    I forgot that!!!!
    here r the answers...

    1. How many games did Brazil lose when both Pele and Garrincha
    were playing together?

    Answer - Brazil never lost with Garrincha and Pele playing together.
    Here are some information about Garrincha I once posted in mahjoob.

    2. FIFA introduced the Yashin Award in World Cup 1994 in memory of Lev Yashin the greatest Goalkeeper to ever play the game, who was the winner of the first award and from which country?

    Answer - Michel Preud'homme (Belgium).

    3. Shooting 36-of-63 from the field and a remarkable 28-of-32 from the foul line this player scored 100 points in this NBA game who was that player.
    [ i]
    Answer – Of course that was Wilt Chamberlain in the game between Chamberlain's Philadelphia Warriors Vs New York Knicks, here are some more information about that crazy game.

    4. In the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Carl Lewis run 100m in 9.92 and earned the gold medal. Fine - except the American legend was more than two meters behind Canadian winner Ben Johnson, who ran a barely-conceivable 9.79. Suspicions abounded and after Johnson was found to be using anabolic steroids, his world record and gold medal were stripped and awarded to Lewis.
    The question is was anybody able to break Ben’s record??? If yes then whom?

    Answer – Yes it was broken by Tim Montgomery when he recorded an astonishing run of 9.78 seconds to win the Grand Prix final in Paris. He was the only one to break Ben Johnson’s record.

    5. In Football world cup the third place match was played in all but one tournament, in which tournament and who were the 2 teams that should have played it.

    Answer – In 1930 there were no games played to define the third place winner, therefore USA and Yugoslavia shared the third place.

    Now try the second one.
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    Are you sure number 2 isnt the 1990 worldcup? i dont remeber belgium doing that well in 94, or even being there for that matter (Gerd, please dont take offence if i am wrong ;) )!!!
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    yes. sure.
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    2. goal kick
    5. Long Jump, Bob Beamon, Mike Powell

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