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  1. juza09

    juza09 League 2

    30 September 2009
    ac milan
    I think i'm onto something that will renew your faith in pes especially for those who find easier to beat cpu at highest level.

    Only for purpose, before starting a match, for example between Arsenal and liv'pool, go into edit -teams - gameplan - assisted settings; you will find many sliders:

    lineup testing progress
    auto sub see above

    change formation: 3 for arsenal 2 for liv'pool
    auto form change: 1 1
    change gameplan: 1 2
    auto tactics: 3 3
    attack balance: 3 3

    To me the Game Plan ,amending those Assisted Settings, could definitely improve this game and one which could change the Master League and overall AI to be a lot more exciting and challenging.

    To be fair, i think changing these Assisted Settings could open up a whole new experience to the way the AI play and I really dont understand why Konami have them all set to manual. I think they should have been altered but werent before thegame was released? Weird I know.

    i played against liv'pool and was one of the best matches ver played so far, believe me.

    Together with fixing specific cards ( that really affects player potentialities "on the pitch" ) we can scream to the world that "the king is back".

    Please feel free to test it and report your feedbacks.


    This tactical sliders must be set differently from team to team ( taken from another users who created a thread on this kind of stuff):

    1. Player Support
    I found that this slider has a not so dramatic effect on things, even when maxed out. You'll definitely notice a change if you put it at 100 or 0, but it's nothing too excessive.

    I went through a bunch of teams to see what the default setting was for this slider, and most teams are at somewhere between 40-80. In fact I found no team outside that range, though I didn't check every team. It is my feeling that the game overall plays a bit too passively, so I think every team could use a boost in this area.

    Conclusion: Raise each team by 20.

    2. Support Range (Far away from ball - Close to ball)

    This setting actually had a fairly significant impact on things, more so than the first. However, even when maxed out at 0 or 100 it really didn't add to or take away from the realism.

    Conclusion: No changes.

    3. Position Switch (Never - Frequent)

    For this setting I think it is best to stay away from the extreme ends. In other words the range should be around 25-75, and I'm pretty sure the default already is.

    When at 0 players stick to their position too much, and when at 100 players are all over the place.

    Conclusion: No changes.

    4. Offensive Style (Wide - Middle)

    The title of this one is a bit misleading, because it reflects positioning more than it does actual style. The good news is when players play more wide it has a beneficial impact on the way the game plays.

    I lowered it all the way down to zero and the game played with much more fluidity, and it also freed up the penalty area nicely. At 100 things get much more cramped up.

    Considering the default settings has players a bit too bunched together, I think lowering this setting helps.

    Conclusion: Lower every team by 20.

    I've gone through and adjusted most teams with these new offensive settings, and so far I am getting pretty good results.

    Things I am seeing:

    * Computer AI more willing to push the ball forward.
    * More space for shooting, passing, dribbling, and ball control.

    5. Pressing (Loose - Tight)

    For this setting it was kind of hard to find a balance, and my findings don't fix things completely, but I think they make the game better.

    I think most every team could use a boost in this category, but nothing too big because not all teams apply tight pressure. Also, I think I did find a realistic range that every team should be within.

    If this setting is too low the backline backpeddles way too much, allow oncoming attackers a free path to the edge of the box to rip off a shot. If this setting is too high you'll get forwards running down every ball within 20 yards, and really it just looks a bit silly.

    Conclusion: Raise every team by 10, and have every team within the range of 40-70.

    6. Defensive Line (Deep - High)

    When this setting is maxed out at 100 you'll see a good number of balls lofted over the defense. At the default I don't think you see this enough.

    Conclusion: Raise every team by 20.

    7. Compactness (Wide - Narrow)

    This setting has a significant impact on the backline. When at zero you'll see sidebacks really attack the ball down the wing, but you'll also see gaping holes through the middle. When at 100 everything gets jammed up in the middle, too much so.

    So it's best to keep this setting away from the extreme ends.

    Conclusion: Have every team within the range of 30-70.

    8. Defensive Strategy (Line or Cover)

    I decided not to test this, because I do not know what style every team plays here. I'm just going to assume the devs did their research, which may or may not be the case.

    Conclusion: No change.

    i think these changes could increase the realism of this game and i think it's worth to give a shot.
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  2. Primepeace

    Primepeace Championship

    29 August 2009
    what about responsiveness issues like what do you recommend in the settings of nvidia or others
  3. juza09

    juza09 League 2

    30 September 2009
    ac milan
    to me responsiveness has never been an issue since the release of the patch 1.03. Even if are still a little bit junky, animations are smoother than ever.
  4. Primepeace

    Primepeace Championship

    29 August 2009
    yes those jerky moves really add up later on you just get really annoyed after a few matches, i hope 1.03 is just not a name for the game, needs a few more tweaks, hope konami work on it
  5. Ciaolo

    Ciaolo Inter Milan supporter!

    10 January 2008
    Italy (the best championship of the world)
    Inter Milan
    Juza, you know of some patch that does this to their OF?

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