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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by _phantom, 1 March 2008.

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    I'll just want to see your view on playing PES with keyboard instead of gamepad. I'm an old fan of FIFA, starting from '98 RTWC edition. After some time, seeing that it becoming worse and worse with each next edition, I decided to try the highly rated PES. Because I've never played using gamepad before, more, I even never had one, I'm still using keyboard. Lately I had the opportunity to play PES6 on PS2 but it was kind of strange experience and surely harder than on keyboard. What do you think, should I switch to gamepad as it brings more fun and is easier to do tricks and special moves?
  2. alabama619

    alabama619 Non-League

    27 December 2007
    Wow, I was thinking exactly the same thing. I used to play FIFA, but didnt buy FIFA08 because its exactly the same as FIFA07, so I got PES2008. I still use the keyboard. Its what i'm used to.
  3. verycold

    verycold Non-League

    10 March 2008
    Anhui China
    Bayern Munich
    The first football E-game I played was WE2002,so I used to using gamepad……

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