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play me guys :)

Discussion in 'Winning Eleven' started by hmaa81, 12 March 2006.

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  1. hmaa81

    hmaa81 Guest

    hi every one , my online nick name , id HIMA , i am 73 in the 1st going up

    hope to get to play you online , please post what do u think is my strength points and my weak points , so that i can work on them , i either take arsenal or france .depending on the opponent

    see you there
  2. ruffneckc

    ruffneckc Salad Yute!

    27 April 2003
    New York
    Arsenal FC
    i'll look for you buddy. I mostly use those two teams as well :) BTW the network server for online play seems to be down ATM.
  3. PeteAUFC

    PeteAUFC Non-League

    12 August 2004
    Ayr United
    I haven't been able to login tonight, is it still offline?
  4. hmaa81

    hmaa81 Guest

    it is still offline :(
  5. PeteAUFC

    PeteAUFC Non-League

    12 August 2004
    Ayr United
    This is bloody annoying, I'm hanging out for a game online!
  6. PaRaDox1014

    PaRaDox1014 Guest

    I'll face you, :)
  7. hmaa81

    hmaa81 Guest

    I am waiting :)
    now 42 going up
  8. johan

    johan Guest

    Hima are you another kid who plays with Brazil and doesn't do anything else except hope that Adriano scores a long one ??

    Id play you but I have a feeling that you love Brazil, Ac Milan and only "known" players. I`ll be on at 8 pm look for me. EwoWebJohan. You pick Brazil and I`'ll disconnect your arse as soon as lightning strikes :lmao:
  9. jumbo

    jumbo Premiership

    30 May 2003
    WE Heaven
    yo im writin this from skool.

    9 am - 9 pm lol fuck

    i'll be on later too after 10pm when i get back. hmaa you better have somethin to backup that talk :)
  10. Dar

    Dar Part Timer Staff

    21 February 2003
    Arsenal or France..... nearly as bad. ;)
  11. johan

    johan Guest

  12. hmaa81

    hmaa81 Guest

    Johan , i will play you with whatever you think is good for your level dont worry , just let me see u online and will c :)
    I didnt say i am perfect as you could see my first message , i just would like to play someone who is from the forum :)

    see you sometime today hopefully
  13. johan

    johan Guest

    Well, I will be on at 8 PM ET. Lobby 01 or 02 depends if one is full and the other one is not.
  14. twophases

    twophases Hooked on editing

    3 June 2004
    Team F, Other Leagues C
    Lookin 4ward to playing you!
  15. iceobar

    iceobar Tyneside Amateur League

    3 September 2003
    Phoenix - unfortantely
    Watford FC
    so johan, what did you think about playing hima? ;)

    enjoyed our game tonite mate, close one
  16. hmaa81

    hmaa81 Guest

    So Johan played me yesterday , the match ended 5-1 for me with me being austria and he took fc porto , however before we even started he kept saying , are u gonna cheat , if you cheat i will know it , i dont know why he was sooo pre ocuupied with that . anyways , i told him ,

    if you think u r lagging or that i am cheating in anyway letme know i will end the match as a tie .

    the first half ended 5-0 for me , then Johan went on saying """ I WILL MAKE SURE YOU GET BANNED FROM THIS FORUM "" then he said eh wasnt able to move and it was very slow on his side .

    I told him to tell me when it does so but he never did , the game ended 5-1

    I sware i never cheat and i dont know even how to cheat , and i sware sometimes when i score a goal from a penalty that i am not convinced it is a true one i just score an own goal immediately bringing the match back to A TIE ,

    PS: try playing this guy , he has beaten me twice for 4 zero , he is so skillful playing with AC milan his name is (( WIRA ))

    good luck and have fun guys
  17. bummy_jab

    bummy_jab League 2

    9 August 2004
    I am having more fun playin offline than online. Trying to win league mode with teams like West Ham is better right now than playing the same 10 teams over and over and over again. Plus online gaming is slow. And sometimes that causes the pyhsics of the ball to do some strange things.

    Because ONLY online I see some freekicks that go very wide and to the wrong side that IF I hit them offline they would be great shots. Its strange to say the least.
  18. johan

    johan Guest

    Heads up guys. I may not be the best WE/PES player BUT I do know when someone cheats, and that my friends is HIMA. I played him last night and he tells me "if it lags let me know" well.. you scored 5 goals in the 1st half how can I tell you.. ?? without disconnecting .. please tell me.

    Explain something to me. I played games with jumbo last night, iceobar, Bummy and guess what they were soooo smooth like knife through butter but check this out. Everytime I had the ball the game started to freeze, stutter, slowdown .. this was for both halfs. But everytime you get the ball it goes smooth without any problems ?? please explain that to me. I am in touch with WEFA and GM of WE Online Services and chances are that you will get banned from the North American servers. I am sick and tired of losing games to people like you.

    And what did you do.. in the 85th minute you stoped using your cheats and you couldn't to a bullcrap. Thats when I scored that single goal. So being down 5 its hard to catch up to you. This is why you have so much confidence in yourself. I see game results you're beating guys with Austria 5-0 guys who play with Brazil. Sorry.. go play your game elsewhere and I honestly think you should be banned from the forums.

    Good games iceobar, bummyjab is an excelent player.. and most of all jumbo good freestyle-ing last night man..


    Plus HIMA.. check out the sniffer that can be used on WE9 Live.. "deepthroat".. even if WEFA doesn't ban you.. I`'ll DOSNET your entire ISP. That is a promise.
  19. hmaa81

    hmaa81 Guest

    LOL johan , if i knew i would have got easy on you , see i am facing the same problem when playing with ther people too who have lower speed connection and i got beaten several times ,

    plus : your connection is T1 and mine is cable 780 Kbps , so maybe that is part of the problem , and as regarding banning me man , thanks in advance for doing it , when i beat someone with austria 5-0 , i did beat some one 11-0 one time , there are guys who just started playing the game and ofcourse they would chooose brazil and that guy is a riend of mine who wanted to play me and he doesnt actually even know how to pass so i was teahing him other wise it could have ended 15-0 instead of 5

    ask anyone around other than you who played me , and ask whoever is a konami or whatever expert if they can say am cheating

    I DONT CHEAT , i got my self beaten yesterday 4-0 , so i accept it and dont go on saying that guy is cheating , he is just si mply abetter player than myself , so got to live with someone being bettter than you

    as why i couldnt move in the second half and scored more , if u win 5-0 in the first half it is part of the fair play that you let the other guy try to have the ball more so that he doesnt commit suicide because he doesnt know how to play ,

    take it easy oe time u win one time you loose , and by the way , u were launching your fire at me since i posted , i dont even know you and havent played you but yesterday and since the first post you kept saying i am a stu[id brazil guy or just a cheating guy without you even knowing me man or playing me , ,,, so givce me a break

    and for the forum , if i am gonna banned because you just said so , then i wont be sad , i think the forum is bigger than banning his members because somebody elses said that

    by the way , i think all the guys in division one are cheating , for your peice of mind buddy
  20. johan

    johan Guest

    Enough of your lame excuses really. I don't lose to ANYONE 5-1 esp. you playin with Austria. Go tell that to someone else. The fact is YOU CANNOT BEAT ME WITHOUT YOUR CHEATS and you know it.. I almost owned you in the last 5 minutes you saw it yourself ?? if I had 5 more mins it would be 6-5 believe me.

    And play jumbo..then..hes what 26 or 30th ranking DIV 1 .. the man plays with Ajax mostly.. and I know he wouldn't cheat.
  21. hmaa81

    hmaa81 Guest

    I hope to see jumpo sometime online and play him , and will seee that i dont cheat ,
    maybe you can your self play me again , and u think i am chating tell be ibefore the seond half so that i can tie the game by scoring owngoals and i bit i am gonna scre too many of them LOL
  22. johan

    johan Guest

    No I'd rather smash my PS2 in a million pieces then play you again. It will save me the frustration. You go ahead and beat guys 5-0 with lame cheats and I'll play guys who are honest, mature and know the game.

    Case closed.
  23. hmaa81

    hmaa81 Guest

    case closed
  24. twophases

    twophases Hooked on editing

    3 June 2004
    Team F, Other Leagues C
    He said, she said. That's why I just play people I know. By the way, you know what's super smooth & lag-free? Have a mate come over & play against you in VS mode.
  25. Dar

    Dar Part Timer Staff

    21 February 2003
    Yeah this toipic has died and is why we dont usually have topics like this at all.

    Let this be a lesson to someone thinking about opening one. Closed!
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