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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by raffupperv12, 27 September 2009.

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    I have just finished making a "Pinnacle Gamer Profile" for PES 2010 Demo I have, I can e-mail the profile to whoever needs or wants to post it on this thread. (As I dont know how.

    I mapped all the button keys exactly the way the demo is now, all I need to do is switch the manual passing (Xbox 360 Controller Right Stick/PC Mouse) from right to stick to button configuartion.
    This is the tricky part as I am a noob to pinnacle, even though I learned a lot this week, but need to know how to transfer mapped sticks to buttons, can anyone help??
    I know this will be a popular patch & people would love it when it gets done.

    Basically this is what I posted on the Pinnacle Forums for help:
    Ok So my issue is this, I have mapped all the keys exactly the way that the game is & have tested it out & works great, now I want to make a switch on buttons such as & mainly:

    *Soccer Game, Passing means from one Player with the ball to the next

    - Manual Passing
    (PC= Originally it is used by the MOUSE)
    (XBOX 360 Controller = Originally it used by the RIGHT STICK)

    The way that MANUAL PASSING works is as follows w/ the Xbox 360 Controller:
    1st With the Right Stick you point to where you want to pass the ball depending on how long you hold the Right Stick towards that direction you want to pass to the harder or softer the pass is via a power gauge that appears.
    So maybe do I have to map two buttons together like Left Stick & "A" Button to make it happpen (Becuase the Left Stick could be for Direction I want to pass teh ball to & "A" Button to hold down for power??) if so How do I do that.
    Does it have to do with DOUBLE COMMANDS?

    In advance thanks for any help you can shed on this matter very much appreciated
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