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petition: server laggy, konami recognized it?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by r4z0rMANIA, 5 November 2006.

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  1. r4z0rMANIA

    r4z0rMANIA Non-League

    5 November 2006
    petition: server laggy, konami recognized it?

    if they didnt recognized it right now, they will recognize it now:

    Dear Konami Team!

    Pro Evolution Soccer 6 TM is out for one week. Many customers bought Pro Evolution Soccer 6 TM, because in part 5 it was very easy and funny to play online. Nowadays you can play only one halftime and servers are very laggy.

    Recognize the opinion of the community! We hope you're working hard to optimize the servers! PC gamer and PS2 gamer will accept it, when you're going to close down the "cross-over" feature, provided that the servers will run without lag after this.


    vote for online gaming without lag!
  2. Tom

    Tom Administratør Staff

    12 December 2001
    We really don't need more threads about this issue.

    -> Closed.
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