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PES7 as early as next year!??

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by SuicydeSnake, 17 December 2006.

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  1. SuicydeSnake

    SuicydeSnake Guest

    Ok, one of my mates is telling me the following:

    PES6 is being sold so cheap because PES7 is already planned for release as early as Jan 07.

    They released #6 as a half finished copy to compete with fifa.

    apparantley gamestation and game has both told him this.

    There is no way that this could be true is there???? i will go mental if i have to pay another £50 for PES when #6 has been out for less than 6 months!
  2. arjen-robben

    arjen-robben League 2

    22 December 2005
    I don't believe it.
  3. Bingham67

    Bingham67 Champions League

    17 July 2005
    I call BS
  4. :: JJ ::

    :: JJ :: Guest

    Never mind calling BS bingy, I smell it!!! :mrgreen:
  5. studeep

    studeep ManUnited academy

    29 June 2005
    Manchester United
    i'll pay everyone on here £1000.00 if it happens
  6. jasper_b

    jasper_b Non-League

    10 November 2005
    only writing this as hopefully i will recieve £1000
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