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  1. makav9111

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    Not sure if anyone has seen this, I'll post the link once I finded but everyone who is dissapointed should sign this petition. I'll post it soon...unless someone already did???
  2. ripkord

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    2 August 2003
    oh ffs
  3. makav9111

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    Xbox 360 gamers have been screwed again with another games release that is worse than the current gen system version. PES6 is missing saved replays, edit mode, has less stadiums, some slowdown is experienced and many players are having issues on xbox live.

    A petition has been started for Konami to release a patch to bring the game up to the same standards as a on the ps2 and xbox.

    Everyone who owns a Xbox 360 should sign it; we shouldn't have to pay more for games which have less features than current generation systems. The gameplay is still fantastic in PES6 but why should we put up with these half-finished releases of games. We need to let the games companies know about it.

    Sign the Petition!!!

    (Post copied from IGN PES6 board/

    here is the link:
  4. de_Campo

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    Just a suggestion, but it may be worth adding the fact that the game does not inlcude a fully fledged edit mode as in the PS2 and PC version and that we expect this in an update patch. Great idea though and I really hope it works for us loyal PES fans.
  5. makav9111

    makav9111 Guest

    Good point....let's see how much Konami cares for us loyal fans??? Not much, maybe.

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