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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by zizou, 29 June 2008.

  1. zizou

    zizou Non-League

    2 April 2007

    I want to play PES6 in widescreen resolution 1440x900

    I have tried everything,i have changed resolution in KLOAD(kitserver)but it is all same.Fat and short players.:((
  2. ladders

    ladders Non-League

    27 June 2008
    Open your konami folder/kitserver and find the file called Kload. Right click on this and open it with either notepad or wordpad and look for the two lines below and edit them as shown here.

    Remove the astrix shown in these lines


    dx.fullscreen.width = 1440
    dx.fullscreen.height = 900

    Now save this file and when you load PES6 it should now be in widescreen irrespective of the resolution show in the settings file.

    Hope this helps
  3. zizou

    zizou Non-League

    2 April 2007
    Thanks mate,but I have alredy tried this...

    Can anybody help,please?
  4. zizou

    zizou Non-League

    2 April 2007
    Anybody help?
  5. visionmaster

    visionmaster Non-League

    16 July 2008
    I have similar problems. Well, I´m not sure, but you need the newest lcd drivers and for the graphic too.

    I play with 1600x1050 an it works, but I have little performance problems so far.

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