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PES6 Tricks

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by tchicaya9, 24 October 2006.

  1. tchicaya9

    tchicaya9 Guest

    Does Anyone no any
    NEW tricks on pes6
    does anyone have the buttons
    for doing it

  2. sonicspinner

    sonicspinner Conference

    6 August 2003
    yeah mate here are the buttons combos:

    yup, u didnt see anything. :) coz there are no new skillz :(

    cheers Konami!
  3. Vannizzlefashizzal

    Vannizzlefashizzal TWENTYTIMES!!!!

    31 October 2002
    looking in the piggybank guide it says alot of moves that I havent seen/heard of, not had time to look in depth or check the dvd out yet...
  4. seppovich

    seppovich Peslover

    18 November 2003
    D - NRW
    ...i find it intresting that you can shoot while lie on the ground...
  5. KEZ

    KEZ Guest

    There is the 'Matthew's Feint' and also a trick which is allows you flick the ball up in the air from behind.
  6. Peterhendrix

    Peterhendrix Banned

    25 April 2006
    go to the goal, than turn around to the goal and make a manual pass at the middle charge bar than we shoot with the backheel.
  7. Peterhendrix

    Peterhendrix Banned

    25 April 2006
  8. Peterhendrix

    Peterhendrix Banned

    25 April 2006
    manual pass- pressing down right analog
  9. Trance_Allstar

    Trance_Allstar I love lamp

    18 March 2006
    I believe there is also a trick added on to the drawback feint, where you can draw it back and then immediately angle the ball forwards and to the side to get past a player in front of you.

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