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PES6 = Too Easy

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by drouna, 21 February 2007.

  1. drouna

    drouna Guest

    My biggest disapoitment for this game is the fact that there is no lurning curve like the older series.

    When I play, I don't use any dribble techniques or any special moves. Although I only use passing, One Two passing and shoot I easily win the matches in Top Player difficulty.

    To make it a bit more difficult I choose to play in a league where I control a weak team. It becomes more interesting when choosing weak teams.

    That said, I think the problem is with the Option file and how strong are many teams which is unrealistic.

    By the way I use Evo Patch.
  2. andrew.lvp

    andrew.lvp Banned

    1 December 2006
    Thats why it's called a "game". Go play real football if you want to challenge yourself.
  3. Phats

    Phats Guest

    ^^ Hahaha, quality post.
  4. jonestm

    jonestm Guest

    What's wrong with wishing for a tougher 1 player game? So if anyone's got a gripe with the game, they should go and play real football?

  5. gergerger

    gergerger Banned

    14 March 2005
    Now for a real solution: manipulate the Option File (for difficulty) and team tactics for realism. For example, try shortening the space between the lines. Short teams in game play more like the real thing.

    Personally, I went from "Top Player" to "Regular" only by altering these parameters, keeping the game real and more competitive.
  6. Download PESFan Editor and load your Option File

    Increase defenders defence and aggresive stats and increase the goal keeper stats, then decrease the dribbling attirbutes by 5 - 10 percent.

    Or go to the option file section on here and download my OF.

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