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PES6 - Reviews and First Impressions

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by drekkard, 14 October 2006.

  1. drekkard

    drekkard International

    23 March 2005
    Barça, Arsenal, Ajax
    "Ok, taht's all they've done in one year? Even from we10 they've only done that? What a terrible disgrace. I won't give this people any single euro more until they show me something in return." That is the conclusion after wasting some hours with pes6.

    There's nothing new since we10. The changes made are so minor that couldn't even be called expansion pack, nor a simple patch. Not only they added NOTHNIG to gameplay, it's just that now it's worse. And by miles. There's an terrible unbalance between what you can do in attack and in defense. So arcadish. The physics of the ball may seem right, but please, look at all that odd deflections, the nonsense headers, the countless times that when players collide the ball goes to impossible places. Physics are quite wrong when this situations happen. Now someone will call me nasty things, but though in shooting and passing fifa07 is far inferior, simulating things like deflecions ands rebounds fifa07 is, BY FAR, better than this. Of course pes is still better in general in terms of gameplay.

    What about mass? Players now have no mass! When they collide, most of the times the attacker simply passes through the defender. In general, it seems as if all the players had the body covered in oil, and there's no friction at all (don't judge this sentence, please). That results in very big spaces with passes that go always to the feet and if the opponent succeeds in closing gaps (difficult) at the very best it results in melees with quite misterious results. The thing is, in terms of AI and physics simulation, it seems like watching a school match of boys age 8-10.

    I can recall playing pes3 and pes4 and doing brilliant plays, having to make effort but with great results. In pes5 it was almost impossible to do great plays because of the intervention of the cpu in every aspect of the game. Now you are more "loose", but too much! And you hardly do brilliant plays (not refering to goals, I talk about unexpected passes, combinations, etc..). I remember how in pes4 when I had a counterattack I could do a 2-1 to the keeper, pass it to the other striker and score on an empty net. But you had to fight and pass a lot before to do that. Now, you can run from midfield beating all defenders but your teammates hardly understand what you're doing. Generally, AI is a mess, and you don't find any good moves during a match, just the same as before. Even in defense there are this shocking runs to nowhere performed by your CBs or Sidebacks letting all the space to the opposition.

    There's still that annoying 1/4 second freeze sometimes when you select a player that was moving, or he simply slows and begin to turn unnnecessarily as if he suddenly woke up! And supercancel it's still difficult to do and has speed problems (sometimes it freezes your player, sometimes it refuses to change direction for a while, you know...).

    About passing, it's the same, only minor tweaks, specially to high chipped long passes, but too subtle. It's still easier to fail passing to a teammate who is 6 feet away than doing those stupid but overused passes from defender to striker. At the end, there's no real midfield in this game, no more build up of play. And it's not slower than pes5, who said that? It's faster, real faster if you want. Yes, you could waste time trying to recreate football, but you know that you can shoot after 3 straight passes, so in tournaments against friends what do you think that will happen?

    In shooting, it's strictly the same as before. You can shoot from 35 meters with adriano no matter how you do and later on shoot a sitter to the grounds, and you won't never know why, there's no reason other than all this "randomize" things fashion that now rules in pes, where, at least to me, nothing has much sense right now; nor the ball physics, nor the player collisions, nor the passing...

    I even managed to feel again the cheats of the CPU after my 9th (and becoming already bored) match in master league (averaging a 4-1 scoresheet), when cpu was freezing players, changing direction of my runs, scoring always in corners or free kicks when going down... you know, all that embarrassing things that seabass called "bending the match" and add nothing to the experience other than fustration and sometimes even a draw. But this time it had less power than in pes5, I grant you that.

    Bad keepers are still there (they STILL are unable to cover the short post though they block maybe 10% more balls than in we10. great, yes, impressive). In master league, after 9 matches, my keeper (Victor Valdes) had only blocked one shot. The rest, even bouncy slow balls, generated a second chance.

    And I thing "embarrassing" is the emotion I felt after trying the game. They don't deserve my money anymore if that is what they do after a whole year. Considering they haven't changed the engine, nor the graphics, etc...

    What have they done?

    Some new animations?
    New kits? (the scene does that much better)
    They lost some licenses by the road?

    There are really not many positive things to be said about pes6 if you played we10, unless the net code is far better (i don't have ps2 modem). And though I didn't like very much pes5, I think pes5 could still be called "Pro Evolution". This one is definitely not an evolution for me, it's the least evolved piece of software worth 60€ I've ever seen.

    Oh, yes, maybe this year they added some more dogs in pes-shop. How exciting! :roll:
    Last edited by a moderator: 14 October 2006
  2. airjoca

    airjoca International

    29 July 2003
    Amadora, Portugal
    SL Benfica
    Re: Drekkard review (with some anger right now)

    You do realize, you're not "supposed" to be playing WE10...? "Normal" people only play the PES games. I bet the Japonese only play the WE's.

    From PES5 to PES6 the differences are quite a lot.
  3. drekkard

    drekkard International

    23 March 2005
    Barça, Arsenal, Ajax
    Re: Drekkard review (with some anger right now)

    Even compared to pes5, eell, not many differences really from pes5 to 6, only tweaking the engine and putting 4 new animations. The rest is the same. It plays different, but engine, graphics, database, ml structure, stadiums, it's all 99% the same. And we can't ignore WE10 was there in april.

    They should release only one game yearly, and DO SOMETHING IMPORTANT every year.

    Really, think about other games out there, and what they offer when they do expansion packs. And compare what has konami done in a whole year. And it's sad to admit that the game has very few changes, and most of them make the experience worst.

    I loved this game, but Konami has gone too far in the last years, they are too greedy. jesus christ, even master league it's exactly the same! Can you believe it? I really think they did a mervellous game years ago, and they deserve credit for this. But considering what they've done in the last 2-3 years, they don't deserve my money anymore.
    Last edited: 14 October 2006
  4. knh4

    knh4 Championship

    21 October 2002
    Man Utd
    Re: Drekkard review (with some anger right now)

    The only differnce i noticed while playing was that it was a hell of alot easier to play which in my mind is a very bad thing. In the past players would have to be skilled enough players to play well with even the best of teams but nowadays it seems as though its just another pick-up and play game.
  5. Dar

    Dar Part Timer Staff

    21 February 2003
    Re: Drekkard review (with some anger right now)

    I've only played a few matches so far, but the only gripe I have is that the player response is sluggish, and not in a good way. It's like Konami have just made player turning slower because in WE10 it was possibly too loose. Another example of how they've tried to fix a minor thing that may not have really needed much tweaking and they overdid it and made it worse in the opposite direction.

    Hopefully it just needs some more playing to get used to it, I only really want PES6 for the online mode, not buying it for anything else. :)
  6. drekkard

    drekkard International

    23 March 2005
    Barça, Arsenal, Ajax
    Re: Drekkard review (with some anger right now)

    That's exactly true, knh4, you don't need to be skillfull at all to play this game. Differences have been shortened because really, you can score with 3 straight passes, turn and shoot from defense to striker. Me and my friend (after playing this series for years) concluded it's the end of evolution, and there's no reason to play. There's no feeling of building play at all.
  7. mnemoniak

    mnemoniak Non-League

    21 March 2003
    Re: Drekkard review (with some anger right now)

    Is this a joke ?

    For me WE10 was 'arcade', PES4 was 'arcade', but this one is nearer to WE9 or WE9JL ! I think we are not playing the same game, or not the same way ?!
    WE10 was a joke, after a few games me and my mates go back to W9JL, more realistic, again, with PES6, we gonna enjoy playing.

    of course, those feelings are subjectives, but I can't be alone to feel like that.
  8. Zygalski

    Zygalski Ninja Samurai

    2 February 2003
    London, UK
    Re: Drekkard review (with some anger right now)

    Let's go back to PES3, who's with me? ;)
  9. Unevilized

    Unevilized Banned

    28 June 2006
    Re: Drekkard review (with some anger right now)

    THIS GAME IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT THEN WE10, THE DRIBBLING IS MUCH HARDER, THE PASSING IS MUCH SLOWER (BETTER), THE BALANCE HAVE CHANGED A LOT, its completely a new game, i cant believe you said that its the same as WE10, even the keepers are much better, the AI defenders mark their opponent much tighter, there is nothing wrong with this game, AND YES I DO A LOT OF GOOD PLAYS LIKE UNEXPECTED PASSES AND STUFF, but you need to think fast and play with right formation!
  10. Andy.l.

    Andy.l. Non-League

    12 September 2006
    Re: Drekkard review (with some anger right now)

    The only problem ave got with the game is how inconsistent the keepers are as a scored with Ashley Cole from the touch-line(even if it was meant to be a long pass:lmao: ) and watchin remarkable saves only to see it being spilled and a cheap goal being scored :roll: .
  11. mnemoniak

    mnemoniak Non-League

    21 March 2003
    You are right Unevilized, WE10 and PES6 are very differents, once again, I enjoy practicing and playing with friends, thank you KONAMI.
    Last edited: 14 October 2006
  12. alekfyne

    alekfyne Guest

    I realy realy realy like PES6 a lot!!!

    WE10 was to fast and the players where all dribble gods. In pes6 henry is not fast enough for my chelsea defenders.:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
  13. Ashed

    Ashed 01000001011100110110100

    29 January 2003
    Bangkok, Thailand
    Manchester United
    I've had 2 of my friends try the game and they say it's very different from WE10. I have to agree with them. The game is so slow compared to WE10 but this way, it seems easier to defend.
  14. drekkard

    drekkard International

    23 March 2005
    Barça, Arsenal, Ajax
    Well, then it must be me and my friends, but if you play and think quickly (as someone says) I can score easily with 3 passes. First you simply accumulate people in your area (it's the only way to defend in we10 and indeed in pes 6). When you steal the ball, you can pass 30 meters upwards with no risk. There's always one of your strikers alone to receive. Then, if you play with wingers, the game does again a very dubious honour to reality and one of the sidebacks is never in position, and by simply running I guarantee you that you can go past some chelsea defenders. I did with messi, ronaldinho and etoo in a match with no problems. The match ended 4-3. We are both veteran players of the series, with very worked user tactics and you can exploit the same flaws that the previous games had.

    About the speed of play, I don't know, I'm playing at 50hz, and it seems as fast as we10. The only thing is that turning is slower, but I don't turn much in a game, I tend to pass a lot and very fast and at the last 30 meters, you simply dribble and shoot or do through passes, and 60% of my attacks finish in dangerous shots (20 shots per game, more or less). I say all that trying to explain how we play the game and how we haven't found any difference in gameplay (only that collisions are ridiculous).
  15. mnemoniak

    mnemoniak Non-League

    21 March 2003
    Drekkard, could you please tell me which of WE9 or WE10 do you prefer and which of WE10 or PES6 do you prefer ? thank you
  16. Bingham67

    Bingham67 Champions League

    17 July 2005
    Which is good news because defending in WE10 was shocking I played game mostly with friends hardly played AI how does the game feel with friends compared to WE10. ?

    Reason I say that is because it plays so different compared to when your playing AI for obvious reasons you cant beat a good human opponent.
  17. nyrang2

    nyrang2 Non-League

    5 August 2004
    Having played a few games now, I thought I'd share some thoughts about the things that most impressed me.

    - The cpu is now able to perform the "super high-speed dribble" (you know, the "press R1 and double tap the direction you're running" thing). I think it never did in previous games, surely not nearly as often as in pes6. It's a good thing, it helps the cpu take more advantage of clear runs, although it's somehow abused.

    - On high balls, when players are fighting for position, it's now easier to chest the ball and gain possession without necessarily heading to a teammate. I like this.

    - Yes the pace is slower and, yes, some animations take much longer to complete. Stoppping the ball and turning in the opposite direction for example takes ages, and I think this is why some people will call this jlwe10.

    - Headers are much, much easier. Most of all, players sometimes turn around and hit the ball at incredible angles. I've even scored a goal on a turnaround diving header from the penalty spot.... that shouldn't happen. Especially if the player is Ibrahimovic.

    - Unless I'm missing something in the PES shop, the 6-stars difficulty is gone.

    - It's now easier to steal (or be stolen) the ball without tackling. I think that's the reason why there are fewer tackles on the field in my games. As a consequence, there are much, much fewer fouls. So many people have complained about game not flowing properly in past titles, it is now possible to see matches with 2 or 3 fouls overall. Not sure I like it.

    - No stuttering so far, the game looks much more fluid.

    All in all, I like this game. We're still in full over-compensating area, however: pes6 is still an unbalanced game, although in different and often opposite ways from pes5. But I couldn't agree less with who is saying that it's the exact copy of we10.
  18. razormty

    razormty WEMEXICO.COM

    12 August 2003
    Monterrey, Mexico
    Re: Drekkard review (with some anger right now)

    I agree, it has the WE10 basics but the game is totally different gameplay wise
  19. jimis

    jimis Greek WE Maniac

    7 September 2004
    After a few games i must say its like a we10 basedgame with WE8 ballphysics and amix of We9Jleague Gameplay(animatoinspeed but only some) it has some skills from we8 and the CPU defending from we9!

    This is the most mixed Konami soccer i have evr played, but i dont think the hardest mistake is the shooting!the ball gets after shooting a high flight path that dropsclose near the post! Thats unbelievable, where are the lovely shoots from WE10??? what the hell is this???:(

    Only dropkicks/directshoots looks and works fine but shooting(and with starplayers) looks like it shoots an amateur(and i am not a newbie on WE/PES)! also the ball feels and seems havyer, like in we6/6Fe! i have checked out we6Fe direct after playing 15 matches pes6 and yes, konami is "back to the roots"! I dont know if this is good or bad, i love WE6FE! but noe we are in 2006 and i want that "we change every year the shooting" stops, its makes me crazy, every WE/PES has new weight Ball and new shhting balance, but this Time the CPU take to much control of the "outside the Box" strikes!

    I dont know, but after 5 Hours of playing PES6 i am a little disapointed!
    That is not what i was waiting for!The defence from CPU is good, but often they make mistakes with offsidetrapps, star players like adriano, or etoo are not offside and than goal! a big CPU defending Bug and this on Proffesional! also CPU is to defensive, sometimes they play well and fast, and than nothing for Minutes only defending!I ahvent lost any match and only 5golas in 40 matches from the CPU!!!
    Otherwise there is no "running score" like in WE10 often 1:0,2:0, highest score was 4:0 Barca against Pireaus!

    One big point is now the referee, he gives not so often Foul, this makes the game Fluid...... but this can not be all???:shock: Come on konami! there isnt only next gen, there are enough players with PS2 as mastersystem! But thy give a Shit on us....!

    and one thing i have forgotten, why the hell this game is so fast??? Konami speaks about simulation??? sometimes it seems like to be a racing game! i want the speedstars back.....!

    My last hope We10 J-league, but i have a Feeling that konami gives a shit on the Current Genaration Games, and every current gen user, all Focus is now on PS3 and X-box360!

    Sorry Konami you get boring like EA!:( :applause:
    Last edited: 15 October 2006
  20. drekkard

    drekkard International

    23 March 2005
    Barça, Arsenal, Ajax
    Well, I've been playing all day and I can say it's the worst pes I've ever played. And it's sad! Look, after the "it's new" sensations tears away, you'll discover that this game is like a pinball-soccer. When defending, it DOESN'T MATTER at all if you are in a good position. Positioning is a concept that has no place in this game.

    One terrible thing that happened in previous installments but now it's really fustrating. It doesn't matter if you are positioning yourself, you won't intercept a pass. Maybe the opponent fails a pass and the ball goes straight to your defender, but if you try to intercept or simply cover a line of pass, you can't! That's why in attack I simply pass the ball around freely no matter how many defenders are in the way. And 90% of the time the pass is done perfectly. That works through all the field except when there are melées in the areas or when CPU decides it's time to make pression because it's loosing (something you can't do as a player, because you can only move one man with direction arrows and another to do strange runs with square, but nothing else, you can't tell to the whole team to apply pressure to a certain zone of the field).

    About the cpu AI. Well, as in previous games, the key is that your defenders are always away of the opponents, so they can pass freely until they reach your area. That and the fact that you won't intercept a pass. And then, on 1 vs 1, it's pinball time, no matter your position, what you press, speed, etc... In we10, the second man pression (square) was quite good. Here it's ridiculous. I've seen players running 40 meters together, the defender being unable to win the ball.

    Melées are horrible to watch. Stupid reactions of 2 or 3 players colliding with no reason. That's not football. Or, at least, that's not the football I've ever played and watched.

    When I said that it was we10, I think it's true. It's we10 with some tweaks. And the tweaks make it really worse. It's just as we10 because the skill of the player decides less things during a match. It's we10 because it's terribly unbalanced (they didn't test that game?), because the stats are 90% the same. Ok, headers are slightly better. Ok, the are slower turns. And what? I've seen tons of clipping. Ball going through players. I've seen defenders not being aware of the ball 2 feet away, looking at the horizon as the opponent runs towards the goal. Concluding, I've seen the same flaws of we10 PLUS some new problems. On the other side, I think they have added 0% of what people was demmanding.

    I prefer we10 to this because of the ridiculous physics in pes6. Sometimes it's like 10 year old tekken playing in the school pitch. I can't understand how people can't see this game is the less realistic one. I think it's so obvious.

    But I can be wrong, or maybe I'm a veteran and see the ropes of the game and the scripts too much after all this years of the same ENGINE.

    PS: Oh, yes, I've played against human opponents and against cpu. In single player I'm playing at the highest difficulty level, master league with a custom team (geminis team, they added some pre-made teams in what look as another waste of time that could have been inverted anywhere else, maybe in creating a better ml structure) made with players of less than 20 years and with salary under 400 and I drew one match and won the rest, averaging a 3 - 0.5 score, but shooting around 16-17 times per match (10 minutes). In multiplayer (human vs. human) the feeling of "no control", the unbalance and the unrealistic physics persist.

    The changes are so minor that I even don't need to read french, I know what they tell me in every menu and button. Isn't it sad?
    Last edited: 15 October 2006
  21. oheimeryd

    oheimeryd Non-League

    27 July 2005
    You didn´t bought the game.

    You dont have the right to complain.
  22. Bingham67

    Bingham67 Champions League

    17 July 2005
    uuuf nasty dont sound to good Im looking forward to playing Pro Evo 6 on PS2 I have 360 version coming also so ill wait and see what I think.

    Alot of mixed opinions but what seems to be the case every year give it a month and people full in love with the new game.

    I wonder if the same thing will happen again I really cant beleive Konami hasnt got rid of Keeper forcefield bug though thats terrible.

    I really hope defenders act better esepcially when you play Human opponent in WE10 you could put them in a circus and they would feel at home.
  23. JohnnyUSA

    JohnnyUSA League 2

    5 August 2004
    How can it be ANY different from WE10 - whenin fact it's the same engine and the same they'll even use on XBOX360.
  24. motherhen

    motherhen League 2

    26 September 2005
    Im sad after reading all this... :(
  25. Seabass1977

    Seabass1977 League 1

    3 August 2004
    Seabass Sinking Ship
    I'm playing at 60HZ and the game is slower than we10..much slower!!!
    It seems a j-league speed..

    Try it at 60hz , please...then...come back and post again.
  26. V1RTU4L

    V1RTU4L Non-League

    22 April 2006
    after playing a couple of hours again i am Ok with the new PES6.
    I did not play WE10 and so i just see the differences between PES5 and 6 !
    I do not think Konami did it half as bad as the most here.
    I have fun playing PES6, like the better headers, better animations, new ways of controlling mid-air balls (e.g. reachin for a too long played high ball), the ball physics is ok... i got nothing to complain =)

    the AI is OK, too ... in my opinion the CPU plays way better than in PES5 and it is more fun to watch, when the cpu plays ... the passes are more difficult now, but that's just more realistic... i just played & won the european championchip with italy and had a lot of fun .... even if the 5:2 defeat against Iran was ... ehrm ... strange, but on the other hand i had a 6:1 win against Japan so it was a kind of up and down ...
    to said i have to give the ps2 back tomorrow cause it's not mine ... so i'll have to wait till it's released on pc ....
  27. chrismodd

    chrismodd League 2

    21 June 2004
    do you expect an english version of, say, final fantasy XII to be any substantially different to that of the japanese version?
  28. jimis

    jimis Greek WE Maniac

    7 September 2004
    ecxept bernabeu, there is no new Stadium!!! can it be so hard to make the ellianz arena, the emirates arena, or the new greek olympiastadium?????
    Konami thinks that their gameplay is overall, we will see in next gen.... i think this time it will not be so easy as other yeárs! I want something new for my 60€ not a reanimated WE10 with shit ball physics!

    I have played again , and again last night, than checked out again we6-9, and again PES6! Its unelivable what we are buying every year, warmed up shit! every year the same graphics(now on Pes6 with very bad Kits, thanks by the way for the new Templates and the lower resolution konami) the same Stadiums, the same sick Pitches(why they dont take my from the Patch)!the same Menus, the same playermodells!
    There is nothing really new, only veryvery very lite details, and this for 60€!

    I think Mr. Seabass tsakatsuka is out of Time!
    What he has in his Mind:

    I am the God of Gameplay so buy my GAME you Footballsick People!Buy my Game support me so i can drive my Mercedes and ly on my pool, you guys have enough to do spending 60€ for my refreshed old games that i mixe up every 6 Months for Europe, asia and the rest of the world!So play the same shit every Year, i need my time to make Interviews, make vacation around the world and to read my e.mails from you sick People who buy my Game! And because you are Fan you buy also the Asian Version, the US Version and the European Version! that makes all around 190€ thats good for me Guys so Konami gives me more and more Money, and the told me now to release every 3 Months a Game from now on, we will Call it: Final very very well Updated evolution, or come and buy me again special edition! And all this with no Kitsslots because you guys do very good Patches, after this someone can see what you can do in a with my Game, and it looks so good after Patching that i have fear to get Fired!
    But now i have stopped the Patching shit with no slots, Great Ideam i am Genius, GOD of WE/PES/KONAMI and i give a shit on all Fans! And do you Guys know why??? Because every Magazine will give me again and again 95% and EA Sports only 89! Its in the Game............!
    Last edited: 15 October 2006
  29. ShaRule

    ShaRule Non-League

    26 April 2006
    I remember when pes3, 4 and 5 got released many complained about the game being worse than the other one, wose gamepley etc.. and after a while ppl got used to it and gor in love with the game..

    I'm sure now it's the same..ppl who complain now just think about the past when you complained about pes 4 or 5 and then loved the game..

  30. Isslander

    Isslander The Modest Legend

    3 August 2003
    Since PES2 I have been reading constant bad reviews of PES from PES-forums... and each year I totally love the game. Reading this thread doesn't worry me the slightest.

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