PES6 releasing 13th October ?

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by Jert, 14 September 2006.

  1. Jert

    Jert Non-League

    6 September 2003
  2. bluemonkeymagic

    bluemonkeymagic League 1

    27 April 2003
    far too early mate

    end of october more likely
  3. TikTikTikTikTik

    TikTikTikTikTik *****

    7 August 2004
    Ive always got my ps2 version around the 13th-15th so could be true, if they are releasing it at the same time. Hopefully.
  4. Caniggia

    Caniggia League 1

    25 February 2002
    My press release for the various konami offices in Europe sais 6th of October. Then there's the reproducing of the disc. Two weeks.

    20th of October.
  5. flofloflo

    flofloflo Conference

    30 October 2004
  6. FeleR

    FeleR Guest

    It's just a dream fella, see those links:
    26 October on
    Pre-Order until 27 October on
    And again the 26 October on

    But if you're right I will buy on your link and give you a big thx :D
  7. WEtongelre

    WEtongelre Champions League

    17 February 2006
    Everywhere different release dates... hmmm
  8. PesGuden

    PesGuden Non-League

    15 July 2006
    The Officiall is 6 October: PS2 version and PC. 13 October: X360 version.
  9. psimonius

    psimonius Guest

    I've pre-ordered at PLAY and they weigh in with 20/10/06.

    The original release date was the 27th and I know it was confirmed to be moved forward a week to the 20th.Why the sudden shift again?

    PesGuden - Where did you see that?
  10. miska

    miska Guest

    Educated guess, theyll release it on 20th on mainland Europe, and in Scandinavia and other "far out" places its 27th. Atleast that was the case last year. I isnt about a week or a day for me, aslong as it ships with online ML ;o)
  11. pepe montoto

    pepe montoto League 1

    8 August 2004
    Boca Juniors are always spot on.
  12. dmunro2002

    dmunro2002 Non-League

    27 September 2003
    I got an email from GAME saying PES6 would now be released in nov.
  13. lazylen

    lazylen Conference

    14 October 2004
    The release date is just an indication given by the has been so for years now that the release date was set on lets say oct 20th and it was released a week earlier...

    here in holland its always released during the Fall holidays and this year that holiday is around 10th - 15th of october...

    so expect it around these dates
  14. numberoneson

    numberoneson wankin you off wit lips.x

    12 May 2003
    Manchester City
    Says on now that it's the 27th of October
  15. Han

    Han Very senior member

    22 December 2001
    A lot of different dates overthere, depending on the platform...
  16. mjp

    mjp Premiership

    15 October 2002
    Liverpool F. C
    Funny how I've been a (mostly silent) member of this site for like 4 years now and we always have the same debates as the release date draws nearer!

    Last year it was out the 21st as we were all queuing, bleary eyed, in Asda at 23:45 on the 20th to buy it.

    Previous years it's been a little earlier, I think to say the third Friday of October is the safest bet which would make it the 20th this year.
  17. psimonius

    psimonius Guest

    Wow they changed it over night. Bastards. :(
  18. pepe montoto

    pepe montoto League 1

    8 August 2004
    Boca Juniors
    Last edited: 18 September 2006
  19. bluemonkeymagic

    bluemonkeymagic League 1

    27 April 2003
    I honestly think we may be lookin at an early november release on this, its the games that dont confirm their release i get worried about, one thing fifa is good for, they never delay and you know exactly when its out!!
  20. sikersh

    sikersh Conference

    27 May 2003
    i'm not bothered if its delayed for a few weeks, if it means in that time they need to iron out a few things thats fine! i'd much prefer it to be 100% than just an half arsed attempt.
  21. shieldslfc

    shieldslfc League 1

    25 April 2004
    Anyone recieved PES early before release date with Play, I have heard sometimes you get it a few days early.
  22. cowden_harley

    cowden_harley MOANING PRICK

    3 October 2003
    Central Park
    Cowdenbeath FC
    its been confirmed as 27th October for PES 6. Check the homepage.

    You may receive it early but only a day at most. I certainly havent from but have from and
  23. psimonius

    psimonius Guest

    Only once have I got it a day early from Play.
  24. lazandreas

    lazandreas Guest

    was told by EB games today that it is being released on the 17th of october in australia
  25. MForssell

    MForssell Conference

    9 August 2005
    the release date has been confirmed as october 27th!

    Some people will probably get it a few days early, but not as early as on the 17th....

    I'm happy as long as I get the game for the 27th,28th,29th of october
  26. bbc.alster

    bbc.alster League 1

    11 September 2006
    Urawa Reds
    october 27th 4 uk and i dont know, perhaps other countries too...maybe 17th in some shops in australia, we will get it on october 25th in germany (only release-partys of konami^^) and 26th all other shops
  27. fluminense

    fluminense WEndetta Graphic Boss

    19 March 2003
    I work for EBGAMES/GAMESTOP in Italy.. on our new release page PES6 two days ago is confirmed for 26th october, yesterday for 13th october... god damn...
  28. IceMan_Bergkamp

    IceMan_Bergkamp Total Football

    9 December 2002
    London, Toronto
    then we play online Flu! ;)
  29. fevernova

    fevernova Non-League

    2 August 2003
    It’s the 27th and if anyone tells u different go to the official site which says the 27th on all platforms
  30. BumperMan

    BumperMan Champions League

    20 June 2005
    North America
    Legia Warsaw

    um iceman where are they from? i mean your avatar?\\:o/

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