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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by GravityTheDon, 7 November 2006.

  1. GravityTheDon

    GravityTheDon Non-League

    25 October 2005
    Hi, i am having that problem where it it just comes up 'connection error' whenever i try to register a username.

    Could someone PLEASE PLEASE do me a huge favour and register me the username:


    I will be indebted to you forever!!!!

    Thanks in advance.
  2. xzibitionist

    xzibitionist Guest

    good luck, I also had this problem and no one here bothered they're ass.

    I will pm you a link of a forum to check out.
  3. bestallma

    bestallma Non-League

    30 October 2005
    keep trying mate. i got some one to do it for me after a little while.
  4. GravityTheDon

    GravityTheDon Non-League

    25 October 2005
    Hey, thanks for the link xzibitionist.

    I found out that it was due to the time on the ps2 being set incorrectly!!

    I've set it now and i can register fine.

    Nice of Konami to let us know this though hey?!
  5. KingNothing

    KingNothing Non-League

    13 July 2005
    I have the same problem.
    Could someone register my account or tell me how to do it ?
    user : dimamarco
    psw : 12345678
    Thanks in advance
  6. zortex

    zortex League 2

    13 August 2003
    I had the same problem guys...But it is very simple..
    Just set your console's time and date.
    Funny but that's all..

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