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  1. eddy edwards

    eddy edwards Premiership

    2 September 2003
    Can anyone tell me why they have not bought PES6 out on Xbox or if they plan too.
    I'm imagining it's because they 'rushed' it onto the xbox 360 but by the sounds of it the xbox 360 version although has better graphics is missing a majority of the editing capabilities the ps2 version has and I wondered why they haven't brought out an xbox version which would have been similar if not identical to the ps2 version.
    What are other peoples thoughts?
    I'm gutted as I was hoping to continue my editing xploits on the xbox for my kids :(
  2. jamboree

    jamboree Guest

    It doesn't exist on the original XBOX. Thats why we all rushed out to buy a 360. And thats why we're so pissed that all the features have been removed.:(
  3. eddy edwards

    eddy edwards Premiership

    2 September 2003
    Man I feel for you as it could have been so good yet why they chose to rush it only Konami knows. They would have been better releasing PES6 on original xbox now and hung on for Christmas an released a full all singing and dancing version of PES for 360.

    Oh well guess I will just have to continue editing my ps2 version - enjoy the xbox as you can use all the fabulous pc edited faces, balls, stadiums etc. Nevermind..........

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