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PES6 Editing & Konami

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS' started by chris hodge, 8 October 2006.

  1. chris hodge

    chris hodge Guest

    I have read the PS2 review of PES6 in PSM3 magazine and they have said that the editing tool is better than ever before allowing you to make almost any kit. I cant see konami leaving out the editor for Xbox360 version, lets be honest, we are getting the same game but with polished graphics.

    I also want to say how annoying it is that konami dont even have an official site for PES6 yet. I know the game isnt out but it would be good if they cleared up a number of issues in the run up to release that fans of the series are concerned about.

    Come on Konami get your act together, im sure you can find time to make a little web page while producing the finest football games ever made. We have to sit through months of bullsh*t and speculation that starts from one bored moron making a post on a forum.
  2. marsmanic

    marsmanic Patchin' N00b

    1 May 2006
    Blackburn Rovers!
    True, hopefully will be a good editing system, but i'm not believeing any of the hype though things like

    - No edit mode
    - Not next Gen graphics
    - No German league [Might be in league C blah Blah]

    I will see what its like when i get the game then after i get it i will know weather to complain or not :D
  3. Beatts

    Beatts Keep the faith...

    15 October 2003
    Southampton, UK
    To be honest i cant see a decent editor for the 360 version, Konami will cut as many corners as they can, just look at there first attempt on PSP.

    I think we are probaly going to have to wait untill next year for a decent showing. Which is a shame because the unlicenced kits on the 360 seem to stick out like a saw thumb :(

    HD graphics have there advantages, but in the case of pes6 for the 360 i reckon they could be its downfall.

    That said its still going to wipe the floor with FIFA gameplay wise.

    Konami dont tend to make mini sites, so all the info is posted through the main konami site.
  4. ripkord

    ripkord Super Laser Ninja League

    2 August 2003
    I bet the game is nowhere near 8.5Gb the hd graphics excuse should they go there, is bullshit
  5. chris hodge

    chris hodge Guest

    At the end of the day they cant afford to cut corners and release a half arsed version of PES6 on the 360, it would be suicide. The 360 is going to shift a tonne of units over christmas, it wouldn't make sense for konami to do this. The number of 360 units that will be sold in the run up to christmas in Europe because of the PS3 delay will be phenominal.

    The testing time will indeed be when the PS3 hits the shelves. Blu ray can hold more data than a standard DVD that the 360 uses, this will ultimately mean any PS3 game will be far superior in terms of extra content than the 360 version, this is how PES will eventually go.

    However we are yet to see how successful blu ray will be, afterall, its not the first time sony has backed a losing format, just look at their track record - Betamax, Mini Disc, UMD. Will blu ray follow?
  6. psimonius

    psimonius Guest

    For the last time, the PS3 will never have an content that the 360 won't have. Seabass has even said this himself.
  7. johnlennon696

    johnlennon696 Classic OF Editor

    12 June 2006
    i am seriously thinking about getting this for ps2 only because of the edit mode.

    cos in 360 the edit mode is stripped down version, i.e no kit sponsor capabilities.
  8. chris hodge

    chris hodge Guest

    Apparently Seabass has said 360 wont have full editing capabilities. There goes my £50 for the 360 version. Looks like I'll be geting the PS2 version then.

  9. ripkord

    ripkord Super Laser Ninja League

    2 August 2003
    You lot are soo fucking shallow !:)
  10. Bowster

    Bowster Non-League

    9 August 2004
    i really cant understand why on earth konami would take out the edit mode, after all its EXCATLY the same as the PS2 version only boasting better graphics.. does anyone have any firm proof that the edit mode isnt in or either stripped down from the 360 version?
  11. jonneymendoza

    jonneymendoza Legend

    1 January 2004
    well Konami are a bunch of lazy retards if all rumouers surrounding the game is true
  12. psimonius

    psimonius Guest

    You seriously haven't got a clue. :roll:

    It doesn't work like that I'm afraid. They've built a new engine for the next-gen series but incorperated a lot of the old animations they used for the current-gen engine. They have to build a brand new edit engine and everything to fit in with the newer engine.
  13. heartless

    heartless Non-League

    10 September 2005
    if there is no kit editor it is a very bad day for konami,the lack of there embracement for new technology and their bias for sony ,konami should lose millions if this is the case and if they do just think how many mad folk will cancelk their orders,i wont i love pro evo,editor or no editor remember the begining?

    konami have no respect for microsoft as they a re western if this was a ps3 debut i bet seabass would be kissing ken kutaragi's ass
    the total lack of japanese games producers to take to the 360 is because of the belief that they invented games!and online is bad

    if this is the case i see konami going down in flames and EA mopping up the programmers and maybe if they tem him with enough cash(or sushi) seabass hinself or maybe his understudy to make and get fifa somewhere near pro evo
    shame on you konami,you lazy lazy people,if you wanted todo a true new pro delay it till next year like bungie did with halo 3

    if this was a test konami would have got satisfactory(but next time try fucking harder)
  14. djdoc

    djdoc Guest

    More like (Below Par needs to sort a lot of things out!!)

  15. AgentSmithMatrix

    AgentSmithMatrix League 1

    14 July 2004
    I've played the Fifa demo and I've got to say that PES5's gameplay is way better. Yes, 5’s. You can hate Konami all you want for their shortcomings but your reasons, your theories are a joke. And the fact of the matter remains, when it comes to gameplay, Konami's team is far superior. To true footballing gamers, that is all that matters.

    From a personal point of view, I think everything is good about Fifa except the two most important things, the gameplay and graphics. Have you seen the way the players look? Yeah, the stadiums look good but the players don’t (PES5 has done a better job). PES is better in those departments, and as long as it has the better gameplay, I'll always buy it.
  16. djdoc

    djdoc Guest

    PES5 is awful! WE10 is tonnes better!

    FIFA 07 is no where near as bollocks and as frustrating as PES5 was. At least on FIFA I can control the ball pretty well and use it well without my player knocking it on so far ahead of himself the CPU gets it and then controls it perfectly so I cant win the ball off of him.....

    PES5 was complete shite gameplay wise, I thought PES4 was better!

  17. AgentSmithMatrix

    AgentSmithMatrix League 1

    14 July 2004
    That's what I thought. I only put the game back in after I played the Fifa demo. I hadn't played it for ages but now I'm playing about 5 or 6 15 minute games a day. Played until 1 in the morning and again after sehri/fajr today. Out of the 12 months, I'd say I have played it for about 5 months because I really did dislike it, however, I'm starting to enjoy it again now for some reason. We updated two teams (Liverpool and Man Utd), which me and my brother always be and we always play at the San Siro on excellent condition. Seriously, I’m liking it.
  18. djdoc

    djdoc Guest

    I cant see why mate. WE10 is tonnes better and far more enjoyable and playable than PES5. Ive got PES5 for PC and Xbox and to be honest they are both collecting dust as I just cant be arsed with all the lack of good control from ALL my players yet the CPU can control it perfectly first time every time. Also the CPU Cheating when his players suddenly go 'mental' and start playing the most amazingly bollocks football ive ever seen and my players go like retards and just stand and watch....

  19. AgentSmithMatrix

    AgentSmithMatrix League 1

    14 July 2004
    I don't have WE10. I'm sure I'd be playing that instead had I.
  20. djdoc

    djdoc Guest

    Yeah WE10 in my opinion (besides the dodgy goalies at times) is far better than PES5.

  21. FleaFly

    FleaFly Conference

    19 August 2006
    christ...if you didn't press the run button all the time, that wouldn't happen. pes is about planning the game, not just running down the side with ronaldinho and pass the ball to unmarked adriano to score a cutback goal. but by all means, buy fifa so I don't have to play against your stupid "tactics"
  22. djdoc

    djdoc Guest

    Bugger off! so you walk to get the football then do you? then the CPU picks it up ahead of you? Doesnt matter how I approach the ball I either dont get it or I run into it and it goes so far ahead of me I can do shit with it!! every play cant control the ball either they go all stiff and robotic!

    By the way I dont play like that im not a skill and run Ronaldinho style Junkie!, I play pass and move build up play football.

  23. FleaFly

    FleaFly Conference

    19 August 2006
    that's allright mate, at least we a discussion. at first I had the same problem when playing a through ball, but then I started to let go of the run button right before(I think that's how I do it) and now I don't have the problem anymore. It's like when you're shooting, it's all about timing
  24. Bowster

    Bowster Non-League

    9 August 2004
    where did i say it didnt??

    i just said (i read somewhere) its the same as the ps2 version, meaning it encorperates all the features of the ps2 version
    Last edited: 10 October 2006
  25. julien

    julien is just your type

    20 June 2004
    490 Madison
    that's true. when you have managed to improve your timing, the new running-system becomes quite useful after a while. i think it's an improvement over previous versions, although it was hard to learn at first (same btw goes for playing pes with the xbox360 controller).

    you can have 70% possesion and hardly any freekicks given against you, because with decent timing, you can always get the ball just by waiting for the right moment. i even don't press any buttons for defending anymore.

    it's like: in pes5 the key to trash the cpu in any difficulty with any team is manual movement/passing and not always holding down A to defend and playing autoaim-passes. simple as that :)
  26. FleaFly

    FleaFly Conference

    19 August 2006
    yep, I didn't know to defend right untill recently. now I'll apply pressure while I guard the opponent, so even cutback assholes have problems scoring against me. another thing I find usefull, is to change player right after the opponent tries a through pass, that way I gain controll of the defender so I can break the pass. And like you said; defending without using the A button is almost better. running while defending is a sin too, because you'll just run straight past him lol.
    that's why I enjoy pes much more than fifa, because of the controll you MAY have(if you know the game)

    I hope that the off-ball movement of the AI on your own team is better on pes 6 though
  27. djdoc

    djdoc Guest

    I do know the game, Ive played every incarnation of PES on PS2 to death ever since PES1. I do not like 5 I just find it too frustrating and it talks too much bollocks.

    Too many fouls given for nothing tackles, too much of a stop start game.

  28. jeblo05

    jeblo05 League 1

    27 May 2003
    1. FC Koeln
    are you talking about FIFA 07 ?

  29. djdoc

    djdoc Guest

    Nope im referring to the worst game in the PES series PES5....

    In FIFA I know when ive been stupid and ran into someone at pace and knocked them over. Its just a case of being careful with your direction and not holding down A all the time... Its all about timing, I dont get too many free kicks given against me during the FIFA 07 Demo.

  30. slasher

    slasher Take that Mr Silva

    21 June 2003
    Man United
    Pro evo 5 was definitely the worst, the only one I didn't play to death cause it's shit.

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