pes6 all player's database released!!download

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by leaflet, 13 October 2006.

  1. leaflet

    leaflet Conference

    12 August 2005
  2. Mickus

    Mickus Non-League

    29 September 2006
    The link is SOOOOO slow. Can you post the excel file right here as a download? Thanks
  3. lmfa2000

    lmfa2000 Non-League

    3 August 2005
    i need dbeditor for pes6????? please !!!!
  4. Niko77

    Niko77 Real Madrid

    9 April 2005
    Real Madrid F.C
    can you upload it in other server please?
  5. Red-Devil

    Red-Devil Guest

    I've downloaded the file, but how do I use it - see it?

    What do I open it with?
  6. Isslander

    Isslander Gordon's alive!

    3 August 2003
    you need to extract the .rar file, it's sort of like a .zip file. Go to or or google it
  7. doga69

    doga69 Non-League

    1 October 2006
    it doesn't work!
  8. chrismodd

    chrismodd League 2

    21 June 2004
    can't download the rar file at all.
  9. leaflet

    leaflet Conference

    12 August 2005
    how can i upload the excel file on here?
  10. chrismodd

    chrismodd League 2

    21 June 2004

    you can upload it to this site

    and then paste the link given to you (after you uploaded) on to here

  11. ThomasGOAL

    ThomasGOAL Retired Footballer

    15 March 2003
    Work good, slow but work
  12. ThomasGOAL

    ThomasGOAL Retired Footballer

    15 March 2003
  13. chrismodd

    chrismodd League 2

    21 June 2004
    good work mate!
  14. Venomas

    Venomas Conference

    30 July 2005
    São Paulo, Brazil
    Thanks man. With this I confirmed that São Paulo is in the game again!
  15. lmfa2000

    lmfa2000 Non-League

    3 August 2005
  16. mr5973

    mr5973 League 2

    25 April 2002
    Vienna, Austria
    great list... i just checked it and tried to figure out which player names are fake and need editing.

    does someone know where i can get the real player names for this national teams or could post them here?

    01. bulgaria (id 47-69)
    02. croatia (id 70-92)
    03. germany (id 208-230)
    04. latvia (id 323 - 345)
    05. northern ireland (id 369-391)
    06. serbia (id 530-552)
    07. slovakia (id 553-375)
    08. slovenia (id 376-598 )
    09. turkey (id 668-690)
    10. wales (id 714-736)

    11. angola (id 737-759)
    12. ivory coast (id 783-805)
    13. ghana (id 806-828 )
    14. togo (id 875-897)

    15. tunesia (id 898-920)
    16. costa rica (id 921-943)
    17. trinidad tobago (id 967-989)
    18. usa (id 990-1012)
    19. iran (id 1197-1219)
    20. saudi arabia (id 1243-1265)

    21. the numbers from id 1312-3999 (classic teams?)
    22. the numbers from id 4000-4413 (players for the 18 bundesliga teams?)
    23. the numbers from id 4414-4783 (pes shop players?)

  17. pogoss

    pogoss International

    19 March 2005
    how can you exctrat such info from that option file ?
  18. mr5973

    mr5973 League 2

    25 April 2002
    Vienna, Austria
    i just did some research last weekend and i have the real player names for the national teams that are not licenced in pes6!

    sorry for the format, you find the following information:
    nation --> fake player name --> fake shirt name --> RIGHT NAME

    if you find any mistake in my list, would you correct me?
    i´ll post it in two parts cause its too long...

    Bulgaria Ibonkov I B O N K O V Ivankov
    Bulgaria Torzakov TORZAKOV Topuzakov
    Bulgaria Vargo Ivalev VARGO IVALEV V. Iliev
    Bulgaria Kishishev KISHISHEV Kishishev
    Bulgaria Imailo Pelokov I. PELOKOV I. Petkov
    Bulgaria Yazosov Y A Z O S O V Yankov
    Bulgaria S. Petrov S. PETROV S. Petrov
    Bulgaria Gazonarev GAZONAREV Gargorov
    Bulgaria Bojinov B O J I N O V Bojinov
    Bulgaria M. Petrov P E T R O V M. Petrov
    Bulgaria Benbatov BENBATOV Berbatov
    Bulgaria Gerge Pelotov GERGE PELOTOV G. Petkov
    Bulgaria Kozac K O Z A C Kotev
    Bulgaria Kilimov K I L I M O V Kirilov
    Bulgaria Kakiravov KAKIRAVOV Karaslavov
    Bulgaria Waltor W A L T O R Wagner
    Bulgaria Gerge Ivalev GERGE IVALEV G. Iliev
    Bulgaria Denikrov DENIKROV Dimitrov
    Bulgaria Geratov G E R A T O V Genkov
    Bulgaria Toruev T O R U E V Todorov
    Bulgaria Yaiyolic YAIYOLIC Yanev
    Bulgaria Dormeski DORMESKI Telkiyski
    Bulgaria Todorov T O D O R O V Todorov

    Croatia Plikoso P L I K O S O Pletikosa
    Croatia Danyjo Silic DANYJO SILIC Dario Simic
    Croatia Robelto Konac R. KONAC R. Kovac
    Croatia Shinanoc SHINANOC Simunic
    Croatia Tutor T U T O R Tudor
    Croatia Niko Konac N. KONAC N. Kovac
    Croatia Suira S U I R A Srna
    Croatia Baic B A I C Babic
    Croatia Kranjcar KRANJCAR Kranjcar
    Croatia Kumanulic KUMANULIC Klasnic
    Croatia Pkro P K R O Prso
    Croatia Butina B U T I N A Butina
    Croatia Didulica DIDULICA Didulica
    Croatia Torrik T O R R I K Tokic
    Croatia Tomas T O M A S Tomas
    Croatia Leko L E K O J. Leko
    Croatia Semic S E M I C Seric
    Croatia Vlanes V L A N E S Vranjes
    Croatia Mognac M O G N A C Modric
    Croatia Ipsek Giko IPSEK GIKO I. Leko
    Croatia Olenbe O L E N B E Olic
    Croatia Balaman B A L A M A N Balaban
    Croatia Comnjak C O M N J A K Bosnjak

    Germany Schwarz S C H W A R Z Lehmann
    Germany Messenger MESSENGER Metzelder
    Germany Merilrecker MERILRECKER Mertesacker
    Germany Fulldrishe FULLDRISHE Friedrich
    Germany Rome R O M E Lahm
    Germany Frutes F R U T E S Frings
    Germany Sloeger S L O E G E R Schneider
    Germany Slinslizel SLINSLIZEL Schweinsteiger
    Germany Botanaski BOTANASKI Borowski
    Germany Kmala K M A L A Klose
    Germany Pomatski POMATSKI Podolski
    Germany Huber H U B E R Kahn
    Germany Hulegrase HULEGRASE Hildebrand
    Germany Hulko H U L K O Huth
    Germany Nodokory NODOKORY Nowotny
    Germany Jargan J A R G A N Jansen
    Germany Kelem K E L E M Kehl
    Germany Hitmacher HITMACHER Hitzlsperger
    Germany Kruger K R U G E R Ballack
    Germany Aguola A G U O L A Asamoah
    Germany Odonkor O D O N K O R Odonkor
    Germany Noglau N O G L A U Neuville
    Germany Harmey H A R M E Y Hanke

    Latvia Kohebiko KOHEBIKO Kolinko
    Latvia Zarkilenski ZARKILENSKI Zakresevskis
    Latvia Stefaan S T E F A A N Stepanovs
    Latvia Iujales I U J A L E S Isakovs
    Latvia Zigemas Z I G E M A S Zirnis
    Latvia Asyuhinkes ASYUHINKES Astafjevs
    Latvia Moliaz M O L I A Z Morozs
    Latvia Somovkins SOMOVKINS Solonichins
    Latvia Rutsnos R U T S N O S Rubins
    Latvia Verpakovskis VERPAKOVSKIS Verpakovskis
    Latvia Ridazis R I D A Z I S Rimkus
    Latvia Pianis P I A N I S Piedels
    Latvia Shepirdes SHEPIRDES Smirnovc
    Latvia Zagrankes ZAGRANKES Zavoronkovs
    Latvia Kollabodens KOLLABODENS Korablovs
    Latvia Ladeowas LADEOWAS Laizans
    Latvia Bgunizos BGUNIZOS Bleidelis
    Latvia Varnovs V A R N O V S Visnakovs
    Latvia Blonkos B L O N K O S Blanks
    Latvia Kosemenimerinko KOSEMENIMERI. Kolesnichenko
    Latvia Midelegs MIDELEGS Miholaps
    Latvia Prihohroukes PRIHOHROUKES Prohorenkovs
    Latvia Krelnis K R E L N I S Grebis

    Northern Ireland Timer T I M E R Maik Taylor
    Northern Ireland Czeidan C Z E I D A N Craigan
    Northern Ireland A. Hughes H U G H E S A. Hughes
    Northern Ireland Berazzo B E R A Z Z O Baird
    Northern Ireland Caldely C A L D E L Y Capaldi
    Northern Ireland Jomason J O M A S O N D. Johnson
    Northern Ireland Steve Davis STEVE DAVIS Steve Davis
    Northern Ireland Gillespie GILLESPIE Gillespie
    Northern Ireland Elicat E L I C A T Elliott
    Northern Ireland Hiyuni H I Y U N I Healy
    Northern Ireland Qulin Q U L I N Quinn
    Northern Ireland Eagun E A G U N Ingham
    Northern Ireland Murlock M U R L O C K Murdock
    Northern Ireland Dann D A N N Mike Duff
    Northern Ireland Makozone MAKOZONE McLean
    Northern Ireland Jeck Wickerly JECK WICKERLY J. Whitley
    Northern Ireland Mattan M A T T A N McCann
    Northern Ireland Bretain B R E T A I N Brunt
    Northern Ireland Mucalin M U C A L I N Mulryne
    Northern Ireland Sknale S K N A L E Sproule
    Northern Ireland S. Rogones S. ROGONES S. Jones
    Northern Ireland Fendy F E N D Y Feeney
    Northern Ireland Andone Sorith ANDONE SORITH Andy Smith

    Serbia Jeric J E R I C Jevric
    Serbia Gavrancic GAVRANCIC Gavrancic
    Serbia Kislanic KISLANIC Krstajic
    Serbia N. Djiutenic N. DJIUTENIC N. Djordevic
    Serbia Dragutinovic D R A G O Dragutinovic
    Serbia Dolai D O L A I Duljaj
    Serbia Nidome N I D O M E Nadj
    Serbia Denan Stankvic D. STANKVIC Dejan Stankovic
    Serbia Djordjevic P. DJORDJEVIC P. Djordjevic
    Serbia Keznan K E Z N A N Kezman
    Serbia Mironevic MIRONEVIC Milosevic
    Serbia Komineric KOMINERIC Kovacevic
    Serbia Stojkovic STOJKOVIC Stojkovic
    Serbia Viricchi VIRICCHI Vidic
    Serbia Bamic B A M I C Dudic
    Serbia Perteseic PERTESEIC Petkovic
    Serbia Bajna B A J N A Basta
    Serbia Emadec E M A D E C Ergic
    Serbia Koronan K O R O N A N Koroman
    Serbia Venicchi VENICCHI Vukic
    Serbia Sasa Ilic I L I C Sasa Ilic
    Serbia Liroja L I R O J A Ljuboja
    Serbia Miruic M I R U I C Zigic

    Slovakia Sontohenasky SONTOHENASKY Contofalsky
    Slovakia Sirikael SIRIKAEL Skrtel
    Slovakia Cralofvil CRALOFVIL Kratochvil
    Slovakia Zagauliv ZAGAULIV Zabavnik
    Slovakia Hadeato H A D E A T O Had
    Slovakia Perokos P E R O K O S Petras
    Slovakia Karman K A R M A N Karhan
    Slovakia Hlineta H L I N E T A Hlinka
    Slovakia Holm H O L M Hodur
    Slovakia Holikom H O L I K O M Holosko
    Slovakia Valzzak V A L Z Z A K Vittek
    Slovakia Koniw K O N I W König
    Slovakia Dorka D O R K A Durica
    Slovakia Marek Cech C E C H Marek Cech
    Slovakia Gescko G E S C K O Gresko
    Slovakia Halece H A L E C E Hanek
    Slovakia Valtoric VALTORIC Valachovic
    Slovakia Krnjtek K R N J T E K Krajvcik
    Slovakia Kilets K I L E T S Kisel
    Slovakia Mikail M I K A I L Michalik
    Slovakia Miucal M I U C A L Mintal
    Slovakia Reito R E I T O Reiter
    Slovakia S. Njnemes S. NJNEMES S. Nemeth

    Slovenia Macanaic MACANAIC B. Mavric
    Slovenia Cesar C E S A R Cesar
    Slovenia Knapus K N A P U S Knavs
    Slovenia Mainici M A I N I C I Mavric
    Slovenia Virtraci VIRTRACI Filekovic
    Slovenia Zlogaw Z L O G A W Zlogar
    Slovenia Ponenin P O N E N I N Pokorn
    Slovenia Komac K O M A C Komac
    Slovenia Kodem K O D E M Kolen
    Slovenia Acimowic ACIMOWIC Acimovic
    Slovenia Rolicki R O L I C K I Rodic
    Slovenia Hainararic HAINARARIC Handanovic
    Slovenia Inaic I N A I C Branko Ilic
    Slovenia Bknas B K N A S Brecko
    Slovenia Gorsh G O R S H Gobec
    Slovenia Seunal S E U N A L Seslar
    Slovenia Sutamo S U T A M O Sukalo
    Slovenia Petnacchi PETNACCHI Pecnik
    Slovenia Nadje N A D J E Nastja Ceh
    Slovenia Siliak S I L I A K Siljak
    Slovenia Sewasran SEWASRAN Cimirotic
    Slovenia Linaic L I N A I C Lavric
    Slovenia Dedic D E D I C Dedic

    Turkey Volutane VOLUTANE Volkan Demirel
    Turkey Tolga Seyhan TOLGA SEYHAN Tolga Seyhan
    Turkey Imgham Torhan T O R H A N Ibrahim Toraman
    Turkey Amlincop AMLINCOP Hamit Altintop
    Turkey Ouid O U I D Umit Ozat
    Turkey Seysul S E Y S U L Selcuk Sahin
    Turkey Seyunaco SEYUNACO Serhat Akin
    Turkey Talcami T A L C A M I Tuncay Sanli
    Turkey Emre Belözoglu E M R E Emre Belözoglu
    Turkey Aschenkatz ASCHENKATZ Halil Altintop
    Turkey Necati Ates N E C A T I Necati Ates
    Turkey Risko R I S K O Rüstü Recber
    Turkey Cekim C E K I M Servet Cetin
    Turkey Fitof F I T O F Fatih Akyel
    Turkey Serser Alci SERSER ALCI Serkan Balci
    Turkey Husami Cital HUSAMI CITAL Huseyin Cimsir
    Turkey Otamu O T A M U Okan Buruk
    Turkey Tomyle T O M Y L E Tümer Metin
    Turkey Nulsheran NULSHERAN Nuri Sahin
    Turkey Bartolik BARTOLIK Yildiray Bastürk
    Turkey Nirat N I R A T Nihat Kahveci
    Turkey Imgham Isn IMGHAM ISN Ibrahim Akin
    Turkey Farry Tikki FARRY TIKKI Fatih Tekke

    Wales Pone Joels PONE JOELS Paul Jones
    Wales Payli P A Y L I Page
    Wales Gabbidon GABBIDON Gabbidon
    Wales Richard Duffy RICHARD DUFFY Richard Duffy
    Wales San Raretts SAN RARETTS Sam Ricketts
    Wales Camel Saletcher C. SALETCHER Carl Fletcher
    Wales Pealtich PEALTICH David Partridge
    Wales Simon Davies D A V I E S Simon Davies
    Wales Calm Rolenson C. ROLENSON C. Robinson
    Wales Gils G I L S Giggs
    Wales Belasie B E L A S I E Bellamy
    Wales Plois P L O I S Price
    Wales Dayne Coil DAYNE COIL Danny Coyne
    Wales Collins C O L L I N S J. Collings
    Wales Nilgarna NILGARNA Nyatanga
    Wales Delaney D E L A N E Y Delaney
    Wales Emoark E M O A R K Rob Edwards
    Wales Crims C R I M S Crofts
    Wales Leydon L E Y D O N Ledley
    Wales Vorssin V O R S S I N Vaughan
    Wales Kulmaso K U L M A S O Koumas
    Wales Cortaile CORTAILE Cotterill
    Wales Earltou E A R L T O U Earnshaw
  19. mr5973

    mr5973 League 2

    25 April 2002
    Vienna, Austria
    Angola Jean Roberto JEAN ROBERTO Joao Ricardo
    Angola Jungua J U N G U A Jamba
    Angola Kalon K A L O N Kali
    Angola Loni L O N I Loca
    Angola Dezbalo D E Z B A L O Delgado
    Angola Alez Maracal ALEZ MARACAL Andre Macanga
    Angola Ze Calran ZE CALRAN Ze Kalanga
    Angola Merdolta MERDOLTA Mendonca
    Angola Marcon M A R C O N Mateus
    Angola Farsaido FARSAIDO Figueredo
    Angola Asgua A S G U A Akwa
    Angola Lacho L A C H O Lama
    Angola Maluena M A L U E N A Mario
    Angola Maneraz M A N E R A Z Rui Marques
    Angola Lega Lega LEGA LEGA Lebo Lebo
    Angola Marm Alesa MARM ALESA Marcos Airosa
    Angola Maw Aghiran MAW AGHIRAN Marco Abreu
    Angola Milgua M I L G U A Miloy
    Angola Faraio F A R A I O Flavio
    Angola Eriguan E R I G U A N Edson
    Angola Mantorras MANTORRAS Mantorras
    Angola Roui R O U I Love Cabungula
    Angola Tiegouei TIEGOUEI Andre Titi Buengo

    Ivory Coast Tipamezie TIPAMEZIE Titzie
    Ivory Coast Tone T O N E Kolo Toure
    Ivory Coast Meïté M E I T E Meïté
    Ivory Coast Eboué E B O U E Eboué
    Ivory Coast Bolgo B O L G O Boka
    Ivory Coast Zokora Z O K O R A Zokora
    Ivory Coast Yaya Toure YAYA TOURE Yaya Toure
    Ivory Coast Kader Keita K E I T A Kader Keita
    Ivory Coast Akale A K A L E Akale
    Ivory Coast Kalou K A L O U Kalou
    Ivory Coast Doltra D O L T R A Drogba
    Ivory Coast Nimorekaban NIMOREKABAN Gnanhouan
    Ivory Coast Barnard B A R N A R D Barry
    Ivory Coast Kouassi K O U A S S I Kouassi
    Ivory Coast Demoro D E M O R O Demel
    Ivory Coast Donaloe D O N A L O E Domoraud
    Ivory Coast Zoro Z O R O Zoro
    Ivory Coast Faé F A E Faé
    Ivory Coast Yada Hipo YADA HIPO Yapi Yapo
    Ivory Coast Romaric R O M A R I C Romaric
    Ivory Coast Bakari Koné K O N E Bakary Koné
    Ivory Coast Koné K O N E Arouna Koné
    Ivory Coast Dindane D I N D A N E Dindane

    Ghana Kiemoifun KIEMOIFUN Kingston
    Ghana Mensah M E N S A H Mensah
    Ghana Kuffour K U F F O U R Kuffour
    Ghana Pantsil PAINTSIL Pantsil
    Ghana Puste P U S T E Pappoe
    Ghana Addo A D D O Eric Addo
    Ghana Ellnen E L L N E N Essien
    Ghana Aruiwah A R U I W A H Appiah
    Ghana Muntari S U L L E Y Muntari
    Ghana Vedosak V E D O S A K Amoah
    Ghana Guiram G U I R A M Gyan
    Ghana Arrow A R R O W Adjel
    Ghana Orue O R U E Owu
    Ghana Qurum Q U R U M Quaye
    Ghana Ilkha Allant ILKHA ALLANT Shilla Illiasu
    Ghana Simfe S I M F E Ahmed Issah
    Ghana Zatapei Z A T A P E I Sarpei
    Ghana Halmoroat HALMOROAT Habbib Mohammed
    Ghana Dorsoux D O R S O U X Dramani
    Ghana Boltongha BOLTONGHA Boateng
    Ghana Pimpong P I M P O N G Pimpong
    Ghana Olloant O L L O A N T Otto Addo
    Ghana Tel Mayro TEL MAYRO Tachie-Mensah

    Togo Babari B A B A R I Agassa
    Togo Aubo A U B O Abalo
    Togo Nilangua NILANGUA Nibombe
    Togo Tchandoi TCHANDOI Tchangai
    Togo Alteleza ALTELEZA Akoto
    Togo Romeil R O M E I L Romao
    Togo Ciril Tale CIRIL TALE Mamam
    Togo Jay Seilna JAY SEILNA Senaya
    Togo Mlo Saylain MLO SAYLAIN Salifou
    Togo Azanimeil AZANIMEIL Adebayor
    Togo Mama Daker MAMA DAKER Kader
    Togo Tchangton TCHANGTON Tchagnirou
    Togo Oknali O K N A L I Obilale
    Togo Aloy A L O Y Assemoassa
    Togo Feyton F E Y T O N Forson
    Togo Toyna T O Y N A A. Toure
    Togo Alairt A L A I R T Agboh
    Togo Ariagau A R I A G A U Aziawonou
    Togo Actoh A C T O H Atsou
    Togo Dossevi D O S S E V I Dossevi
    Togo Eyro E Y R O Erassa
    Togo Oyungude OYUNGUDE Olufade
    Togo Masira M A S I R A Malm

    Tunesia Bufnjel B U F N J E L Boumnijel
    Tunesia Jaynie J A Y N I E Jaidi
    Tunesia Valeme V A L E M E Hagui
    Tunesia Trabelsi TRABELSI Trabelsi
    Tunesia Jemmali J E M M A L I Jemmali
    Tunesia Muwani M U W A N I Mnari
    Tunesia Buazisi B U A Z I S I Bouazizi
    Tunesia Chiromi C H I R O M I Chedli
    Tunesia Namouchi NAMOUCHI Namouchi
    Tunesia Jaziri J A Z I R I Jaziri
    Tunesia Chirne C H I R N E Chikhaoui
    Tunesia Negola N E G O L A Nefzi
    Tunesia Karauni K A R A U N I Kasraoui
    Tunesia Melrei M E L R E I Saidi
    Tunesia Yahia Y A H I A Yahia
    Tunesia Ayari A Y A R I Ayari
    Tunesia Nalni N A L N I Nafti
    Tunesia Godhane G O D H A N E Ghodhbane
    Tunesia Mekna M E K N A Melliti
    Tunesia Bay Sargo BAY SARGO Ben Saada
    Tunesia Essediri ESSEDIRI Essediri
    Tunesia Gemandiar GEMANDIAR Guemamdia
    Tunesia Dos Santos DOS SANTOS Santos

    Costa Rica Bezana B E Z A N A Porras
    Costa Rica Urenas U R E N A S Umana
    Costa Rica Sevalre S E V A L R E Sequeira
    Costa Rica Malon M A L O N Marin
    Costa Rica Dazee Unazoboca D. UNAZOBOCA D. Fonseca
    Costa Rica Sols S O L S Solis
    Costa Rica G. Martínez MARTINEZ G. G. Martinez
    Costa Rica Filquera FILQUERA Leonardo Gonzalez
    Costa Rica Centena C E N T E N A Centeno
    Costa Rica Wantose W A N T O S E Wanchope
    Costa Rica Ronny Gonez R. GONEZ Gomez
    Costa Rica Melen M E L E N Mesen
    Costa Rica Agutello AGUTELLO Alfaro
    Costa Rica Barjoze B A R J O Z E Badilla
    Costa Rica Rondelaz RONDELAZ Hernandez
    Costa Rica Dorlanda DORLANDA Drummond
    Costa Rica Wlanaz W L A N A Z Wallace
    Costa Rica Aquijuarna AQUIJUARNA Azofeifa
    Costa Rica Bortez B O R T E Z Bolanos
    Costa Rica C.Hediaz C. HEDIAZ Rodriguez
    Costa Rica Nudrin N U D R I N Nunez
    Costa Rica Sagoiro S A G O I R O Saborio
    Costa Rica Bentorna BENTORNA Bernard

    Trinidad & Tobago Hisetip H I S E T I P Hislop
    Trinidad & Tobago Sanache S A N A C H E Sancho
    Trinidad & Tobago Dis Lawnece DIS LAWNECE Lawrence
    Trinidad & Tobago Sin Gran SIN GRAN Gray
    Trinidad & Tobago Erie Job ERIE JOB Avery John
    Trinidad & Tobago Yorb Y O R B Dwight Yorke
    Trinidad & Tobago Barullo B A R U L L O Birchall
    Trinidad & Tobago Thegadeut THEGADEUT Theobald
    Trinidad & Tobago Cames Elpawa C. ELPAWA C. Edwards
    Trinidad & Tobago Corea Sareym COREA SAREYM Samuel
    Trinidad & Tobago Subbero Jay SUBBERO JAY Stern John
    Trinidad & Tobago Jacom J A C O M Jack
    Trinidad & Tobago Ikmince I K M I N C E Ince
    Trinidad & Tobago Andrews A N D R E W S Andrews
    Trinidad & Tobago Corikes C O R I K E S Cox
    Trinidad & Tobago Charlbinson CHARLBINSON Charles
    Trinidad & Tobago Aulze Wetty AULZE WETTY Whitley
    Trinidad & Tobago Toni Werch TONI WERCH Wolfe
    Trinidad & Tobago Walang W A L A N G Wise
    Trinidad & Tobago Latepie L A T E P I E Latapy
    Trinidad & Tobago Scoklant SCOKLANT Scotland
    Trinidad & Tobago Jilbohou JILBOHOU Jones
    Trinidad & Tobago Guito G U I T O Glen

    USA Kaynah K A Y N A H Keller
    USA Ports P O R T S Pope
    USA Olieve O L I E V E Onyewu
    USA Chilinder CHILINDER Cherundolo
    USA Loghints LOGHINTS Lewis
    USA Reila R E I L A Reyna
    USA Martomoeny MARTOMOENY Mastroeni
    USA Beyagurry BEYAGURRY Beasley
    USA Convey C O N V E Y Convey
    USA Dotan D O T A N Donovan
    USA Marcroad MARCROAD McBride
    USA Hallaso H A L L A S O Howard
    USA Hahnemann HAHNEMANN Hahnemann
    USA Bocanegra BOCANEGRA Bocanegra
    USA Berlanter BERLANTER Berhalter
    USA Cornet C O R N E T Conrad
    USA Anewaright ANEWARIGHT Albright
    USA Olafsen O L A F S E N Olsen
    USA Olmilen O L M I L E N O´Brien
    USA Dewlay D E W L A Y Dempsey
    USA Ela Jones ELA JONES Johnson
    USA Singo S I N G O Ching
    USA Woole W O O L E Wolff

    Iran Minarpo M I N A R P O Mirzapour
    Iran Glomhamod GLOMHAMOD Golmohammadi
    Iran Rezaei R E Z A E I Rezaei
    Iran Dagaka D A G A K A Kaebi
    Iran Noroszi N O R O S Z I Nosrati
    Iran Nekounam NEKOUNAM Nekounam
    Iran Telmbarak TELMBARAK Zare
    Iran Maquelweid MAQUELWEID Mahdavikia
    Iran Kaquetz K A Q U E T Z Karimi
    Iran Hatenheis HATENHEIS Hashemian
    Iran Dahoo D A H O O Daei
    Iran Naurhodozan NAURHODOZAN Roudbarian
    Iran Tayrger T A Y R G E R Talebloo
    Iran Bukhtiazadeh BUKHTIAZADEH Bakhtiarizadeh
    Iran Sabiji S A B I J I Sadeghi
    Iran Naulgua N A U L G U A Navidkia
    Iran Maganuchi MAGANUCHI Madanchi
    Iran Shargui S H A R G U I Shojaei
    Iran Zaniero Z A N I E R O Zandi
    Iran Hanai H A N A I Pakikhatibi
    Iran Kamarapon KAMARAPON Kazemian
    Iran Bogodani BOGODANI Borhani
    Iran Enosaly E N O S A L Y Enayati

    Saudi Arabia Zaga Z A G A Zaid
    Saudi Arabia Tarlar T A R L A R Tukar
    Saudi Arabia A. Mejiyamyuri A. MEJIYAMYURI Al Montashari
    Saudi Arabia Anet Domali ANET DOMALI Dokhi
    Saudi Arabia Sulimai S U L I M A I Sulaimani
    Saudi Arabia Argo A R G O Al Ghamdi
    Saudi Arabia Otam O T A M Tuker
    Saudi Arabia Somari S O M A R I Khariri
    Saudi Arabia An Teyrako AN TEYRAKO Al Temyat
    Saudi Arabia Nurumi N U R U M I Noor
    Saudi Arabia Agi Pakarani AGI PAKARANI Al Kahtani
    Saudi Arabia Delye D E L Y E Al Deayea
    Saudi Arabia Khogler K H O G L E R Khojah
    Saudi Arabia Agi Siby AGI SIBY Al Qadi
    Saudi Arabia Aya Bile AYA BILE Al Bishi
    Saudi Arabia Altamilan ALTAMILAN Al Khathran
    Saudi Arabia An Habori AN HABORI Al Bahri
    Saudi Arabia An Musammad AN MUSAMMAD Massad
    Saudi Arabia Akarm A K A R M Ameen
    Saudi Arabia Alglorb A L G L O R B Al Shalhoub
    Saudi Arabia Mak Ahsai MAK AHSAI Al Harthi
    Saudi Arabia Jaler J A L E R Al Jaber
    Saudi Arabia An Habri AN HABRI Mouath
  20. johnking

    johnking Premiership

    15 November 2003
    Sheffield United
    nice one m8!
  21. borjan

    borjan Non-League

    4 October 2005
    are there some unlicensed clubs with fake names?

    can you maybe post the also? :applause:

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