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  1. Stri

    Stri Guest

    Hi, what's your view on the game?

    I play it on PC with a PS2 controller and I think it's an improvement. In some ways its more difficult but in other ways I think they've made the difficulty scaling more practical.

    After winning on two stars I find myself competing fairly evenly on three stars.

    I even beat the mighty Brazil last night, hurrah!

    Your thoughts?

  2. Ridgereeno

    Ridgereeno Guest

    I have the X Box version, I am not sure if the versions differ, I'd imagine not, but after my expectations, I'm a bit disgruntled. I think the new version is a bit of a let down, where PES4 failed was the ability to commit horrendous challenges and get nothing in the way of free kicks. I see they have tried to wipe this out. But I find the computer has the referee in its pocket for every game. Ok I get away with some as well, but the amount of times the computer runs into you for no punishment is ridiculous. I find that sliding tackles have been clamped down on, which was needed, but now you give free kicks away for getting the ball, stupid. I was an avid PES4 player, but I am now starting to think about getting FIFA for the first time. I can appreciate that they have tried to fix the problem, but it seems to me that they have gone from one extreme to the next. It really shouldn't be that hard to get a bit closer to actual beautiful game. I am sure if I persuvere I will get the hang of it, but I am really disappointed, I can't see any "improvement" except this new fouling method, which is about as much of an improvement as George Bush is to Bill Clinton. What a load of Tottenham, it's a steaming pile of Hotspur.
  3. Stri

    Stri Guest

    Yeah, that's true. the computer in pes5 seems far better at taking the ball off you, it also seems better at holding on to it but im not sure if its improved its shooting.

    I also conceed a lot of free kicks. I don't mind most of the time. As long as they're not too nasty then the ref usually just gives a warning. Thankfully the PC doesnt tend to make good use of the resulting set play.

    That is of course unless you're playing france :)
  4. Ridgereeno

    Ridgereeno Guest


    I have been doing a bit of my old PES4 style of sliding everyone and giving away plenty of free kicks. I have finally after about 50 matches managed to get my first player to be given a straight red, not only that but a second followed shortly after, in the same game. Not that I was too bothered I was 2-0 up in cup final with 30 mins to go, and fairly confident I could hold them off. Until 88th minute computer crashed after 5 yellow card. There seems to be a lot more gliches and crashes with the new Pro Evo than I ever experienced in my whole playing time (a lot of time, months probably if totalled) with PES4. I do see some more advantages after playing with some slightly(only marginally) better teams than my beloved everton. Still overall, very disappointed, I imagined me and my mates playing this till the early hours as with other great games of the past, I don't see it happening with PES5, maybe a bit early to judge and maybe I built up my expectations too much, but hey as a consumer should be, I'm demanding. I don't see the benefits to spending £30-40 getting this game when PES4 is in the collection. I'm just glad I only paid £3 to rent it out. Otherwise I'd take it back to the shop and demand a refund. Not the high standard of improvement we've come acustomed to in the world of video gaming. Bring back Sensible Soccer!
  5. Ridgereeno

    Ridgereeno Guest

    I'm starting to get the hang of getting round the computers 'fair charges' when I'm running through on goal and thus getting slightly less annoyed, but I still find free kicks are given away for getting the ball with a sliding tackle. It appears that they have 'improved' the depth for how well your players play, morale and extra stats. They also seemed to have addressed some of the flaws with PES4 (ie. Free Kicks and obviously attepted to address fouls). But I think this game will not go on to be quite the wonder horse we had all hoped, this could have been a classic.\\:o/ The problem I believe is they appear to have made the AI more assertive, it's response time is not only quicker but a lot more realistic(the player that comes to challenge is normally the guy with the best chance which didn't happen with PES4. But they seem to have tried to make the game harder by making the computer more devious (ie. fouling and injuring best players, also fouls a lot more when your through on goal). But I think this will also be the games downfall, while the computer manages to react quicker to the ball, the human(mine and yours) players seem to also act a lot slower than previous, while also it seems to change players to whoever is in a worse position if left a choice. I did test to check this and I fully believe it's not sour grapes but this is a way they have tried to make it harder. the reason I believe this will be it's downfall and lose playability is because people who try it will find it unfair. It's nice to know what is expected, apart from the fact that the referee's seem to have forgotten about the back pass rule, people like continuity which is something PES5 really lacks, the computer certainly seems to have an advantage in certain situations. Where as this might work with Halo or some beat em up's, football is a game where the referee is supposed to be unbiased. I have got away with some bad challenges to, but the computer seems to know what he can get away with and do it to the extreme. I suppose after months of solid playing human players may also be able to barge and win the ball 'fairly', I don't believe enough people will wait around to master this. The goals seem easier to score at times, going in the middle of the net past the ryman league goal keeper, even on 6* difficulty. New tricks and determination will keep me playing for the mean time, but I'm going to do something I didn't want and never expected to have to....try FIFA!:shock: I find it strange that so many people seem to congratulate Seabass on another 'masterpiece', there are a lot of improvements that need to be made when they make a newer version for the 360. I just hope that's why this version is so shockingly disappointing, they spent all their time working on the next one and thought we can just chuck in a couple of extra features, slap Henry and Terry on the cover and people will buy it based on PES4. Seems to have worked quite well, I just hope FIFA up the quality of the gameplay, PES improves for the better in it's next verion or to make things interesting a new game of some real playability comes out. I appreciate if PES4 never came out, I would have been mighly impressed with this game. Just disappointed the thought it ok to release a game that has changed very little with little effort and no real improvements. I just hope it's not long till a new version of some real vigour arrives. I'm sure plenty disagree's but there is always a section that will be pleased with whatever's put in front of them thats a new 'challenge'. I'm going to get into RPG's now I think, anyone suggest anything, haven't heard of or played anything good since Fallout 2, any suggestions? Helpful ones only, I half expect a small backlash. Bet you wish you hadn't started reading this now. Peace[/I]
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    So far I have only been playing on it for about a week. The gameplay seems a lot harder on 3-star, mainly due to an increased strictness on tackles. I dont know if this is a good or a bad thing, I suppose good because it makes the game harder but bad because it stops the game flowing. You feel scared to tackle half the time because the ref is very harsh. I have even noticed occasions where I know I havent pressed anything but R1, and still the whistle gets blown!

    Oddly there also seems to be a bias towards the opposition and they get away with a lot of obstructions and tackles. Also on 3* any stray balls seem to automatically drift to the opposition, which can be quite frustrating. It also seems harder to score, and I have ended up with a lots of 0-0 games, even after having about 8 shots on target in a game.

    Another strange thing with all the whistle blowing for fouls, there seems to be a distinct lack of bookings. It seems a bit dull that it is now easier to foul the opposition, but harder to pick up a card?

    Something I have noticed that is different to PES4, is that the opposition team seem to foul me a lot when I am running on the wing, preventing me from sending in a cross. This is really frustrating because it happens so often that you can predict it.

    On the plus side, the new 'regulate condition' button is cool, so you can just get your players fit after each game without having to go to too much trouble. It also seems that there have been some licences granted as there are now some teams with proper names i.e. Arsenal, and have many of the players have the real names. Another thing I have heard is that free kicks have become easier, but I have always been crap at them so I can't really say I have noticed a difference, lol.

    At the moment I dont see major differences to PES4. Apart from the few changes in the playing dynamics and the obligatory updates of kits, names and player appearances etc, there doesnt seem to be much new?
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