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Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer' started by Axil07, 25 July 2005.

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  1. Axil07

    Axil07 Guest

    Hi has anyone any updates for me on PES5?I found PES4 quite good but there were a few things i wasnt happy about and if they were changeed it would make the game a whole lot better.For example,team kits should be the same as those in real life.Stadium names and player names should be the correct one,having Old Trafford called "Trad-Brick Stadium" is a joke and players like van-nistelrooy and the rest of the dutch team called some weird name is ridicolous!Commentators also talking about something which has no relevance to the actual play thats happening should be improved also.These few changes would make PES5 way better than its previous edition and improve the gameplay for all of us avid PES fans!Does anyone have updates on the game and if any of these are being installed in the new game??
  2. hitmanuk2k

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    10 June 2003
    Newcastle United
    Yes, everyone has that information. Go read the Winning Eleven 9 news thread.
  3. mattster12

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    11 April 2005
    Or better still goto the PES5 beta preview thread at the top of this forum :rolleyes:
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