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PES5 resolutions

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by James:), 3 October 2006.

  1. James:)

    James:) Guest

    Does anyone know if you can run pes5 at 1600x1200, or if you cant if theres a mod to make it so you can?? In resolutions settings it only goes up to 1024x768.
  2. chrismodd

    chrismodd League 2

    21 June 2004
    that's not true, i ran mine at 1280x1024
  3. xinzhitan14

    xinzhitan14 Retired Kit Maker

    30 April 2006
    The Outback - Australia!
    go go go gunners!
    depends on your monitor.

    if you have a monitor which supports 1600x1200 (such as 21" monitors) then it will work. if not then use the directx program to force the resolution to 1600x1200.
  4. James:)

    James:) Guest

    ok thanks
  5. Scouseman

    Scouseman Conference

    12 September 2005
    Doesn't the latest LODMixer allow you to go up in resolution? I seem to remember running mine on 1600x1200....
  6. abbeyhill

    abbeyhill Non-League

    9 January 2006
    Is there any point in playing at a high resolution given it's just a PS2 port? I was finding it looking too clean and plasticky on 1024*768 and have enjoyed it much more on 640*400!
  7. KOP_007

    KOP_007 Banned

    22 March 2003
    Every need.

    It looks stunning at 1280x720 on my 40" lcd.

  8. chrismodd

    chrismodd League 2

    21 June 2004
    ps2 port? the pc textures are higher my friend!
  9. WhiskeyAlpha

    WhiskeyAlpha Non-League

    4 October 2006
    Define 'directx program' please. The forceware/catalyst drivers will allow you to set any resolution you like but PE5 will always revert to the resolution selected on the settings screen. I have a 1680x1050 widescreen so I think the highest I can run it at is 1280x1024.

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