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PES5 PC installation on external HD

Discussion in 'Pro Evolution Soccer - PC' started by jonbeav, 17 June 2006.

  1. jonbeav

    jonbeav Non-League

    5 June 2002
    Harrisburg, PA USA
    I'm going on a trip soon with a 3.5 hour flight. Flying cheap, so no movies and no free dinner. So I have my laptop from work, but I don't have all the installation rights on it. So I put the setup files on my mp3 player and ran the setup from my mp3 player and also installed on my mp3 player. Everything seemed to install fine, but when I try to run the game, I get a "Program not installed correctly" error.
    Am I SOL without the proper rights or is there a simple way around this?
    Thanks ahead of time!
  2. Citizen Erased

    Citizen Erased Non-League

    10 December 2003
    What does SOL mean? You'd need to like copy registry files form another pc where it is installed (and edit them - I dunno really what you'd have to do, best not to really). You probably need rights to access the registry though, so I would say you're probably a bit screwed either way? I'm not completely sure though, sorry.
  3. jonbeav

    jonbeav Non-League

    5 June 2002
    Harrisburg, PA USA
    Yea I saw the other post that had that registry in it. I'll see if I can edit it. That's easy to back up and replace. SOL = Sh!t outta luck.
    Not sure what the language rules are here. Thanks!

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